The 8 Best Stranger Things Amigurumi Patterns

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As someone who was alive and well in 1983, Stranger Things has stolen my heart. And these 8 Stranger Things Amigurumi Patterns are the best of the best. Make sure to check them all out and let me know which one is your favorite project!

Stranger Things has become one of my all-time favorite TV series.

Between the 80’s nostalgia and the unforgettable characters, they have stolen my heart.

And as soon as I started Season 4, I knew I had to crochet one of these amazing characters. Thankfully I had a lot of different Stranger Things Amigurumi Patterns to choose from!

Eleven from Stranger Things

Although I had a tough time choosing from all of these amazing patterns but I settled on the one designed by Carla Mitrani for Amour Fou Crochet.

This version of Eleven is the most recognizable version of Eleven and I knew I had to crochet her.

I’ve made one of her beautiful patterns before and it turned out adorable.

Stranger Things amigurumi patterns

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What I love about Carla’s patterns is that they are quite simple, but they embody the essence of the person she designed.

She also has an amazing book full of amigurumi women characters that is a must-have for crocheted toy addicts like me!

Check out the Crochet Iconic Women: Amigurumi Patterns for 15 Women who Changed the World Book Here

Stranger Things Amigurumi Pattern

Yarn and Hook Used

For this project I used Berroco Vintage, one of my tried and true yarns.

I used the colors:

But I didn’t have a bright orange or green so I used Paintbox Wool Mix Aran for the stripes on the socks.

I used the colors:

Although the Paintbox Wool Mix Aran yarn is a slightly heavier weight than the Berroco Vintage Worsted, it worked out fine for this small part of the project.

Eleven from Stranger Things amigurumi

I also used a 3.5 mm crochet hook.

For amigurumi, I only use a Furls crochet hook because of it’s ergonomic hook, slippery pointed head (perfect for tight single crochet stitches) and strong metal structure.

Crochet version of Eleven from Stranger Things

Find the Eleven from Stranger Things Pattern Here

Eleven (Two Versions)

This is one of my favorite Stranger Things amigurumi patterns! I love that there are two different versions of Eleven.

There is the traditional Eleven who is in the iconic pink dress with her head shaved.

But I love the happy version of El, with her hair in a scrunchy and her sterotypical 1980’s outfit. I actually had a shirt almost identical to that back in 1986.

Check out the Eleven Amigurumi Doll Pattern Here

Steve and Robin – Scoops Ahoy

Oh my goodness! Steven and Robin… their Scoops Ahoy uniforms!

Could there be anything better??? No, there could not.

I am such a fan of Steve’s evolution throughout the entire series. He started out as such a total creep and after Season 4 he is one of my favorite Stranger Things characters of all time.

The scenes of Steve and Robin working at the mall at Cups Ahoy scooping ice cream are some of my favorites!

Check out the Steve and Robin Stranger Things Amigurumi Pattern Here

Make sure to also check out her other patterns. She has a whole shop full of Stranger Things Amigurumi Patterns like this next one.

Stranger Things Eddie

If you haven’t made it to Season 4 of Stranger Things yet, you won’t be finding any spoilers here.

But Eddie becomes a small but really important character as the show progresses. I love this version of him by Crocheted by Ellaa.

I think it perfectly captured his hard rock image, but also his heart of gold.

Check Out the Eddie Amigurumi Pattern Here


Dustin has the purest heart of any character on Stranger Things.

His adorable toothless smile (I like him even when his front teeth eventually grow in) and his sense of right and wrong make me love Dustin so much.

Dustin stays true to himself throughout the series so far. His sense of humor also make for some great one liners like this:

“I Am On A Curiosity Voyage, And I Need My Paddles To Travel. These books… these books are my paddles.”

— Dustin, Stranger Things

Check out the Dustin Amigurumi Pattern Here

Demogorgon Amigurumi Pattern

One of the more terrifying creatures from Stranger Things are the Demogorgon.

This version of these repulsive creatures is soooo cute. The designer expertly made the Stranger Things amigurumi project look exactly like the Demogorgon while not being scary!

I love the addition of the little teeth!

Check out the Demogorgon Amigurumi Pattern Here

Stranger Things Boys Bundle

If you love Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair you will love this Stranger Things Amigurumi Patterns bundle.

This is the core group of the Stranger Things boys who loved playing Dungeons and Dragons in Mike’s basement.

Check Out the Stranger Things Boys Amigurumi Pattern Bundle Here

Stranger Things Crochet Quilt

I know this isn’t technically amigurumi, it’s a blanket, but I had to share it.

I mean, look at it!

How incredible is this design? It perfectly captures the spirit of Stranger Things. I love that there’s a Demogorgon that you can fold and unfold.

There are quotes like “Friends Don’t Lie” and “You Are Such a Nerd”. Makes me smile just looking at it.

Check Out the Stranger Things Inspired Crochet Quilt Here

Stranger Things Amigurumi Patterns

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Stranger Things amigurumi patterns. I had soooo much fun doing the research for this post.

Please let me know which of these amazing characters is your favorite and which amigurumi pattern you want to make!

Happy Stitching

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Stranger Things Crochet Amigurumi Patterns

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