Amigurumi Adoption Kit for Easter

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Add an Easter themed Amigurumi Adoption Kit to all of your handmade toy gifts this spring. Each kit contains a printable adoption certificate, matching gift tags, a Keepsake Letter template and three Easter themed greeting cards.

With the brand new Amigurumi Adoption Kit for Easter, you will be able to create a gift giving experience that you can tuck right into that Easter basket. (Right next to those delicious Cadbury Eggs….yummy).

Whether you’ve crocheted an adorable bunny rabbit or knit a little yellow chick, you’ve made a keepsake and it deserves to be presented as such.

Easter Amigurumi Adoption Kit

Easter is such a wonderful holiday for crocheting and knitting the cutest little critters. You may be making toys for your very own kiddos or you may be making amigurumi for special little ones in your life.

When you include an Amigurumi Adoption Kit for Easter into your gift presentation, the recipient will automatically know how special your gift truly is.

I created the original Amigurumi Adoption Kits with every intention of adding holiday themed kits. This Easter Adoption kit may be my favorite one yet and I hope you love it too.

What’s Included?

Each Amigurumi Adoption Kit for Easter is a digital PDF download that you can print right from your very own home computer. It contains:

  • a friendly letter explaining how to use your Easter Amigurumi Adoption Kit
  • a checklist for creating a memorable gift giving experience
  • one amigurumi adoption certificate
  • three coordinating gift tags
  • the Keepsake Letter template
  • NEW – three beautiful greeting cards

What’s New?

In the All New Easter Amigurumi Adoption Kit you will find everything that the original kits contained. But you’ll also find something new (and I hope you’re going to love it too).

Each kit comes with three unique Easter themed greeting card designs that you can include in your gift. All three are so sweet, and coordinate with the entire adoption kit.

Watercolor Design

The kit is completely coordinated from the Amigurumi Adoption Certificate, to the gift tags, to the three new greeting cards.

Sweet flowers, tiny bunnies and soft pink clouds adorn the pages of your adoption kit. You may even spot a few fuzzy yellow chicks, a cute little fox riding a bicycle or a goose carrying a bouquet of fragrant spring flowers.

Easter Amigurumi Adoption Kit

First if you haven’t seen the original Amigurumi Adoption Kits let me walk you through each of the elements.

Introduction Letter

The Introduction Letter is exactly that. It will introduce you to your kit and I’ll share exactly how you can use it.

You’ll find some handy tips and links to things you might need to complete your kit.


You will also receive a simple checklist. It’s perfect for keeping track of everything you need to do in order to create a meaningful gift giving experience.

Amigurumi Adoption Certificate

Next is the actual Amigurumi Adoption Certificate. You will be able to add the child’s name, the toy’s name, and your name. There is also a spot to add the date so that they will always remember when you made the toy.

Adding those written details helps you to create a keepsake, not just a toy.

When printed on 65lb cardstock the adoption certificate is nice enough to frame.

Gift Tags

There are three different designs for the gift tags. Each one coordinates with the Easter Amigurumi Adoption Kit and you can mix and match them as you please.

I also like printing these on 65lb cardstock to give them stability. Add a beautiful matching ribbon to attach your gift tag to your amigurumi toy.

Keepsake Letter Template

The Keepsake Letter template may be the most important component of the whole kit. This is where you get to tell your story. Share why you made the toy. Let them know how much time it took.

You could even share a little bit about how you learned to make toys.

Maybe even include a fun little story about how the toy came to be or the adventures the toy has been on.

The possibilities are endless.

Amigurumi Adoption Kit for Easter

My hope is that you will truly enjoy this adoption kit. You work so hard on your amigurumi toys. I believe that adding an adoption kit will showcase your work in such a way that lets others see your loving effort.

The Easter theme is sweet and full of cute animals and nature, perfect for the spring season.

Finally, thank you all so very much for supporting Le Petit Saint Crochet. Each kit purchased is very much appreciated.

Happy Stitching!

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