Don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY On These Crochet Gadgets! (+4 Great Crochet Gadgets That Are WORTH EVERY PENNY)

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I’ve tested nine different popular crochet gadgets to see if they are worth the money. Spoiler alert, five of them were total flops.

There is nothing more frustrating than buying something for your crochet hobby that you believe will be a benefit, only to find out that it was a big waste of money.

I splurged and bought nine different crochet gadgets from Amazon, testing each one of them to see if they are worth the money.

Five of the nine are total flops and I will share my reasons for why I’m giving them such a bad review.

Four of the nine are surprisingly good and I’ll share my reasons for why I’m rating them so highly.

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Crochet Gadgets Review

You can read descriptions of crochet gadgets online, but there’s nothing like actually testing them for yourself.

We will begin with the five TOTAL FLOPS and then move on to the four winners.

Crochet Gadget Flops

Prym Big Sully


I had high hopes for the Prym Big Sully. It is very unique in it’s design and comes with a lot of different bells and whistles.

The point of the Big Sully is to keep two balls of yarn separate for colorwork for crocheting or knitting. There is a little plastic tray that divides the yarn into two sections. There are six yarn “channels” to feed the yarn from the clear plastic globe.

You can also use it for one skein, cake or ball of yarn for “smooth feeding” of your yarn.

There are also a couple of accessories that come with the Big Sully like the needle and hook gauge on the top of the globe. It also comes with a swatch ruler.


It has a nice non-slip base that keeps the Big Sully in place.

Ability to open the top to remove yarn that is being fed from the different holes.

Protects the yarn from pets who like to play with the yarn as you’re using it to crochet or knit.


As someone who does a lot of colorwork, I cannot see this being super beneficial. It’s a fun little gadget that does the job it’s intended to do. But I feel like it’s unnecessary.

It’s large and bulky.

It cannot hold a large amount of yarn like the Premier Basix, which is a 7 oz skein. It can only hold smaller amounts of yarn.

It’s $33.99, way too much for a plastic container, in my opinion.


There isn’t anything wrong with the Big Sully. It does the job it’s intended to do. It holds the yarn and keeps them separated. But ultimately I think it’s unnecessary and is way too expensive for what it does.


I give the Prym Big Sully 2 stars.

Check Out the Prym Big Sully Here


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Thread Cutterz

Originally I was really excited about the Thread Cutterz as it was featured on Shark Tank, one of my favorite TV shows!

The purpose of the Thread Cutterz is to have a safe cutting instrument on your hand at all times.


It’s safe. It would be very hard for a person to cut themselves or anyone else with it.

It’s small and doesn’t take up much room.

Thread Cutterz are double sided.

Easy to find since it’s literally on your hand.


For my hand the Thread Cutterz is quite large. The size is adjustable with the velcro strap, but the strap didn’t fully adhere to the velcro and stuck out and rubbed against the inside of my adjacent finger. I don’t have super small hands or skinny fingers, I think they are pretty average. Someone with very slender fingers would likely find this difficult to use.

The price is $12 and I think that’s quite a lot for a fully plastic cutter.


Thread Cutterz do the job that is intended. It may actually be a better tool for different types of crafters like embroiderers, quilters or people who sew and use small threads.

Most of us crocheters and knitters already have scissors that are more versatile than the Thread Cutterz. It just feels like it’s just a fun little gadget without much reason to have it for crocheters and knitters.


I give the Thread Cutterz 3 stars.

Check Out Thread Cutterz Here

Susan Bates Crochet Hook Cushion Grips

A lot of crocheters love Susan Bates crochet hooks. The biggest problem with those hooks are the handles. The Susan Bates Crochet Hook Cushion Grips promise to help with hand strain by providing a textured sponge grip.


The cost is only $5. 98 for a pack of two cushion grips.

Check Out My Post: The Best (and Worst) Crochet Hooks for Amigurumi


These feel terrible to me. I was expecting them to feel soft and a big squishy. They are hard and scratchy.

The striped sections don’t feel great in my hands.


I’m not a fan of the Susan Bates crochet hooks, personally, but I know there are many people who do.

I recently discovered the Chunky Boy Craft Handle that looks divine and has so many great reviews. It was recommended to me by a sweet lady on Instagram.

If I wanted to continue using the Susan Bates crochet hooks but I wanted a more ergonomic handle I would get on the Chunky Boy mailing list to purchase one of theirs. They are currently all sold out, but they look absolutely wonderful.

The Chunk Boy Craft Handles sell out in minutes so make sure to keep yourself updated on when the next shop update is!

Chunky Boy Craft Handle


I give the Susan Bates Crochet Hook Cushion Grips one and a half stars.

Check Out the Susan Bates Crochet Hook Cushion Grips Here

Olikraft Double Revolving Yarn Holder

The Olikraft Double Revolving Yarn Holder that allows crocheters and knitters to manage multiple balls of yarn at the same time.


Nice wooden construction.

Easy to assemble.


The rubber tip kept falling off causing the dowel to come off the rack.


There is nothing inherently wrong with this crochet gadget. The aim of the Double Revolving Yarn Holder is to allow crocheters and knitters to use more than one color yarn at the same time for colorwork.

My opinion is that this crochet gadget is unnecessary. It’s large and bulky and because the rubber tip kept coming off the end of the dowel, it didn’t even work that well.


I give the Olikraft Double Revolving Yarn Holder 2 stars.

Check Out the Olikraft Double Revolving Yarn Holder Here

Lighted Crochet Hook Set

The Lighted Crochet Hook Set comes with nine different crochet hook heads in sizes 2.5 mm up to 6.5 mm. The hook is a built in rechargeable battery with a USB port for charging.

There are two different brightness levels and comes with a convenient case.


The light is rechargeable.

$19.54 is a decent price for a set of nine different crochet hook heads.


Cheaply made plastic hooks, heads and handles.

The light doesn’t actually beam, it’s just lighted. It’s not like a flashlight. The hook is more like a light saber (can you tell I am a mom of two boys who loved Star Wars growing up?).

One of the biggest cons is the length of the crochet hook neck. It is extremely narrow.

The largest size is 6.5 mm, which is limited for many crocheters who like to use larger size hooks.


These are the cheapest made crochet hooks I have ever held in my hands. But what’s even worse is that the light is absolutely terrible. I can’t see any better with the light.

My suggestion is to use a hook you love and get a great neck light like this one:

Rechargeable Neck Light

The Lighted Crochet Hook Set is one of the worst crochet gadgets I have ever used in my life.


I give the Lighted Crochet Hook Set 0 stars.

Check Out the Lighted Crochet Hook Set Here

Wins – Crochet Gadgets

Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves

The Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves promise to relieve pain in your hands without restricting your movement.

Made of tightly woven spandex/nylon fabric they help keep your hands warm enhancing blood flow and massaging muscles.

Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves

Check Out My Post 10 Ways to Stop Pain From Crocheting & Knitting

The price is $12.95 on Amazon for one pair.


The fabric is very stretchy and light.

Feels very good on my hands.

Allows for easy movement with no restrictions


The fabric between each finger feels very thin and I worry that it will easily rip.


These are great gloves that feel wonderful in my hands. I have stiffness and pain in my hand joints so the compression feels good.

Since most of my pain are in the middle joints of my fingers, I’m unsure that these gloves will help that much, but they do feel nice.


I give the Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves 3 1/2 stars.

Check Out the Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves Here

Clover Large Tassel Maker

The Clover Large Tassel Maker is a tool for crafters to make (you guessed it) tassels. I bought the large size but there is also one to make small tassels.

The price is $11.84 and is made of a hard, durable plastic.


Easy to use (once you know how to use it).

Durable plastic (I have found that Clover makes good quality craft supplies).


The directions are so small and they are confusing. I found a great tutorial on Youtube and was easily able to understand it. (Why do directions have to be so darn complicated?)

Clover Large Tassel Maker YouTube Tutorial


I’ve wanted to make tassels for different projects and now I am so happy to have this tool. It is simple to use and will have it for years to come.


I give the Clover Large Tassel Maker 4 stars.

Check Out the Clover Large Tassel Maker Here

Olikraft Wooden Blocking Board for Granny Squares

The Olikraft Wooden Blocking Board promises to block granny squares easily.

The 8 inch square board is made with solid Red Oak with Black Walnut strips on the side. The price is $49.96 and comes with the board and 50 – 4 inch pins.


High quality blocking board for granny squares.

Pin holes are 1/2 inch apart.

There are 289 pin holes in total.

The back is lined with black felt.


The stand is unnecessary and could have been eliminated to cut down on the price.


This is a very nice blocking board for granny squares. I wasn’t sure that it would be something I would use that much, but after playing around with it I am very impressed.

It feels very solid and will last a long time if taken care of.


I give the Olikraft Wooden Blocking Board 4.5 stars.

Check Out the Olikraft Wooden Blocking Board Here

Yarn Storage Tote

The Homest XL Yarn Storage Tote is a great way for crocheters to store yarn or to use as a large project bag. It comes with 8 outer pocket, 6 inner pockets and lots of room inside.


The tote is large, but don’t take up much floor space because of the height.

Six grommets around the tote to feed yarn through.

Quality stiff fabric so the tote maintains it shape.

The top has a drawstring closure to keep project safe from pets, kids or for travel.

The price is $30.99 and that is a great value for such a quality piece.


The only con I can think of is that I wish it came in different fabric options.


The Homest XL Yarn Storage Tote is one of the best crochet gadgets I have ever purchased. I’ve been using the tote since I opened the package.

It is going to get a lot of use from me because of it’s size and I love that it doesn’t take up much floor space.


I give the Homest XL Yarn Storage Tote 5 stars!

Check Out the Homest XL Yarn Storage Tote Here

Crochet Gadgets

I hope you enjoyed this post full of crochet gadgets, the flops and the wins.

What are your favorite crochet gadgets?

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