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Need some ideas for last minute Christmas crochet gifts that people will actually want? I’ve got you covered. 

I have curated a list of only the cutest and quickest Christmas crochet projects that you can whip up faster than a reindeer eats carrots. And what’s even better is that they are all FREEEEEEEE! 

While I was looking for patterns I had three main criteria. They had to be:




As it’s already November, there is no way I can waste time on projects that are going to take weeks to complete. I need adorable projects that I can get done in record time. 

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16 Last Minute Crochet Christmas Gifts

Cozy Cottage Christmas Toy Blanket

Last Minute crochet Christmas gifts - Cozy Cottage Toy Blanket

If you’re someone like me who loves to crochet and knit toys, this is the project for you!

I designed the little Cozy Cottage Christmas Toy Blanket two years ago and it’s still one of my favorite projects.

You’ll find the link to the FREE pattern as well as the video tutorial.

Check Out the Cottage Christmas Toy Blanket Here

Last minute crochet Christmas gifts people actually want!

Cute Crochet Glass Jar Cover

Last minute crochet Christmas gifts - glass jar covers.

I am a sucker for pretty glass jar.

When I started buying the most delicious yogurt (Oui Yogurt Brand) I fell in love with the little glass jar. It wasn’t long before I knew they needed a cute little crochet jar cover.

What’s wonderful about this project is that you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the jar you want to cover.

You’ll find the FREE pattern and a video tutorial in the link below!

Check Out the Cute Crochet Glass Jar Cover Here

Crochet Gift Card Holder

As our family has gotten bigger and older I do a lot of gift cards. Most of my extended family members don’t actually need anything. I would rather give them a gift card that they can actually use.

But I always like to include a little something handmade. 

These gift card holders make an impersonal gift card feel special with that handmade touch.

Check out The Crochet Gift Card Holder Here

Crochet Mini Stockings

Nothing is more Christmasy than little red and white stockings. These are absolutely adorable and would work up quick, quick, quick. 

The Crochet Mini Stockings by Sewrella are sweet and would make a sweet little ornament or even a little decorative tag for a gift. 

You could even hide a little candy inside! Yum!

Check Out the Crochet Mini Stockings Christmas Ornament Here

Quick Rustic Ornament

You want quick? I’ll give you quick. 

This may be one of the quickest crochet Christmas gifts I have ever seen. 

And while they may take little time to actually make, they are beautiful in their simplicity. 

If you love the rustic, farmhouse look or have a friend or family member that does, these would be perfect. 

These little ornaments are little baubles on twine. They would be beautiful as a whole set of Christmas ornaments and would take very little time to complete. 

Check Out the Quick Rustic Ornament Pattern Here

One Hour Chunky Crochet Beanie

What’s so great about this One Hour Chunky Crochet Beanie is that it doesn’t look like it’s a quick project. 

The person who receives your gift won’t realize it only took you an hour to make it and you can either:

•Fess up and admit that it only took you an hour to make

•Or you can let them fawn over you and say all kinds of nice things about your creative skills.  (That’s what I would do, lol)

Check Out the Wool Ease Thick and Quick Yarn Here

You can even make the pom pom yourself with a pom pom maker (here’s my favorite brand):

My Favorite Pom Pom Maker 

Or you can use a faux fur pom poms like these:

My Favorite Faux Fur Pom Poms

Check Out the 1 Hour Chunky Crochet Beanie Here

30 Minute Crochet Cowl

Now this is what I call quick! 30 minutes and one skein of yarn! 

What’s even better is that the Arctic Snood looks amazing! And it comes with a video tutorial as well!

This would go perfect with the One Hour Chunky Crochet Beanie! What a wonderful gift set that would be!

Check Out the 30 Minute Cowl Here

Faux Fur Headband

Stephanie from All About Ami always creates the most beautiful projects. I love her style and her Faux Fur Headband is no exception. 

This headband will work up faster than a snowman melts on a warm sunny day. 

Get the FREE pattern and whip up some gorgeous headbands. 

Check Out the Faux Fur Headband Here

Rudolph’s Soap Cozy

last minute Christmas crochet gifts 3

I am a sucker for anything cute and practical. Who says a little soap cozy has to be boring and serious. 

This would make a fantastic gift for any child or adults how are children at heart. I would be over the moon for this sort of gift. 

What’s great is that it works up quickly and will be sure to make the gift recipient smile!

Check Out the Rudolph’s Soap Cozy Pattern Here

Crochet Earbud Holder

I don’t own earbuds myself but all of my kids do and they use them all the time. This is such a fun way for them to keep them safe and carry them around. 

This is also a great stash buster and works up lickity split! Plus you can make it their favorite colors!

Check Out the Crochet Earbud Holder Here

Hyperbolic Velvet Crochet Scrunchies

I remember wearing scrunchies when they weren’t retro! And I love that they’ve come back in such a fun way!

There are a lot of different scrunchie patterns out there, but I like this one for this reason:

“NOTE: This is more of a recipe than an exact pattern – feel free to play with it and create something unique!” Moogly.

I love that you can make them your own! 

I think there are a lot of people who would love a collection of handmade scrunchies for Christmas!

Check Out the Hyperbolic Velvet Crochet Scrunchie Pattern Here

Golden Fave Twist Headband

This is such a simple but beautiful headband that would look so pretty in lots of different colors. The rich golden color is absolutely spectacular!

You could make one for your family or friend and whip one up for yourself! (Don’t forget to take care of YOU this holiday season). 

Jessica from Mama in a Stitch always has the most gorgeous FREE crochet patterns on her blog and this is one of my favorites.

Check Out the Golden Fave Twist Headband Here

Crochet Hudson Hat & Mittens

This is a gorgeous FREE pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. You can make the hat and mittens in 0-3 months size all the way up to adult!

The beautiful Wool Ease in the color way Hudson Bay is the superstar here! How gorgeous are those colors. 

Check out the Wool Ease Thick & Quick Yarn Here

Because Wool Ease Thick & Quick is a bulky yarn it works up super quickly and you can’t beat 

their color selection. 

Check Out the Crochet Hudson Hat & Mittens

Crochet Snowman Wine Cozy

last minute Christmas crochet gifts 2

If you’ll be attending any holiday parties this Christmas season, this little Crochet Snowman Wine Cozy would be an adorable addition to the festivities. 

I love when a pattern is super simple, but totally adorable!! Putting your favorite wine or sparkling cider in this little snowman cozy will be the hit of the gift exchange!

Check Out the Crochet Snowman Wine Cozy Here

Crochet Red Gingham Hot Pad

last minute Christmas crochet gifts 1

There isn’t a pattern from Daisy Farm Crafts that I don’t adore! Everything this mother/daughter duo designs is absolutely gorgeous. 

Making a set of gingham hot pads would be such a wonderful last minute crochet Christmas gift for your family and friends. 

Who doesn’t need a hot pad in the kitchen? I may need to make a few of these for myself!

I also love that you could combine any colors you like to make a gorgeous gingham combination.

Check Out the Crochet Red Gingham Hot Pad Here

Beehive Messy Bun Hat

The Beehive messy bun hat is perfect for your family member of friend who loves to wear their hair up but needs to keep their head warm in the winter. 

This one is super pretty and I love the surprise bow at the back of the hat! 

Made with a super bulky yarn, this project is going to work up quickly!

Check Out the Beehive Messy Bun Hat Here

Basketweave Cup Cozy – Super Last Minute Crochet Christmas Gift!

How fun are these cup cozies from One Dog Woof??? I am in love and now I want all the cups in my kitchen cupboards to have a little cozy of their own! Lol!

This is one of the perfect last minute crochet Christmas gifts that you can whip up super quick for a beloved family or friend. 

These would also be a great stash buster project! Win-win! 

Check Out the Basketweave Cup Cozy Crochet Pattern Here

LAST MINUTE Crochet Christmas Gifts

I hope you enjoyed the the LAST MINUTE Crochet Christmas Gifts and found something wonderful to make for your family and friends this holiday season!

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Last Minute Crochet Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Want!

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