The MOST Asked Questions About Amigurumi, Crochet & Knitting

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Today I’m answering the MOST asked questions about amigurumi, crochet, knitting and handmade business topics!


I wasn’t expecting that.

On a whim, I asked people on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook what questions I could answer.

I was hoping that someone, anyone, would ask me something. Maybe I would get a handful of questions that I could answer.

What I wasn’t expecting was to get over a hundred questions! I was totally blown away.

Unfortunately I can’t answer every single question, otherwise the post would be a book (and the video would be a feature length movie).

If I wasn’t able to answer your specific question, please accept my sincerest apology. Many of the questions I got were answered in my last “Ask Me Anything” post/video.

Answering Your Amigurumi Questions

Answering Your Amigurumi Questions Video!

Best Resource

Also, if I wasn’t able to answer your question, please check out my blog for all the resources I have available.

Everything is arranged by category where you’ll find posts about amigurumi, crochet, knitting, granny squares and handmade business topics.

Look for the menu at the top of the home page where you’ll find all the different topics.

You’ll find years worth of posts about each one of these subjects.

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There’s also a search bar where you can look for a specific answer for your question.

15 Classic Disney Crochet & Knit Amigurumi Patterns

Loved the Project, But Will Never Make Again?

AshleyNily asked: What’s a project that you loved the end result, but would never make again?

Answer: This is an easy one. I absolutely loved knitting Frog and Toad. It was such an enjoyable and challenging project.

I can’t tell you how many people have asked to buy them from me, but my answer is always no.

That project took weeks for me to make both of those adorable amphibians. I learned a lot, but it was definitely a labor of love.

Check Out More About Frog and Toad

Packaging Amigurumi

Allen Lindsay asked: Any ideas or tips on packaging your finished amigurumi for sale?

Answer: This is one of my favorite things to do. I love packaging toys up to give as gifts or for sale.

I love making amigurumi a gift giving experience. It isn’t just about the toy itself, it’s about the packaging.

One thing that I created last year are the Amigurumi Adoption Kits (and more themes will be coming soon).

Check Out All the Amigurumi Adoption Kits Here

I’ve gotten so many wonderful messages about how people have enjoyed using the Amigurumi Adoption Kits and that makes me so happy.

The kit comes with an adoption certificate, coordinating gift tags and a Keepsake Letter template. It’s everything you need to make a memory, not just a toy.

I also love adding a coordinating ribbon that just adds that extra little touch.

Why I Love Amigurumi

Corgi_Crocheting47 asked: What made you fall in love with making amigurumi?

Answer: I came to crocheting at a very difficult time in my life. My son was very sick and the stress was high.

I never dreamed of being able to crochet (and eventually knit) toys. That was something talented people did, not an ordinary mom like me.

My focus was on granny squares and I was dabbling in crocheting baby clothes and watching the tutorials from Wooly Wonders Crochet.

But she also had video tutorials for adorable amigurumi toys. And on a whim one night in December of 2017 I decided to try.

For me amigurumi’s primary reason for existing is to make people happy, children and adults.

I needed some happiness in my life during that stressful time and I’ve been hooked from that day forward.

Granny Square Yarn

Bethany Jonson asked: How do you pick the colors for your granny square blankets? They are quite striking.

Answer: I get inspiration from a lot of different places but here are some of my favorites.

First of all Pinterest is a fantastic place to look for color palettes. You can choose one or more colors to find professionals who put together pleasing color palettes. I’ve found that many of them are created for the wedding industry but they are wonderful.

You can also choose whether you’re interested in warm or cool tones, but my best trick is to look for seasonal color palettes.

Another trick is something I learned from knitting colorwork. Twist two yarns together and if the colors blend in too much then there isn’t enough contrast.

I like a lot of contrast when it comes to my granny square projects.

Wedding Themed Crochet & Knitting Projects

Smallthingsstitches asked: Can we see some wedding themed makes? Congrats to your family!

Answer: Thank you!!! And yes, I will likely be making some wedding themed crochet and knitting projects!

My older daughter just got engaged and will be getting married in July of 2023! We are so excited!

Why YouTube?

Gabrielle.Nofal asked: How did you get the idea to start a YouTube channel?

Answer: I knew pretty early on in my crocheting journey that I wanted this to be more than just a hobby. I was getting ready to retire from homeschooling my four children for twenty years.

I had been thinking about what the next chapter in my life would look like and all I could think about was crocheting.

That obsession led to my blog and eventually the YouTube channel.

Pattern Testing/Tech Editing

Shawndra B asked: Have you ever gotten into pattern testing/tech editing for other creators? If so what was the process and how did you like it?

Answer: I have done some pattern testing for other designers and I really liked it.

I do have a funny story. I was testing an adorable pattern for Amigurumi by Guli. It was her Cody the Crocodile and I was struggling.

My brain just couldn’t figure out for the life of me what the pattern was trying to get me to do. I kept looking at the photos and I grew more and more frustrated.

Eventually I had to swallow my pride and emailed Guli and told her that I was a total failure and could not complete the project.

She kindly emailed me back and told me that she is left handed and that’s why the photo was so confusing to me.

I felt like a total idiot. Once she cleared that obvious fact, I finished her pattern with no problem, lol.

Unfortunately I can’t show you my Cody the Crocodile because my mom’s dog Pippa bit his poor little face off.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a tech editor or making money from crocheting check out this post:

Can You Make Money From Crocheting & Knitting

This post contains affiliates links and at no cost to you I may earn a teeny tiny commission if you choose to purchase them. Please know that I only recommend products I use and love! Thank you for supporting Le Petit Saint Crochet! You can read my full (and slightly boring) full disclosure here.

Pain from Amigurumi

Tracey Fletcher asked: Hi Eilise, I’m having big problems with my wrists and thumb joints while crocheting. Had an operation on my thumb ligament years ago and both cartilages removed. Any suggestions to ease them? Giving up crochet isn’t an option.

Answer: Gina Phillips answered that she found a hand support glove at Joann’s and uses it while stitching.

I found this pair on Amazon that has over forty-two thousand reviews. It specifically states it is for arthritis, but it might be worth trying for your situation.

Check Out the Compression Gloves Here

Also I have struggled a lot of pain from crocheting. My first recommendation is to choose the type of yarn you’re using very carefully.

It wasn’t until I developed a severe case of tendinitis that I found that 100% cotton yarn was a big problem for me.

The next hard lesson I learned was that I had to take breaks. Not five minute breaks, but long breaks. I began taking days off. I stopped having marathon crochet sessions.

For More Tips Check Out 10 Ways to Stop Pain from Crocheting & Knitting

Amigurumi Style?

BeastlyBeauty12 asked: What are good ways for newer amigurumi crocheters/knitters to find their style? I’ve done some cottage core, some cartoony and characters and then there are still so many more that I can’t even find resources for to try out.

Answer: First of all I think it’s great that you’re trying a lot of different styles. Ultimately I think that’s the way you’ll find your style.

The best way to discover what you like most is to make a lot of different amigurumi toys and eventually you’ll begin to notice what you’re most attracted to.

Fantasy Project & Place

Pinkberyl72 asked: Hi, Elise! I have a multipart, no limits question. If you could visit anywehere in the world and knit or crochet anything your heart desires in any yarn what would it be, yarn chosen, knit or crochet (or 1 of each), needles or hook and where?

Answer: I’m really interested in Norwegian knitting at the moment and I think that my dream place to visit would be somewhere like Norway or Iceland.

I would love to knit a traditional Norwegian or Icelandic sweater with all the gorgeous colorwork and use their local yarn.

Check Out My Post About Traditional Norwegian Knitting Here and My Selbu Socks Here

Crochet or Knit Amigurumi?

Karen Davis asked: What are the advantages to knitting amigurumi? What are the advantages to crocheting amigurumi? I do both. I almost always have an amigurumi of each as a WIP.

Answer: I love this question!

There are several advantages to knitting amigurumi and they are first, you can knit toys in the round or flat. Knitting toys in the round means that you don’t have to weave in ends or do much seaming.

If you knit toys flat and you love seaming, you can make some beautiful toys.

Pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits

The biggest advantage of knitting toys is that they are typically much more squishy than crocheting amigurumi.

(The main disadvantage is that it takes a lot more skill to stuff knitted toys)

Check out My Post About Knitted Toys: Focus on the Face for Stuffing Tips

The biggest advantage of crocheting toys is that there are so many different patterns to choose from. You can find an amigurumi project in any kind of animal, doll or creature you can think of.

FREE Bitty Bunnies Pattern

In my personal opinion crocheting toys is easier for beginners than knitting toys (unless you’re already a knitter).

Stuffing crocheted toys is also quite simple, you just push that stuffing down into the toy, that’s it.

Crochet Burnout

Goddess of Gore asked: Have you ever suffered from craft burnout? I ran an Etsy store for my knits/crochet for just three months, two years ago and haven’t wanted to pick up any yarn since.

Answer: The only time I ever suffered from craft burnout was when I was making finished toys for my Etsy shop.

Pattern by AiraliGray

I think it’s very difficult to pump out toy after toy and maintain that joy and passion.

My advice would be to find a project that’s just for you. Sometimes you need to fill up your own cup after it’s become so depleted.

And if you just don’t want to crochet anything… that’s ok too.

Design Inspiration

Laren Doyle asked: What helps inspire you to make your crochet patterns?

Answer: I find a lot of inspiration from children’s book illustrations, especially vintage books like Stuart Little and Wind and the Willows. Also illustrators like Teagan White inspire me with their children’s book drawings.

Favorite Crochet Hook

Dog land asked: If you only had one hook to crochet with, what brand and size would it be?

Answer: Furls Odyssey 3.5 mm. I love the weighted hook and ergonomic handle. It feels so fantastic in my hand.

Beginner Knitted Toys Tips

Many people asked about how to get started with knitting toys. My advice is pretty similar to that of learning to crochet toys.

Start with learning how to do basic knitting. There are courses out there or you can find a lot of great YouTube videos that teach beginners how to knit.

These are some of my favorite FREE resources:

Next, I highly recommend having the Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book on hand as a reference. It’s an encyclopedia of knitting and I go it regularly to understand techniques and stitches.

Finally, check out my post to find the best knitted toys for beginners:

Knitted Toys for Beginners

Video Editing

Christina Clayton asked: Do you edit your videos yourself or do you hand your videos to a professional to do it for you?

Answer: I do every single thing by myself, total solo-preneur here. At one point I looked into a video editor and then quickly realized that I would not be able to afford the kind of editing I want for my videos.

I’ve learned so much from starting a YouTube channel and video editing is one of them!

Follow up question from Caroline For the Love of Crochet: What do you use for video software and editing, what microphone do you use?

Answer: I just use iMovie (which is free editing software on Mac computers). I have a Rode Video Micro Microphone for my Sony ZV-1 camera.

Amigurumi Design Question

Cheryl Davis asked: Do you have any future plans to design your own crochet doll pattern with crochet clothes?

Answer: Yes!

Not So Big Bad Wolf Pattern

How Long Does It Take for Amigurumi?

Chip Andrada asked: How long does it usually take you to finish one amigurumi?

Answer: I give myself two weeks to complete most amigurumi projects. Some I finish sooner, some have taken even longer.

Process vs Product

Jennifer Kennedy asked: Do you like the process or the product? For me it’s split. I like the process of knitting and the product of crochet.

Answer: I love this question.

My answer would be both. I like the process and product of crocheting and knitting toys.

But if I had to choose one, I would have to pick the process of knitting toys over crocheting them. The reason why is that knitting is so much more difficult for me and I enjoy the challenge.

The product would be the same. I absolutely love both crocheted and knitted toys.

What’s My Favorite Make and Why?

Dawn Bruxton from Dawn’s Days asked: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made and why? And bonus question, who’s your favorite vlogger?

Answer: Lol! I love Dawn from the YouTube channel Dawn’s Days (and yes, she’s my favorite vlogger).

My favorite thing I’ve ever made is the pig from My Three Little Pigs pattern. For quite a long time I wanted to design amigurumi, but I didn’t think I could pull it off. That’s a theme in my life that I’m trying to overcome.

I had designed a couple of other simple toys in the past, but The Three Little Pigs is my first design that I really love. It helped to remind me that I can do a lot more than I think I can.

And that is really what the message of my whole blog and channel is about. You can do so many things that you never thought you could. That’s what I think every time I look at one of those little pigs.

Amigurumi Boredom

Donna McLeod Doherty asked: Hi Elise, do you get bored crocheting the same popular amigurumi animal? My bunny design is so popular with customers, but I would like to come up with different animals.

Answer: I enjoyed selling finished amigurumi toys, but it is so easy to get burned out from making the same toys over and over again.

Maybe you could offer each toy for a limited time only. Really promote the fact that each one of these animals will be made as limited editions and once they are gone a new animal will be available.

You could use phrases like “Limited Number” and “Retiring Soon” to help customers know that you won’t be offering that one any more but to look forward to your new offering.

Ever Felt Like Giving Up?

Janelle Tailercio asked: Have you ever felt like giving up on your business and if so, how did you push through that?

Answer: More times than I can count!! Lol! But for real.

Building a handmade business is tough. There is a lot of work (especially in the beginning) without a lot of reward. You work and you work and you work and then you do it all over again.

The way I push through is believing deep down in myself.

I try very hard not to compare myself to other creative business owners, but to compare my own progress. I love looking back to a year ago and look at my analytics.

That’s the only comparison that’s truly valuable.


Valerie Boyle Ehrman asked: Do you ever feel “guilty” while you are crocheting?

Answer: Absolutely not. Never.

I generally crochet when I’m with my family and we are watching TV together. I don’t really crochet during any other time of the day.

My family all thinks that crocheting makes me a better person so they never complain!

MOST Asked Questions About Amigurumi

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