How Cinderella Led to Amigurumi

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I adored animated children’s movies when I was a kid, to be honest, I still do. I absolutely loved Cinderella but I wasn’t enamored with her, but with those little mice that helped make her beautiful blue dress. I loved the pudgy one named Gus-Gus. I didn’t care about how she met the prince and fell in love, I just wanted to see the birds and the dog and that grumpy old cat, Lucifer.

When I became a mother I was so excited to read children’s stories to my little ones and to see all the movies that I remembered. One perk of being a homeschooler was that I could justify buying lots of children’s literature, because it was for educational purposes only! Wink, wink! I especially loved the books that had wonderful illustrations. We read so many stories and watched all those delightful movies.


In early spring of 2017 I began crocheting out of desperation (you can find that post here: Why I started crocheting and you should too!) I started out making crib sized blankets but was very quickly drawn to amigurumi. It’s not normal for an adult woman to play with stuffed animals but it’s perfectly acceptable for her to make them! I started with a bunny rabbit tutorial from Wooly Wonders crochet. Mine was a bit sad and I thought I just didn’t have the skill.

Just a few months later I stumbled upon the book Animal Friends of Pica Pau: Gather All 20 Colorful Amigurumi Animal Characters by Yan Schenkel and I impulsively bought it. Once I opened the pages I had to make Victor Frog. I decided I was going to keep working on it until I mastered it. I frogged and frogged and frogged so many times (Haha! Pun intended!) But I was determined. I wasn’t trying to summit Mount Everest, I just wanted to make that dang frog. And I did. And the rest they say is history.


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