Should You Crochet or Knit? Take the Quiz!

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Should you crochet or knit? That is the question. Take the short quiz to find out which hobby would be better suited for you!

Have you joined the masses of people who have become interested in handicrafts from earlier generations? Does the word handmade make your heart flutter with excitement? If the answer to one or both of these questions is yes, have I got the craft for you! Take the quiz below to find out if you should crochet or knit. I promise not to give you a bad grade.

In a recent article from the New York Times titled, People Have Gone Full 1800s, folks are returning to their roots in unexpected ways. People are putting down the screens and picking up the pastimes their grandparents’ generation enjoyed. Knitting and crocheting are experiencing a wonderful resurgence and you may be wondering if either of these is the hobby for you.

Should You Crochet or Knit?

Does the idea of cozying up with a skein of beautiful yarn and a sweet kitty in your lap sound like your cup of tea? Ok, some of us are cat fans, but even if you aren’t, playing with yarn is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable hobbies to learn.

But maybe you aren’t sure if you would like to crochet or knit. Maybe you aren’t really sure what the differences are. Well, my friend, you are in luck today.

I created this very formal examination…. ok, who am I kidding. This is just a fun little quiz to get you thinking about the types of projects you may be interested in creating, because your answers are going to give you a big clue as to whether you should pick up crochet hooks or knitting needles.


Let’s get started. There are a total of ten questions, each relating to crocheting and knitting in some way, shape or form. Scroll down to answer all ten questions to the best of your ability.

Take the Quiz!

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Tally Your Results

Tally up how many “A”, “B” and “C” answers you have. Did you choose more “A” answers? More “B” answers? Maybe even more “C” answers.

I Chose More “A” Answers

If you have more “A” answers, then you might want to start learning how to knit. It is a wonderful hobby and based on your answers, your interests seem to lie there. Read below to see more in-depth information about each question.

I Chose More “B” Answers

Welcome to the crochet club. Your answers are leading you to be a straight-up hooker (the affectionate and somewhat cheeky term for crocheters, since they use hooks). Based on your interests, crocheting looks like it will be the hobby for you. You can read more in-depth information about each of the questions to confirm your quiz results.

I Chose More “C” or Had Equal “A” & “B” Answers

Well, darlin’, you’re either cursed or charmed (depends on how you look at it). You either don’t have a strong enough opinion either way or you want to do a variety of projects.

May I make a recommendation? If I was in your position, I would start with crocheting. It’s a little easier and you’ll be off and hooking in no time flat. But keep reading, because some of the reasoning behind the questions and answers may help to clarify your direction.


Analyze Your Results.

Let’s break down each question and delve a little deeper. This will give you even more insight into which yarn craft is likely to be a better fit for you.

Which of these makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Question number one is THE most important. If you have a strong reaction either way, that is your best indication for which craft to choose. If you really really want to knit, then learn how to knit. If you love the idea of crocheting and knitting sounds, meh, then learn how to crochet. Easy peasy.

This post contains affiliates links and at no cost to you I may earn a teeny tiny commission if you choose to purchase them. Please know that I only recommend products I use and love! Thank you for supporting Le Petit Saint Crochet!

Do you already own these tools?

If you don’t feel strongly either way with question number one, look at what you may already have. Did you inherit your grandmother’s knitting needles? Did you pick up a set of crochet hooks at a yard sale a few years ago?

If you already have crochet hooks or knitting needles, then you already have a lot of the tools you need to get started. No use in wasting money if you don’t need to.

My Favorite Hooks and Needles

Do you want projects that are quicker to make?

In general, knitting takes longer than crocheting. If you were to make the same project, one knitted, one crocheted, the crocheted one will be quicker. Of course a lot depends on the types of projects you want to make and there are a lot of other factors at play.

But if the speed of your projects is important to you, then you may want to crochet instead of knitting.

Are you a detail oriented person that enjoys problem solving?

Again, speaking in generalities, crocheting is a bit easier than knitting. When you want to fix a mistake in crocheting all you have to do is pull out the yarn (called frogging). But when you need to fix a knitting mistake, you have to undo the knitting (called tinking). It can be a time consuming and frustrating process for beginners.

If you enjoy working through problems and find a lot of satisfaction from detailed projects, then knitting may be the craft for you.

Do you want to make garments like cozy sweaters and socks?

There are so many gorgeous designs for sweaters and socks (and all the other garments) for both crochet and knitting. But in general, if you are mostly interested in making garments you may want to learn to knit. While crocheted garment patterns are becoming more common and stylish, traditionally more garments are knitted than crocheted.

Here’s why. Knitting creates a much more delicate fabric and has beautiful drape. It can be difficult to achieve the same effect with crocheting because, in general, it creates a denser material.

Of course there are many exceptions and if you are mostly interested in garment making, spend some time researching the different knitted and crocheted patterns. Ravelry is a great place to start but it can be overwhelming with all of the options available.

A Few of My Favorite Crochet Designers

These are just a handful of my favorite crochet garment designers. This should give you a good idea of what is available.

A Few of my Favorite Knitwear Designers

Are you mostly interested in making things for the home like dishcloths, baskets, pillows and blankets?

If making things for your home is your jam, then crocheting is your bread. I really really hope that makes sense… it did in my head. Maybe crocheting should be the knife spreading the jam instead of the bread, hmmm? Totally going off topic, redirecting.

There are tons of home decor projects out there. Check out my Pinterest board to see all my favorite crochet projects for the home. Crochet is a natural fit for home decor projects, you can find so many great patterns for dishcloths, trivets, coasters, baskets, pillows, holiday themed projects and so much more. I sound like an infomercial.

There are knitted projects for the home, but in my experience there seem to be a lot more crocheted ones.

Are you interested in making granny squares?

Harmony Square Pattern from Attic 24

Granny squares are the comfort food of the crafting world. You can quote me on that. There is nothing quite so relaxing as making gorgeous square after gorgeous square. I am a granny square connoisseur and I am very particular about my projects.

Want to learn how to make a granny square? Check out my post How to Crochet Granny Squares for Beginners.

Thankfully there is no limit to the different ways and colors to make granny squares. But there is one important caveat. They are all crocheted. So if your heart is set on making beautiful granny square blankets and pillows and vests, then you will need a crochet hook and not knitting needles.

Do you love intricate color patterns like Fair Isle and long to make sweaters, scarves and mittens in that style?

If you do, we are kindred spirits. Seriously there is nothing more beautiful than knitted colorwork. I haven’t found a way to make truly detailed colorwork with crocheting. However, it is easily achievable with knitting.

Because of its very nature, knitted stitches stack one on top of the other in neat orderly lines. It makes creating gorgeous colorful designs a breeze. But it just isn’t as easy with crochet. By their very nature, crochet stitches lean to the right (or left if you’re left handed). You can for sure make very colorful crocheted items, but it isn’t technically fair isle.

Colorwork is what attracted me to knitting initially. I love the endless possibilities and the ease with which changing colors is achieved.

Check out my post Stranded Knitting for Beginners for more information.

Are you interested in making toys?

If so, you have come to the right place, my friend. I am obsessed with making handmade toys. I crochet and knit them. But, if you are just starting out, with no crocheting or knitting experience, I would recommend crochet.

Crocheting toys is generally an easier process, I didn’t say easy, just easier. I would recommend beginning with learning the crochet basics and then moving on to making toys. In my humble opinion, it’s too difficult to try to learn everything at once.

Also check out my Amigurumi 101 series (amigurumi is the term used for crocheted toys). I go over all the fundamentals you will need to master in order to make great looking toys.

These are some of my favorite Amigurumi books and designers:

Would you like to use hand-dyed or all natural yarns?

Most of us would love to use luxury yarns whenever possible, but some of us are on a budget, baby. I feel like a broken record, but….. in general, crocheting uses more yarn than knitting. Not always, and every project is different. Obviously a large blanket would use more yarn than a small toy, regardless if it was knitted or crocheted.

But if you are really interested in using hand-dyed wools for your projects and your budget permits it, knitting is your best option. You’ll get more bang for your buck.

Here are some of my favorite yarns that are at a medium price, not too pricey, but not dirt cheap, but both great quality. I always wait to buy when it goes on sale. Momma has kids in college, so no full priced yarn for me.

A Few of my Favorite Yarns

Will You Crochet or Knit?

If you have made it to the bottom of this behemoth, then you deserve a big hug and a pat on the back. But, since you likely don’t know where I live, then consider this your virtual hug. Squeeeeeeeze. I’m a hard hugger, none of that wimpy stuff for me.

Believe me, crocheting and knitting will bring joy into your life that you didn’t think was possible. That may sound extreme, but I truly believe in the power of working with your hands. I believe in making things and using your creativity to make your life better as well as those around you.

So, will you crochet or knit? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I’m definitely a crochet girl! I need to move on from double crochet and actually learn some stitches! Lol

  2. Wow, you’re very talented. If you didn’t have an admin do all this for you, you should have one!! This is so much great content. I wish we were neighbors ❤️ I paid someone last year at a local shop to make me a few of those plaid and white pumpkins. She was so excited, it made her day. I love to buy local. I think you should do some punk punks for fall, I bet they would sell like hot cakes. I used my punkin and gourd tops for the tops. Love your work Elise.

  3. What a great idea for a post! I always thought I was more of a knitter than a crocheter (I’ve only ever attempted knitting), but it turns out I was wrong! The next time I’m ready to get crafty with it (that probably won’t be for another decade, or so), I will be reaching for hooks instead of needles.

  4. Oh, it would be torture to have to decide! Thank you for putting up this post, though! It was fun reading through it. I still want to do both …

  5. What about if you are left handed? Would one of them be easier? I am having a hard time deciding which to learn in addition to finding directions on how to learn the skill left-handed. Any recommendations?

  6. Elise, though I have never touched needles, you make me consider trying. I am more a fan of the results than desirous of creating. Your creations are simply works of art! I will take that virtual hug now, please:)

  7. Such great information Elise! I can agree with many of your recommendations and want to take a deeper dive into the others and look into them more! Already being an avid crocheter I’m excited to also be taking up learning to knit. Both crafts are both so enjoyable and rewarding. People can’t go wrong with choosing either one, but you’ve put together such great information to help with the decision. Way to go!

  8. LOVE this post! You did a great job! I’ve always been curious about crochet but wasn’t sure if I should do that or knitting. I’ve heard knitting can be harder. I think one of these days I shall learn to crochet.

  9. I learned the basic stitches, chain, double crochet (UK) and treble (UK) from my mother when I was about 10 years old. As there weren’t any interesting patterns I started knitting and made clothes for all the family and in time my extended family. When I started using the computer a few years ago, I found there were some crochet patterns that interested me and I started learning different stitches and patterns and in time I felt able to make some toys which didn’t last long when members of my family saw them. Crocheting has been my interest and helps if I am feeling down, the upside of this is I am now being asked to make toys for my granddaughters friends for their babies. I still make the occasional sweater for my family. Hope this reply isn’t too long.

    1. Thank you so very much for sharing! That’s so wonderful that you’re enjoying making toys for those little babies! I still haven’t knitted a sweater for a human size! Lol! I will make them all day long for toys but human sizes are just soooo big!!

  10. I am in a quandary! I am 77yrs. Old now and learned the basics of knitting from my Grandmother when I was around 5yo. From there I taught myself the rest. Now I wish I learned how to crochet! To me, it’s the most awkward thing I have ever done, yet it looks so simple! I seem to have trouble holding the yarn! My mind is sharp as a tack and my hands are still steady. I think it’s because I am so used to knitting. Got any suggestions? I really want to conquer this!!! 🤨

    1. You can totally conquer this! It probably will take a lot of practice since you’ve been a knitted for so long. And you’re right, crocheting is much simpler than knitting. I highly recommend the tutorials on Youtube from Bhooked and Bella Coco. Good luck to you!! I know you can do it!! ❤️

  11. What a fun quiz! Ironically, I use luscious natural, hand dyed yarns in lace weight to crochet intricate wraps, hats, fingerless gloves, etc. that take forever. Can’t stand the traditional granny square but I love working with some of the motifs out there these days. And I am NOT a toy maker. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed thinking about it.