Top 5 Favorite New Amigurumi Books: Crochet & Knit

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You’ll find 5 new favorite amigurumi books for crocheters and knitters to enjoy! Each one is full of amigurumi characters that you will fall in love with!

Top 5 Favorite New Amigurumi Books: Crochet and Knit

There have been some new amigurumi books published in the last couple of years that are brand new discoveries for me.

I’ll first review the crochet books, but you’ll find the knit books further below.

Favorite New Amigurumi Books for Crocheters and Knitters

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Lula & Her Amigurumi Friends

I crocheted Lula back in July of 2020. When I first saw this quirky character design by Nour Abdallah I fell in love with her sweet smile and little brown pigtails.

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Nour is the original creator and illustrator of all the characters, but Dasha and Kate from Granny’s Crochet Hook are the ones that brought them into crochet form.

This book is hot of the press and was published just this month. It includes not only Lula but all of her family and friends.

Check Out the Lula and Her Amigurumi Friends Book Here

Mrs. Habiba

favorite new amigurumi books

I chose to crochet Mrs. Habiba because she is totally adorable, but also because she has a little gray cat that she takes on a leash.

Ummmmm, I thought I was the only one who did that!

Mrs. Habiba and I are definitely kindred spirits.

Amigurumi Yarn

For Mrs. Habiba, I went in a totally new direction with my yarn choice.

A few months ago I did a review of Hobby Lobby yarns and I was intrigued by one in particular.

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Yarn Bee Comfy Classic

I chose the Yarn Bee Comfy Classic in the colors:

  • Kahaki (for the body)
  • Gold (for the Hijab)
  • Ocean Water (for her pants)
  • Clay (for her hair and shoes)
  • Blush (for her sweater)

Now, before you go out to your nearest Hobby Lobby and buy this yarn in all the different colors, let me give you a little more information.

I truly believe you will either love this yarn or you’re going to hate it.

The Yarn Bee Comfy Classic is a medium weight yarn made from 48% Viscose, 30% Polyester and 22% Nylon. It’s an incredibly stretchy yarn that feels so good in my hands.

You will either love the stretch or it will make you want to choke someone you love.

The reviews on the Hobby Lobby website are quite good for this yarn, and I found that people either loved the yarn or hated it.


The stretchiness made working with it (mostly) a dream for me. One thing I did have to do was moisturize my hands frequently otherwise I had to increase my holding tension in my left hand to keep it from slipping.

One other thing to note is that when you cut the yarn it will fray quite badly. That wasn’t an issue for me, but I can see why it would drive some people mad.

Stitch Definition

Another thing I love about this yarn is the stitch definition. It’s incredible.

The stitches are deliciously crisp and clear.

Color Options

The one disappointing thing about this yarn is that it only comes in 13 colors. When working with amigurumi toys, it’s always best to have lots of options when it comes to skin, hair and clothing colors.

If you give this yarn a try, let me know what you think about it.


The price is pretty good when you get it on sale for 30% off, which is what I paid for it. $2.79 for 3.5 oz is a good price, but I will admit that I used up quite a bit of yarn for Mrs. Habiba. It actually surprised me quite a bit.

But she is also one of the biggest toys I’ve ever made. Plus, her legs are actually fully crocheted underneath her crocheted pants.


One of my other favorite characters from the book is Dad. I absolutely love everything about him. I love his handlebar mustache and his little red suspenders.

But my favorite are his hairy legs! How adorable.

Each one of these characters is full of personality and cuteness

  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Lula
  • Bo (Lula’s Little Brother)
  • Opa (Lula’s Grandfather)
  • Oma (Lula’s Grandmother)
  • Gary (Lula’s Neighbor)
  • Yoyo (Gary’s Dalmatian Dog)
  • Maja (Lula’s Closest Friend)
  • Hadi (Maja’s Dad)
  • Martha (Lula’s Friend)
  • Tobi (Lula’s Friend)
  • Yuhu (The Owl That Lives in Lula’s Backyard)
  • Stefan (Postman in Lula’s Town)
  • Mrs. Habiba (Lula’s Teacher)

Check Out the Lula and Her Amigurumi Friends Book Here

The Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls and Animals

Although this isn’t a totally new amigurumi book, it has become one of my favorite new amigurumi books.

This is an incredible resource for any amigurumi addict.

The full title is The Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls and Animals: Amigurumi Techniques Made Easy. It was published by the The Japan Amigurumi Association.

This encyclopedia of amigurumi techniques is perfect for those that want to get creative and change projects or create your own.

You’ll find everything you need to learn all that there is to know about amigurumi in this 240 page anthology. There are lengthy sections about basics, assembling and finishing.

I’m so glad that I stumbled across this book and I know it will be a resource I go back to over and over again.

Check Out the Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls and Animals Here

My Pretty Brown Doll

“Embrace the pretty in every shade of brown, with a one-of-a-kind, homemade creation that is a true reflection of your dreams.”

— Yolonda Jordan

From the moment I saw this sweet book, I knew I needed it in my amigurumi book collection.

The full title of the book is My Pretty Brown Doll: Crochet Patterns for a Doll That Looks Like You.

As I looked through the pages of all the beautiful doll patterns, I was struck with one thought. It truly is a beautiful thing for a child to see him or herself in a handmade doll.

The book is structured first with a base doll body. Then you choose the hair, then the clothing.

You’re able to create a truly unique Brown Doll for a special little one in your life (but it’s ok, if you want to make her just for yourself).

Each one of the designs are adorable and the information in each section is worth the read.

I was brought to tears by this section and I hope that it will help all of us will take these words in with love in our hearts:

“This base doll is inspired by one of my most-requested dolls to date. Mia is the first design I created with the two Afro Puffs hairstyle, and she was designed not only with me in mind, but with all the little African American girls who may have been told that they were not pretty or that the texture of their hair was not acceptable. Each design in this book is a modification of the Mia design, and you will find that by changing her outfit and hairstyle, you can bring a whole new doll to life.”

— Yolonda Jordan

Different Brown Dolls to Make

  • School Uniform
  • Collegiate Sweater
  • The Scientist
  • The Ballerina
  • Fairy Wings
  • Softball Uniform
  • Soccer Uniform
  • The Mermaid
  • Parisian Look

Check Out the My Pretty Brown Doll Book Here

New Favorite Amigurumi Books for Knitters

You didn’t think I would leave out the knitters did you?

Unfortunately there aren’t as many new knitted amigurumi books out there but the two I have to share are pretty darn spectacular.

Knitted Wild Animal Friends

Louise Crowther has done it again and designed the most adorable knitted toys. This collection includes:

  • Olivia the Elephant
  • Henry the Rhinoceros
  • Isabelle the Giraffe
  • Theo the Lion
  • Charlie the Chimpanzee
  • Sophie the TIger
  • Hugo the Zebra
  • Edward the Sloth
  • Poppy the Koala
  • James the Bear
  • Elsie the Hippopotamus
  • Mi the Panda

Check Out the Knitted Wild Animal Friends Here

Back in June of 2020 I knit an adorable owl from Louise Crowther’s previous book, Knitted Animal Friends.

He is, hands down, one of my favorite amigurumi toys I have ever made. I was challenged by the project and awed by her exquisite design.

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As with her brand new book, Knitted Wild Animal Friends, each animal comes with the most gorgeous wardrobe. These creatures are way better dressed than most humans I know.

Sophie the Tiger might be my absolute favorite. She is stunning with her gorgeous black stripes and pink ruffled dress.

I found that these patters are best suited for a confident knitter who is ready to knit the most adorable animals ever.

my new favorite amigurumi books: crochet and knit

My Knitted Doll

Although this next book is definitely not a new one, it’s worth mentioning because it’s so darn cute.

It is also written and designed by the oh-so-talented Louise Crowther.

What’s so wonderful about Louise’s books are all the clothing options. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Each one of these dolls is absolutely precious.

Faye has to be my favorite one of the dolls. Her little UGG boots and pink bunny sweater make me wish I had them in my size.

One of the best things about Louise Crowther’s books are how much detailed information is given in each one.

The techniques portion of the book in the back, is a gold mine of knowledge and instruction.

Favorite New Amigurumi Books for Crocheters and Knitters

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my five favorite new amigurumi books. Each one really is a treasure trove of patterns and playfulness.

Finally, if you have any of your own favorite new amigurumi books leave them in the comment section below. I love finding new resources!

favorite new amigurumi books

Happy Stitching!

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