The 8 Best Beach Themed Amigurumi Projects

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These eight adorable beach themed amigurumi projects include a seagull, narwhal, lobster, mermaid and more. Each of these coastal crochet patterns is unique and oh so cute.

Hello Summer!

There’s nothing quite like the bright sun, warm ocean waves and cool sand between your toes. So if you’re like me and are craving a little Vitamin Sea in your landlocked life, these are the patterns for you.

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Claude the Seagull

While I was searching for beach themed amigurumi projects, I didn’t think I would end up crocheting a seagull.

But I’m sure glad I did.

Claude the Seagull is one of the largest amigurumi patterns I’ve ever crocheted and he is also one of the cutest.

Katrin from the Etsy shop, Knit Zoo, is the wonderful designer behind this adorable seaside character. I have made a couple of her patterns before, but they were both knitted toys.

You can read more about my experience with her knitted toys here and here.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that she now has crocheted toy patterns in her shop as well.

Immediately I was drawn to little Claude and knew I wanted to crochet him, with his cute little beak and long skinny legs.

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Yarn & Hook

Berroco Vintage

For Claude, I used Berroco Vintage and am in love with this beautiful wool blend yarn. It is incredibly soft, while at the same time strong enough to withstand the demands of seaming.

I used the colors:

  • Mochi (white for the body)
  • Indigo (for the dark blue stripes)
  • Grapefruit (for his orange beak and legs)
  • Chana Dal (for his hat)

The original pattern does not include striping on the body. I included them by alternating the blue and white colors beginning at Round 30 and ending at Round 50.

Crochet Hook

My hands down favorite hook for crocheting amigurumi is the Furls Odyssey hook in the size 3.5 mm. The pointed head, strong metal construction and ergonomic hook make it the perfect hook for amigurumi.

Knitted Hat

The pattern does include a knitted hat, but if you’re not a knitter, don’t despair. You have two different options.

First, you could just omit the hat altogether. I have rarely met a seagull in real life that wears a fisherman’s cap so I think you will be fine to just leave him bald headed.

Second, you could use a different crochet hat pattern and adjust it for his size head.

For example, the Bonny Puffin hat from Animal Friends of Pica Pau would likely work very well. You may need to adjust the circumference by adding or eliminating the number of increases, but the process would be the same.

Find the Claude the Seagull Pattern Here

Willy the Blue Whale and Nelly the Narwhal

Oh my goodness. I cannot get over how sweet these two sea creatures are. I am totally in love with their cute little faces….and that waterspout!

This pattern from Little Hook Crochet is just about as adorable as it can be and I absolutely love the colors she used to make them.

I can imagine them in one of my favorite amigurumi yarns, Paintbox Cotton DK in the colors:

Find the Willy the Blue Whale and Nelly the Narwhal Pattern Here

Chip the Seagull

I’ve always been a big fan of the movie Nemo, and some of the most memorable characters were the seagulls who squawked “Mine, mine, mine” over and over again.

I can’t imagine this sweet little bird ever being that annoying.

Although this pattern is also a seagull, it is quite different looking than the one I made from Knit Zoo.

I absolutely adore these soft pastel shades and his little shoulder bag. Look at his cute little feathers at the top of his head and the tip of his tail.

Blue Sparrow Patterns captured the essence of a seaside afternoon with this little cutie!

Find the Chip the Seagull Pattern Here

Coral, Octopus & Mermaid

Just stop it.

Stop being so darn cute….I can’t handle it.

I almost chose this pattern. It is literally one of the cutest amigurumi patterns I have ever seen. One of the best things is that this pattern includes three different patterns, but for one price.

These adorable beach themed amigurumi patterns from Aquariwool Crochet just make me smile. The little mermaid reminds me of the famous synchronized swimmer Esther Williams. Please tell me you’re old enough to remember who she is.

Find the Coral, Octopus and Mermaid Pattern Here

Pedro Von Ditto Pig

One of the first amigurumi patterns I ever crocheted was Pedro Von Dito Pig from Animal Friends of Pica Pau (Volume 1).

This is a fantastic pattern for those that are advanced beginners. It is fairly simple in its construction, but oh so cute!

Check out my video and free pattern Bubble the Catster to learn how to make your first amigurumi toy!

I love that Pedro is decked out in his finest swimming attire and is ready to hit the beach.

Find the Pedro Von Ditto Pig pattern from Animal Friends of Pica Pau Here

Philip Lobster

If you’re looking for a seaside friend with lots of personality, look no further than Philip the Lobster. He is one of my favorite amigurumi toys that I have ever made.

You can find out all the details about Philip the Lobster in the post Yarn Over vs Yarn Under

For Philip I used one of my favorite amigurumi yarns, Paintbox Wool Mix Aran in the colors:

  • Rose Red
  • Paper White
  • Midnight Blue

Philip is from the relatively new release Animal Friends of Pica Pau Volume 2. There are twenty absolutely adorable patterns to choose from.

Find the Philip the Lobster Pattern Here

Crab & Jellyfish Rattle

How in the world can crustaceans be cute? I’m not sure, but this adorable Crab Rattle definitely is. I love that Mariya from House Sleeping Toys has created so many adorable rattle patterns.

The Jellyfish Rattle is also such a sweet beach themed amigurumi project. Look at that sweet little face.

Both patterns are so cute, but I love that the eyes are embroidered so there are no choking hazard worries for small children and babies.

Find the Crab & Jellyfish Rattle Patterns Here

Hettie the Hermit Crab

Irene Strange is one of the most talented amigurumi designers out there. Each one of her patterns is unique and oh so interesting.

When I stumbled upon her Hettie the Hermit Crab pattern I knew it needed to be included in this beach themed amigurumi post.

The beautifully decorated shell and oversized eyes are both so adorable.

Find the Hettie the Hermit Crab Pattern Here

Beach Themed Amigurumi Projects

I hope you enjoyed this beach themed amigurumi project post and found something fun to crochet. Let me know in the comments which pattern is your favorite!

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  1. I LOVE Phillip the Lobster!! I can’t get over how cute he is!! I made one for my daughter’s beach house and she LOVES him too! Claude is adorable and so is Hettie…..never enough time!!