7 Amigurumi Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2023

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These 7 Amigurumi Trends will be all the rage in 2023. See if your predictions about crocheted and knitted toys will be trending next year!

Looking into my crystal ball I’m seeing bright colors, a crocheted octopus and knitted strawberries.

Lol, who am I kidding? That’s not a crystal ball, but my Christmas snow globe. Hehe!

But I have been doing some research about the biggest trends that will affect amigurumi coming up in the year 2023.

And I’m happy to report that there are a lot of fun amigurumi trends that I believe we will be seeing in the near future.

Amigurumi Trends

Amigurumi Trends – Color

The biggest shift I believe that is coming to amigurumi in 2023 is all about color.

There has been a recent trend within crocheting and knitting toys to have very muted colors, but that’s all about to change.

Bright, bold colors will be all the rage next year.

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You’ll also be seeing more and more unusual colors being used for traditional animals and objects, like bright yellow pumpkins or pink octopuses. (Is octopuses the correct plural for octopus? Or is it octopi? I need to do a little research on that, lol)

Lion Brand Color of the Year

The Lion Brand color of the year for 2022 is Golden Sunshine, a gorgeous warm and vibrant yellow that is meant to inspire us all.

Lion Brand Announces “Golden Sunshine” as the 2022 Color of the Year, Promotes Renewed Optimism for the Crafting Community

Although this was announced in January of 2022, I have a hunch that bright colors are here to stay. I believe we will continue to see yellows in every hue in our amigurumi projects for quite some time.

The last few years have been the toughest our planet has seen in quite some time and this cheerful color is just what we need now.

Etsy Marketplace Insights: 2022 Fall Trends

Another great place to find trend predictions is from Etsy.

“Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures”

— Etsy

Etsy Marketplace Insights is a great place to get ideas about trends. They are predicting that bright colors will continue to be on trend well into the fall season:

Don’t expect shoppers to tone things down too much even as summer winds down. This year’s fall season could be unusually colorful, as bright shades show no signs of retreating. We anticipate shoppers will continue turning to bold, playful tones to brighten their homes, closets, and moods.


Bright Colors

In a recent email from Etsy, they predicted that hot pink will be “hotter than ever”.

How fun would this color be to incorporate into our amigurumi projects.

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Premier Yarns

Another clue that bright yarn colors will be all the rage next year are the new colors from Premier Yarns.

Their brand new colors for their Anti-Pilling Everyday Worsted are the colors:

  • Bright Pink
  • Highlighter
  • Bright Green

Yarn companies are a great way to find the on-trend colors of the season by looking for their latest additions.

These fun colors have me excited to get stitching! How cute would a neon pink Norwegian sweater be for a little pig???

Natura Crochet

Natasha from Natura Crochet is the perfect example of everything bright and cheerful. Her adorable amigurumi patterns all pack a punch of colorful, wooly sunshine.

Her brand new crochet book Aquatic Amigurumi is packed full of the cutest and most colorful amigurumi projects!

I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!!

Check Out the Brand NEW Aquatic Amigurumi Here

Coastal Grandmother

Another big trend is the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic.

” Defined by the use of natural light, high–quality natural materials, a soft color palette, and an abundance of foliage and flowers”

— Homes and Gardens

This is the total opposite of the bright color aesthetic.

While the bright colors are exciting and bold, the Coastal Grandmother style is cool and effortless. I am predicting that this will have an effect on amigurumi designers and makers as well.

If you live in a coastal area I imagine that there would be high demand for seaside themed toys in beautiful nature inspired colors.

Ingrid the Octopus

Ingrid the Octopus is one of the most unique amigurumi designs I think I’ve seen in quite some time.

This stylish little octopus has a sweet little coral reef headband.

Lindsey from Off the Beaten Hook designed Ingrid and I can’t get over how cute she is, with her antique pink body and soft yellow and gray underneath.

I think this amigurumi pattern combines both the Coastal Grandmother vibe as well as using colors in a whole new and interesting way!

Check out Ingrid the Octopus Amigurumi Pattern Here

Pelagius the Narwhal

Wioletta from FILLE Handmade has created the most adorable Narwhal named Pelagius.

Look at that sweet little face! Oh my goodness. Those little heart shaped cheeks are the sweetest.

Check out Pelagius the Narwhal Amigurumi Pattern Here

Granny Squares

Granny squares are everywhere these days.

We are seeing them on the fashion runways of New York and Paris as well as on our crochet hooks.

I am predicting that we will start seeing some granny squares popping up on amigurumi toys in the near future.

Wouldn’t a granny square coat be adorable on a little fox?

Cottage Core

What is cottage core??

“Cottagecore is a social media hashtag and internet-based lifestyle trend inspired by a quaint vision of country life. Based on an idealized back-to-nature concept of simpler times, its romanticized aesthetics center on natural materials, wholesome pastimes, handmade crafts, homemade baked goods, gardening, and other hallmarks of bucolic domesticity. “

— The Spruce

The Cottage Core design style is here to stay and I am here for it.

It embodies everything lovely and homey. Think woodland creatures, toadstools, and fairies. It embodies all the natural, cozy vibes.

Mushroom Fairy

The Mushroom Fairy by Sedef is one of my favorite amigurumi projects I’ve ever made.

She has a beautiful duck egg blue dress with mustard accents and pops of cherry red. Her little mushroom hat is oversized and oh so cute.

Check Out the Mushroom Fairy Amigurumi Doll Here

Mushroom Cottage

This adorable Mushroom Cottage House perfectly captures the Cottage Core aesthetic.

With its little acorn lamp and adorable rooftop snail, this amigurumi pattern is the cutest thing.

If I could build my dream house, this would be it.

Check out the Mushroom Cottage Amigurumi Pattern Here

Flower Sprite Dolls

Oh how sweet.

These little Flower Sprite dolls are everything Cottage Core. How adorable they look with their little heads surrounded by flower petals.

You can even choose which style petals you want for the flower cap, pointed or rounded. It all depends on which type of flower you like, or if you’re like me, you would have to make them both.

Check out the Flower Sprite Dolls Amigurumi Pattern Here

Anne With an E Doll

This is one of the most amazing Anne of Green Gables amigurumi patterns I’ve ever seen. And nothing is more Cottage Core than Anne.

I am so impressed with this gorgeous doll and all the accessories she comes with.

Look at her expressive face, iconic red braids and beautiful stitched clothing.

The pattern is listed for advanced amigurumi makers and I can see why. The detail is extraordinary.

Check Out the Anne With an E Doll Amigurumi Pattern Here

Fan Art

Another amigurumi trend that I believe is going to get bigger and bigger is fan art.

More and more crochet and knit toy designers are making replicas of their favorite celebrities. They are also creating crochet and knit versions of objects from popular movies and TV shows.

Read More About Stranger Things Amigurumi Patterns Here

I crocheted Eleven from Stranger Things and found so many other amazing patterns as well.

Bernie Sanders Amigurumi

Maybe people were already doing this long before 2020, but the first time I saw this was when the Bernie Sanders amigurumi doll went viral.

Amigurumi was headline news that day and I can see why. Tobey Time Crochet perfectly captured the essence of Bernie Sanders all the way down to his windswept hair and knitted mittens.

Check Out the Bernie Sanders Amigurumi Pattern Here

Mr. Rogers

Crafty Is Cool has taken this art to a whole new level and has so many amazing characters.

She recently made one of Snoop Dog and he featured it on his Instagram page! Her level of detail is incredible.

But my favorite is her Mr. Rogers doll. I loved that show when I was a child and seeing his likeness in the form of an amigurumi toy just makes me happy.

Check Out the Mr. Rogers Amigurumi Pattern Here


Plants have been and I believe will continue to be quite popular into 2023 and that includes amigurumi flowers and greenery as well.

Michael from Knotmonsters has some of the cutest plant patterns out there. And his new book is all about potted plants! How adorable!

Check Out the Knotmonsters Potted Plants Amigurumi Book Here


Astrology is a big trend right now and amigurumi designer Carla Mitrani from Amour Fou Crochet has released a new book, Crochet Zodiac Dolls: Stitch the Horoscope with Astrological Amigurumi

Check out the Crochet Zodiac Dolls Amigurumi Book Here

I love Carla’s style of design and I made her Anne of Green Gables doll and loved how she turned out.

Amigurumi Trends for 2023

I hope you enjoyed this look into my crystal ball and feel excited to keep crocheting and knitting toys in 2023.

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