Ranking Everything I Crocheted & Knit in 2022 (20+ Items!)

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It’s always fun to look back and see the progress you’ve made with crocheting and knitting. But ranking them is even more interesting. Check out everything I crocheted & knit in 2022 and let it inspire you to look back on your own creations from this year.

Originally I didn’t think 2022 was a productive crafting year for me. But when I looked back on everything I crocheted & knit in 2022 I was pleasantly surprised.

The way I remember what I’ve made is by going back through my Instagram account. The problem is I don’t know the exact total because there were times that I forgot to share what I made.

Instagram is an organized way to keep up with what you’ve made throughout the year. But it doesn’t work well if you forget to post them, lol.

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Everything I Crocheted & Knit in 2022

In total I crocheted & knit 35-ish different items in 2022. I crocheted toys, blankets, a hat and a table runner. I’ve knit socks, wrist warmers and toys.

Mia Doll

The Mia Doll from Green Frog Crochet was my first finished object of 2022.

This is one of my favorite amigurumi patterns I’ve ever crocheted.

Everything from Green Frog Crochet is absolutely beautiful. Her patterns are written so well and could not be any cuter.

For Mia I used Berroco Vintage, but to be honest I don’t love the skin color I used. It’s called Mushroom and it was the only color I had on hand that looked promising.

It gives her a little too much of a grayish hue, but I still think she turned out cute!

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Granny Square Blanket

Although I started this granny square blanket in 2021, I didn’t finish it until early 2022.

It is one of my absolute favorite blankets because it’s so incredibly colorful! I love that each square has three colored rounds surrounded by a white background.

I also love the beautiful colors. For this project I used a yarn that I have so much of in my stash, but it’s not a great yarn for blankets. The Paintbox Wool Mix Aran is wonderful for making amigurumi toys, but it’s too heavy and wooly for a blanket.

For previous blankets I’ve used Stylecraft Special DK and that’s what I wish I had made this blanket with, but I didn’t have enough of it. I was trying to use up what I had.

It’s still a wonderful blanket, just not super practical with the wool blend yarn.

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Teeny Tiny Crochet Hearts

I legitimately forgot about this project.

Next, I crocheted 6 of the Teeny Tiny Crochet Hearts. They work up super quickly and are soooo cute for Valentine’s Day.

You can find the FREE pattern here and you’ll also find the video tutorial.

The other fun thing you can do it to pair them with the Pocket Hug printable from the Knotty Boss.

They are the perfect little Valentine!

Get the FREE Teeny Tiny Crochet Hearts Pattern Here


Oh boy, this was one of my favorite makes of 2022!

I am a big fan of classic Disney movies and I especially adore Snow White.

When I saw that Aquari Wool had a whole pattern collection of dwarves, I had to make one.

Grumpy is my favorite because he reminds me a little of myself.

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Selbu Socks

The Selbu Socks class is one of the projects I am most proud of. I had wanted to knit a pair of colorwork socks for some time, but I wasn’t sure I had the skills.

I took the Selbu Sock class from Knitography Farms and learned exactly how to knit these gorgeous socks. They fit like a glove and keep my feet toasty warm!

I purchased the yarn kit from Knitography Farms as well. The wool comes all the way from Norway and is from Patricia’s very own sheep.

It’s not a soft yarn, but traditional Norwegian yarns aren’t because they are minimally processed. But what is magical about this type of yarn is that if a stitch falls off your needle, it sits nicely in place ready to go back where it belongs.

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Knitted Bunny

I was surprised when I looked back on everything I crocheted and knit in 2022, because I thought I had made this adorable little bunny last year in 2021.

The Knitted Bunny by Lovely Knit Creation is such a sweet little project and I enjoyed knitting her very much.

I used the Rowan Kid Classic and Rowan Kidsilk Haze and it created a lovely halo and is the softest little bunny ever.

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Bumble Bee

What’s really interesting about looking back on your crocheting and knitting throughout a calendar year, it brings back so many memories.

I crocheted this sweet little bumble bee from Aradiya Toys at the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Olka is the creator of Aradiya Toys and she is Ukranian and lives in Kiev. Every day she was sharing what was happening to her and her friends and family.

It broke my heart to see so much suffering. I already had her book, Mini Kingdom: Crochet 36 Tiny Amigurumi Royals and chose the bumble bee because of its beautiful yellow color.

This little amigurumi bee sits in my cabinet and every time I see it, it reminds me of the bravery and strength of the Ukranian people.

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Three Little Pigs

One of my friends is having her very first baby and I thought she needed a little piggy for the nursery.

It was wonderful to see her open the pig at her baby shower and hear all the ladies ooh and ahhh. It’s one of those rare moments when I actually get to see the reaction of people when they see a handmade toy.

For this pig, I designed a little whale for the sweater.

I learned how to do duplicate stitch for this one and I am telling you what, that is one of the most fun things ever.

You will definitely be seeing more duplicate stitch in my designs in the near future!

Check Out the Three Little Pigs Amigurumi Pattern Here

Easter Bunny Egg Cozies

This is another project I completely forgot about! And it’s one of my favorites.

I wrote this little pattern for Easter Bunny Egg Cozies and had so much fun making them! I love how simple and sweet they look. Perfect for Easter baskets or Easter decorations.

These are super simple and work up lickity split.

I used Natura Just Cotton in a neutral color palette, but they would work up nicely in lots of different yarns and colors.

Check Out the FREE Easter Bunny Egg Cozies Pattern Here

Pinwheel Mittens

This is another pattern that I completely forgot about, but it’s one of my favorites.

When we went to England back in April of 2022, the only place I wanted to visit was Loop London.

I had to visit at least one yarn shop during our tour and I was not disappointed.

We traveled all over the country from York in the north to Bournemouth in the south and everything in between (not everything, but we did see a lot!)

When I was doing a little research about the yarn shops in England, Loop kept coming up as the place to visit if you’re a crocheting and knitting junkie.

Loop London

It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.

I originally saw the Pinwheel Mitts from Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits. Julie is one of my idols and if she knit a pair, then I wanted to knit some for myself.

Loop London had a kit for the mitts complete with the pattern and yarn to make two pairs of fingerless mitts.

They are gorgeous and I’m going to have to force myself to wear them this winter. I have a bad habit of not wanting to wear or use the things I make. It’s time to change that attitude.

If I don’t wear them now, they will just sit in my cabinet gathering dust. They were made to be worn and that’s what I’m going to do.

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A Kitten & Her Mittens

I made several Kittens and their Mittens this year.

It’s a project that I’m working on writing the pattern for. In total I’ve made six in total so far and I have another one on my hook as I write this.

It’s taken me a long time to write this pattern as I’ve kept changing things.

But to be completely honest, I haven’t published the pattern because I struggle with confidence.

I feel very sure of myself when I am making other people’s patterns, but writing my own is something I’m not super comfortable with yet.

Recently I came to the conclusion that writing patterns is just a new skill that I haven’t done enough yet to have that confidence.

When I first started crocheting toys I was nervous and wasn’t sure if I was doing things right. But after making dozens, if not hundreds of toys, I am very sure of myself.

I believe that will happen with designing toys and writing patterns for them as well. It’s just going to take me time to develop that skill and confidence.

Bitty Bunny

Over the summer I returned to my BItty Bunnies pattern and finally made a full video tutorial for it.

This project was a trip down memory lane for me because this is the pattern that made me think that being an amigurumi designer might be a fun thing to pursue.

It’s a wonderful beginner friendly pattern and I think he looks pretty darn cute!

Check Out the FREE Bitty Bunnies Pattern and Video Tutorial Here


Was anyone else obsessed with Stranger Things over the summer of 2022?

My son Jackson and I had so much fun rewatching the series and binging season 5. It was a wild ride and it was all we talked about for several weeks.

I even did a whole post about my favorite Stranger Things themed patterns and made Eleven from Amour Fou Crochet.

This is such a fun pattern and looks so much like El!!! How fun! Are you a Stranger Things fan?

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Little Whale

I’m a big fan of AmiguruMay, hosted by Airali Gray. It’s THE Instagram challenge for amigurumi lovers of all skill levels.

For AmiguruMay 2022, I made two of her Little Whale toys. They are so adorable and I used a super soft and fuzzy chenille yarn,

Check Out the Post: AmiguruMay 2022 Here

Mrs. Habiba

The kind folks at Amigurumi dot com sent me the new book, Lula and her Amigurumi Friends earlier this year.

There are so many cute patterns from this book, but as soon as I saw Mrs. Habiba I knew I had to make her.

Mrs. Habiba has a little gray cat and that cute little kitty has a pink leash. Stop it!! My cat Olive is gray and has a little pink harness.

I knew right then and there that Mrs. Habiba and I were soul sisters. I mean how many people do you know that walk their cats? Ok, I realize that Mrs. Habiba isn’t a real person, but still. Lol.

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Fall Floral Table Runner

The Fall Floral Table Runner was the third new pattern that I published in 2022. It’s a beautiful granny square and is perfect for any season just by changing the colors of the granny squares.

As I’ve gone through everything I’ve crocheted & knit in 2022 I noticed that it did not include any granny squares and that makes me sad.

Check Out the Fall Floral Table Runner FREE Pattern & Tutorial Here

Frankenstein Candy Pouch

For Halloween I knew I wanted to whip up a cute and simple project.

I found the Frankenstein Candy Pouch by Repeat Crafter Me and knew that it was “the one”.

The pattern is so simple and oh so cute. I made it in two days and it just makes me happy to see his goofy litle smile.

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Norwegian Wrist Warmers

I’m currently knitting a traditional Norwegian kofte, which is the Norwegian word for cardigan. I’m taking another class from Knitography Farms and learning so much!

For the gauge project we knit a pair of wrist warmers.

These turned out so much better than I thought they were going to. I love the little white crocheted picot border at the edge.

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Drummers Drumming

The last two projects that I finished were the Drummers Drumming from Crochet to Play’s new pattern, The 12 Days of Christmas.

For this project I compared two different yarns at two different price points and made the same patter with both.

This was a super fun project to work on as I love to test yarns.

They both turned out adorable and I learned so much doing this little experiment.

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One Hour Chunky Beanie

I almost forgot one of the last makes of the year and that’s the One Hour Chunky Beanie by For the Frills.

It took me about an hour and a half to crochet this adorable hat and I wear it all the time! It’s so warm and cozy.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick that I had in my stash and found a set of inexpensive pom poms from Amazon.

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Everything I Crocheted & Knit in 2022

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I’ve worked on this year and that it has sparked your curiosity to look back on all the things you’ve made this year.

Let me know in the comments some of your favorite projects from 2022!

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