10 Awesome Amigurumi Designers You’ve Never Heard Of

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There are so many awesome amigurumi designers that aren’t as well known as some of the big names. They have amazing and adorable designs that are incredibly unique and creative. In this post I’m sharing 10 Awesome Amigurumi Designers You’ve Never Heard Of and I know you are going to love them too.

That title might be a slight exaggeration. You may have heard of a few of these amigurumi designers, but I can almost guarantee that some of them will be new to you.

I’m always on the hunt for new amigurumi designs. While I enjoy the adorable patterns from mainstream designers, it’s thrilling to find something a little more unique and different.

10 Awesome Amigurumi Designers You've Never Heard of
Steve the Squirrel

10 Awesome Amigurumi Designers

So here are your ten awesome amigurumi designers that you’ve (probably) never heard of before. These aren’t in any particular order, but I began with the design I just finished, the cutest darn squirrel you ever did see.

I also only included designers that have active pattern shops, whether its on Etsy, Ravely or their own online store. There is no use in sharing an amazing designer only to discover that you can’t buy their patterns anywhere.

Also, many of these amigurumi designers are “newish” to me and I haven’t crocheted their patterns before. They are all fairly well established and have good reputations for having accurate instructions and good pattern reviews.

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While this is a great list, it certainly isn’t exhaustive by any means. There are other amigurumi designers that I have written reviews about and I have some that are in the pipeline and coming soon. So if you don’t see your favorite designer here, please leave me a comment. I always love finding new ones.


When YunYoung Lee from bigbebez generously offered me a choice of any of her patterns, I had a hard time choosing one. These are seriously some of the cutest amigurumi designs out there.

Ultimately I chose her squirrel pattern and boy am I glad I did. I think he turned out absolutely adorable and I know that I will be crocheting many more of them.

The pattern is very well written with clear photos to guide each section. It will help to have some experience with making amigurumi before tackling this particular pattern though. I wouldn’t recommend it for an absolute beginner but if you have some experience you will love it.

I used Berroco Vintage in the colors Oats, Buttercream, Snow Day, Pumpkin and Bird’s Egg to make my own adorable squirrel.

Bigbebez Etsy Shop

Yarn Choice

Before we move on to the other nine amigurmi designers, I want to give you one of the best pieces of advice I have to give. If you are already 100% happy with how your amigurumi toys are turning out, then skip this section.

But if you don’t love the end product of your amigurumi, it may not be you. Not all yarns are great for crocheting toys. I actually had a good friend try my recommended yarn and was thrilled with her result. She didn’t realize that there was that big of a difference.

This post contains affiliates links and at no cost to you I may earn a teeny tiny commission if you choose to purchase them. Please know that I only recommend products I use and love! Thank you for supporting Le Petit Saint Crochet!

Amigurumi Yarns

These are my go-to yarns that I use for amigurumi. I have tried other kinds and I return to these two brands over and over again. The yarn you choose really does impact your finished product and who wants to put in all that time and effort just to be disappointed with the end result? Not me.

  • Berroco Vintage – this is my hands-down favorite yarn for all my crocheted toys (and most of my knitted ones too). The yarn is not only soft but has a nice structure to it. With its slight halo (fuzziness) it hides small imperfections perfectly. It comes in sixty-four gorgeous shades. I am super picky when it comes to my color choices and I love these modern hues so much. You NEED this yarn.
  • Paintbox Wool Mix Aran – this is my second favorite yarn for making amigurumi. It comes in fifty-five different shades. I like this yarn as well because there are slightly more skin tones available if I want to crochet dolls. It isn’t quite as soft as the Berroco, but it is a great yarn to work with and has a nice structure to it.

Both of these yarns are mid-range as far as price. You can find cheaper and you can certainly find more expensive. The great thing is that one skein will make multiple toys, unless you’re making something supersized and if so, you go girl… or guy!


Crochet Hook

While not quite as important as your yarn choice, I do have a favorite crochet hook. What I love about my Furls Crochet hook is that it is ergonomically designed and it has a pointy head.

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Because I like to crochet…. a lot, I needed something that was specifically created to lessen the strain on my hands, wrists and elbows. I love that I can crochet for quite a long time without feeling that dreaded tightness and shooting pain.

Amigurumi Hook

The other reason I specifically like this hook for crocheting amigurumi is that it has a pointy head. If you have ever made an invisible decrease you will know why a pointier head works better. The metal finish is also ideal for crocheting with a tighter tension, which is perfect for amigurumi. It never snags, it glides perfectly through each stitch.

They are a bit on the pricey side, but I only need one size. You can find the exact hook I exclusively use for crocheting amigurumi below.

FURLS Odyssey Crochet Hook

Amour Fou Crochet

If you aren’t following the talented amourfou_crochet on Instagram, you need to be. She is known for her adorable doll patterns and I have one in mind for a future project, which I can’t wait to show you.

I love that many of her dolls are iconic figures like Mary Poppins, Anne of Green Gables and even Princess Leia. She also has one of the sweetest Nativity sets I’ve seen. Check out all of her adorable patterns.

Amour Fou Crochet Etsy Shop


These patterns from Hainchan are clean and crisp. They are designed so beautifully without a lot of fluff. If you’re looking for something a little less frilly then these are the patterns for you.

Hainchan Pattern Shop

Little Owlet

Little Owlet is one amigurumi designer that I have actually made patterns from. I crocheted an adorable fox and a sweet little lamb. These patterns are whimsical and feel like they jumped right out of an antiquated fairy tale.

She uses a lot of neutrals and muted tones in her designs and they seriously could not be more beautiful. Check out her gorgeous owl to see exactly what I mean.

Little Owlet Etsy Shop


Seda is the talented designer behind Kedito. If you aren’t following her on Instagram, you should be. And make sure to watch her stories. She shares some of the most beautiful scenes of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

I love all of her beautiful designs, but her lion pattern may be the cutest one I’ve seen. It is simple and sweet and oh so perfect. While she doesn’t have as many patterns as some of the other designers listed, the ones she does have are adorable.

Kedito Etsy Shop

Zipzip Dreams

If you are looking for super cute amigurumi patterns, look no further. These adorable designs from Zipzip Dreams are sure to please. She has so many different animal and doll patterns to choose from. I am in love with her little Dracula and can see making him this Halloween.

This is one of the more well-known designers in my top ten list. Zipzip Dreams’ patterns can be found in Zoomigurumi 7 and Zoomigurumi 8. Be sure to check out her Ravelry store as well.

Zipzip Dreams Ravelry Store

Sasha Koffer

I am in love with these patterns from Sasha Koffer. She has combined amigurumi and cross stitch to create such beautiful toys. I have never seen this particular technique before and I find it so charming.

She has also managed to capture true human emotion with her dolls. How sweet is that expression on the mother doll’s face as she cradles her baby.

Sasha Koffer’s Etsy Shop

Lulu Loves the Moon

If you love bunnies you are going to love Lulu Loves the Moon. These are seriously some of the cutest crocheted bunnies I’ve seen. Look at their little expressions and their cute teeny-tiny clothes.

I love Elisa’s beautiful style and her gorgeous Instagram account as well. I know you are going to love her too.

Lulu Loves the Moon Etsy Shop

Manuska Crochet

Are you a Frida Kahlo fan like me? These is something so incredibly inspiring about the talented Mexican folk artist and what better way to honor her than make a crocheted doll of her!

Manuska’s whimsical creations are sure to capture your imagination. And check out her adorable Circus Gang, they are on my list to make, one of these days. Too many patterns, not enough time.

Manuska Crochet Etsy Shop

Wolltastisch Handmade

Last, but certainly not least is the gorgeous patterns from Wolltastisch Handmade. These designs are so beautiful and make me smile. Her reindeer pattern is one of my all time favorites.

Have you ever seen such a sweet little creature? And I love flower crowns and pink lacy collars.

Wolltastisch Handmade Etsy Shop

Awesome Amigurumi Designers

Although I couldn’t feature all of my favorite amigurumi designers, I hope that you enjoyed this list and found some new inspiration. Their creativity blows me away.

Make sure to check out some of their Instagram and pattern shops. Also check out the yarn and hook resources I listed above. I really believe good materials make for a much better finished toy.

Happy Stitching!

Which amigurumi designers are your favorites?

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  1. I have a favourite Frida Kahlo pattern by Ellfin Thread. I also make her with cat ears – Frida Catlo