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Jetkat Knitted Bunny Pattern Review and Toy-Making Pep Talk

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In my Jetkat Knitted Bunny Pattern Review I share all about this challenging, but delightful project. There are definitely positives and negatives. I not only learned a few new knitting techniques, but I created a toy that I shall cherish forever.

You know the feelings….intimidation, frustration, indignation. But slowly those emotions begin to morph into hope, optimism and finally confidence. I regularly experience this combination of mental states while knitting or crocheting toys. And time and time again I’ve learned to never judge a project at the beginning.

Knitted bunny in a moss green scarf.

Jetkat Pattern Review

This is the second bunny pattern I’ve knitted from the amazing toy designer, Jetkat (on Instagram). The first was a cranky little rabbit named Hamilton, never knew why he was always so grouchy. I made a second one while glamping in the Smoky Mountains last fall. Watching the leaves fall and sitting close to a crackling fire is the ideal way to knit a teeny tiny rabbit.

Cranky knitted bunny with a hat, glasses and scarf.

Jetkat Knitted Bunny Pattern Review Details

This brand new bunny (named Bartholomew, who is very pleased to make your acquaintance) is quite different from Jetkat’s previous designs. He is much larger and comes with quite the wardrobe.


Like her previous patterns this one is long, I mean really long, fifty-seven pages to be exact. The reason for that is that her patterns contain lots of notes, a large font size and tons of clear photos. I typically like to print my patterns but the cost of ink makes it a little too rich for my budget. But it’s just as easy to keep it on my laptop and I’m able to zoom in to see picture details.

Knitted bunny laying on a table with moss, a nest with bird eggs and lace.

The other fantastic part is that there are many videos to help with unique or difficult techniques. They are all in Russian, but I was able to mute the sound and just watch to make sure I understood what to do. The links are embedded into the pattern so you can click and go straight to her video on Youtube.


For this bunny I used a new to me yarn. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but now I’m so pleased with it, I ordered a bunch more. Don’t judge, it was a Mother’s Day present to myself. I also bought a second set of 2 mm DPNs. I decided I wanted a wooden pair to help the stitches from slipping off at the beginning.

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Wardrobe Options

The other nice part is that there are lots of different wardrobe choices. You can make a cowl, a sweater, a dress and an adorable pixie hat. They are all included in the one pattern.

My Thoughts

First of all, this is one of my very favorite toys I have ever made. I love his expressive face and those ears! But that is not to say that this was an easy project, quite the opposite in fact.


Almost Quit

Jetkat kindly explains that the legs are the most difficult part and I’m so glad she mentions it. I almost gave up. I literally cried from frustration at one point. I just could not get the legs right and kept having to rip them out and start over. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that it took me three days to accomplish that small section.


Once I finally got the hang of knitting the legs separately, the pattern calls for joining them. This proved to be the most difficult part of all. I watched the video but was unfamiliar with the technique the designer used. Eventually I decided to use the M1A (make 1 away) increase and joined it all together. From that point forward the pattern was quite simple. Thank goodness!


The face is the best part of this little bunny. I had never seen these techniques for enhancing the eyes and embroidering the mouth before. It really made him look so expressive. That is my favorite thing about making new patterns, you always learn something new.


I did not have the recommended size DPNs to make the ears. In fact, when I went looking for ones that small I could not find them anywhere online. So I chose to use the same size recommended for the body. Although they are bigger than they would have been on the smaller needles, I’m glad they are oversized. They are my favorite part about him.

If you are familiar with the fox pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits then you will find the technique for making the ears very similar.


There are a few problems that I encountered and I think you should know them before you begin.

  • First of all, while the pattern is in English, the translation is ok. It’s not terrible but its not great. You need to be able to read into what she is trying to explain.
  • The actual pattern part is excellent. I found no mistakes and the knitting instructions were very clear.
  • In general the pattern does not specify which increases and decreases you should knit, you just have to pick a couple and go for it.
  • This is not a beginner pattern. In my humble opinion, one should have experience with knitting toys before attempting.


Like so many other amigurumi projects, this one taught me so much about knitting and myself. I seriously almost gave up on this one. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was on the edge of a breakthrough with my skills.

What I have found through doing so many different knitted and crocheted toys is that if I can push through the tough parts I will learn an invaluable new skill. Each new project has pushed me as a maker and helped me to overcome when the going got tough, and it got real tough with this one.

Perseverance is a nice way of saying I’m stubborn. When I want to do something, come hell or high water, I will find a way. Growing up, my tenacity was seen mostly as a negative, probably because I channeled that energy into some not-so-positive pursuits. Thankfully, it has served me well as an adult.

I cannot recommend pushing through toy-making challenges enough. When it gets hard, figure it out. Use Google. Get on Youtube. Don’t give yourself an excuse to stop. (I want to preface all of that by mentioning that it is extremely important that you are using a reputable pattern – if the pattern is incorrect no matter how much you try to persevere, it won’t go well).

Don’t worry about the outcome. Don’t worry about if the toy will be cute or not. Make the project about learning the skills that are challenging to be the goal. Once you learn those techniques, then you can you focus on the finished project.

If you’re interested in improving your toy knitting skills please check out my Knitting Toys series:

Casting on Another Jetkat Bunny

Even with all the struggles, I’ve already cast on another bunny. And you know what? I whipped through the legs and wondered why they were so hard the first time. That’s the beauty of making projects more than once. The first time will seem so difficult, the next will will feel manageable and the third will be a breeze.

I hope you enjoyed this Jetkat Knitted Bunny Pattern Review and the little toy-making pep talk. Let me know in the comments what your most challenging project has been!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I was right! He is a cutie patootie! I made a bunny once that about drove me insane. It came out alright but I never made it again. I have been hesitant to purchase any more patterns from that designer even though she has some adorable patterns. I think you may have given me the courage to give it another shot, at some point!

  2. Elise, loved this review on Bartholomew Bunny. He is simply adorable! However, I need to become more seasoned in working up bunnies as you will remember I’m working on the little cotton rabbits, and I’m only on #2 bunny. But I appreciate that you , as a seasoned knitter, struggled with this pattern. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. I always have some struggles with new patterns but this one was a doozie!! But now I’ve leaned some new skills and I’ve already cast on another one! Good luck with your bunny knitting! 🐰🐰

  3. He’s naughty! But my momma always said the best comes from the hardest things in life. Love it all

  4. I love this bunny so much! I’m so glad you didn’t give up on Him. Because of you, I know follow jetkat and love all her stuff!

  5. Oh I am seeing this frustration in my future!! 😉 He is adorable! Thank you for your great post! I love and look forward to all your posts Elise; I feel like I am in the same room with you while reading. Wish I lived nearby! Thanks again!

  6. Your bunny is so cute! I had to get the pattern and I’m going to give it a try. However, I have a question about his face. Jetkat did duplicate stitching at the top of his muzzle. Did you do this on you bunny? Liked the look of you bunny’s face.