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The Best Crochet-A-Long Blankets for 2022

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This collection of the best crochet-a-long blankets will be sure to inspire you to grab your favorite crochet hook and start stitching.

What is a Crochet-A-Long (CAL)?

CAL is just an acronym for the term Crochet-A-Long.

Crochet-A-Longs break up a project into bite sized pieces. Typically, each part is released one at a time.

For example a CAL may run 6 weeks. The first week could be the introduction, unveiling what the CAL will be, gathering up supplies and preparing for the next week.

Weeks two through five, might be the pattern, which will be released one part at a time over those four weeks.

Finally, the last week may be something like a border or finishing touches for the project.

Why Crochet-A-Longs Are Great

Crochet-a-longs are great because a large project, like a blanket, feels less daunting broken down into smaller parts.

Plus, sometimes a CAL also has a Ravelry or Facebook group for people participating in the crochet-a-long. It encourages people to share their own progress or ask questions of the group.

A good CAL can inspire a sense of community and bring excitement to the project.

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The Best Crochet-A-Long Blankets for 2022

These seven different crochet-a-long blankets are all happening in 2022. Some of the projects are currently going on like the Island Stroll CAL and the Postcards With Love CAL.

Others have already finished like the Harbour Blanket CAL from Attic 24.

But don’t worry if you missed the dates, you can start at any time.

Island Stroll CAL

Best Crochet-a-long blankets for 2022

The Island Stroll CAL from Tess from Sisters in Stitch is one of the most gorgeous crocheted blankets I have ever laid my eyes on.

The intricate details of this crochet-a-long blanket take my breath away.

You can choose to make the full blanket, make a coordinating pillow or both (why not)?

The other great part about this crochet-a-long is that you can choose between three different colorways:

  • Saunter in the Sunlight
  • Walk in the Woods
  • Stroll by the Sea

The CAL is totally free (but there are lovely yarn packs available for purchase). You will also find video tutorials on YouTube.

Find the Island Stroll CAL Here

Postcards With Love

The minute I saw the gorgeous Postcards With Love blanket by Coastal Crochet, I knew it had to be on my list.

Inspired by the English coast and the postcards that family and friends used to send one another, this CAL is perfect for warm, sunny days.

Coastal Crochet designed such a whimsical seaside inspired blanket in conjunction with King Cole yarns.

This is one of the most detailed crocheted blankets I’ve ever seen.

The pattern is totally free and there are video tutorials for each part.

The CAL began on May 23, 2022

This blanket is made using a combination of different squares and rectangles. The pattern starts with a large central square. Four smaller squares and four rectangles are then crocheted, joined together and attached to the central square. These are crocheted around before further squares and rectangles are crocheted and joined. A border is crocheted around the entire blanket. 

— Postcards With Love, King Cole

Find the Postcards With Love CAL Here

Day Tripper CAL by Katie

If you’re a hippie at heart or love someone who is, the Day Tripper CAL designed by Katie Jones is the blanket for you.

Made with bold, bright colors this crocheted blanket incorporates five different types of granny squares.

This is a perfect project for a beginner and includes a free pattern and video tutorials.

The Day Tripper CAL began on May 4th, 2022.

“Prepare to stitch a bold, beautiful blanket with the Sirdar Day Tripper Picnic Blanket CAL. This picnic blanket crochet along is perfect for beginners! Learn how to make five different kinds of granny squares as you bring the pattern to life. Designed by Katie Jones, the CAL will be shared through PDF patterns that become available each week for 6 weeks, starting on 4th May with an introduction video from Katie herself. “

Day Tripper CAL, Hobbycraft

Find the Day Tripper CAL Here

Harbour Blanket Crochet-A-Long

Lucy from Attic 24 has done it again.

She has designed a gorgeous blanket inspired by the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby. Each of the colors represents the traditional seaside harbors that Lucy enjoyed in her youth.

Lucy has the most amazing way of putting colors together that excite and relax all at the same time. Her descriptions of her inspiration make the reader feel excited to get stitching.

And isn’t that exactly what a CAL is all about?

Lucy’s patterns are always free and each part comes with very detailed photo tutorials.

The Stylecraft yarns that Lucy recommends are also the absolute best for making blankets.

Find all the Stylecraft Yarns Here

Read more about my experience with Lucy’s CALs here: Granny Square Blanket Project Details

The CAL started January 7th, 2022, but it’s never too late to start.

Find the Harbour Blanket CAL Here

Hidden Treasures CAL

Designer, Anna Nikipirowicz created a gorgeous blanket pattern for West Yorkshire Spinners.

This stunning blanket can be made with only two colors or with multiple colors.

Photo courtesy of West Yorkshire Spinners

I am in love with the mustard and cream colored blanket (it would look perfect in my living room).

The large tassels at each end give the crocheted blanket a gorgeous touch.

Photo courtesy of West Yorkshire Spinners

This CAL began on January 17th, 2022 and includes a free pattern and detailed video tutorials.

Find the Hidden Treasures CAL Here

Photo courtesy of West Yorkshire Spinners

Harlequin Blanket Crochet-a-Long

Ophelia Talks designed the Harlequin Blanket, a gorgeous project for crocheters.

You have the choice of making the blanket size or a cushion as well.

The diamond pattern is striking and the color options are endless. I’m a sucker for an unusual border and this one is stunning.

The pattern is free and comes with video tutorials as well.

The CAL began on April 15th, 2022.

Find the Harlequin Blanket CAL Here

Sweet Treats C2C CAL

Oh my goodness.

How adorable is this colorful crochet-a-long blanket?

Maybe it’s just me (because I have a terrible sweet tooth), but I think this would be such a fun blanket to work on. But I would be afraid that it would make me hungry….all the time.

This is the only C2C blanket included in the list. It’s also the only food themed crochet-a-long featured as well.

Can you tell I’m craving a sweet treat right now? Is it that obvious, lol?

The blanket includes:

  • Gummy bear
  • Cotton candy
  • Cupcake
  • Lollipop
  • Sprinkle Donut (Yummmmm)
  • Laffy Taffy
  • Ice Cream Sunday
  • Candy Apple
  • Rocket Ice Lolly
  • Conversation Heart
  • Dreamsicle
  • Slice of Cake

Find the Sweet Treats CAL Here

The Best Crochet-A-Long Blankets of 2022

I hope you enjoyed this collection of gorgeous blankets.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

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