Amigurumi Adoption Kit: Make a Memory, Not Just a Toy

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Each Amigurumi Adoption Kit contains a printable adoption certificate, matching gift tags and a Keepsake Letter. Get the Amigurumi Adoption Kit and make a memory, not just a toy.

When you crochet or knit a toy, you’re giving someone a piece of yourself, metaphorically speaking of course.

Each time you weave in those ends, you are weaving in a little bit of your heart.

While toymaking is a labor intensive process, it rarely requires us to shed blood, sweat and tears. That’s not necessarily true, I’ve definitely shed my fair share of tears during a project.

Amigurumi Adoption Kit Bundle

Amigurumi Adoption Kit

Whether you crochet or knit toys, one thing is for sure, you went to a lot of effort. You spent money, but more importantly your time.

And when it comes to presenting that handmade gift, you want your recipient to be wowed. Nothing makes you happier than seeing the spark of joy and wonder when they look at the creation you made with your own two hands.

The Amigurumi Adoption Kit will perfectly compliment all your hard work. You’ve created a keepsake, now it’s time to make a memory.

What’s Included?

Each Amigurumi Adoption Kit is a printable, downloadable resource for those who enjoy crocheting or knitting toys for others.

Your kit comes with a friendly letter showing you how to use the kit, a checklist, an adoption certificate, matching gift tags and a Keepsake Letter template. 

There are five unique designs that you can purchase individually or choose the bundle option that includes all five of the adorable designs for the price of only three. 

And for about the cost of a cappuccino, they are a great deal.

What People Are Saying


Yarn Society

If you’re an amigurumi crocheter, this adoption kit is the perfect addition to your stuffed creations. I love that it brings a personal and loving touch to your amigurumi and gives you a variety of adorable options to choose from.


Smiley Bean Crochet

Elise! I LOVE the Adoption Kit so much! The colours and themes are just gorgeous.  This Kit will compliment my handmade critters perfectly and make receiving them even more special! Thank you! 


Dawn’s Days

When I receive a handmade gift from anyone, often the frippery that comes with the gift is what causes my initial gasp of amazement. I’m not going to lie, a well bundled package can give me a touch of the watery eye syndrome. In this printable kit, Elise has provided you with all those extra special touches to give your handmade gifts that added caring flourish.  All in beautifully understated designs, there are colours and motifs to suit everyone no matter what their interest or age is. Everything is interchangeable which makes this really fun to play around with. This kit will be a firm favourite in my packaging routine and I can’t wait to get started with it!


Amigurumi Enthusiast

I’m so excited & can’t wait to give my first amigurumi out for adoption! What a lovely and thoughtful way to gift out the toys we make! Your graphics and designs are just adorable! The supplies were so easy to order from your instructions – thank you so much! This takes gifting and packaging amigurumi toys to a whole new level! Besides the adorable tags, my favorite is the letter that can be personalized to each handmade toy!

5 Unique Designs

Adoption Kit Bundle

The Handmade Toy Adoption Kit Bundle includes all five of the adorable adoption kits, but you only pay for the price of three. Score!

With this option you’re able to mix and match the designs to customize your adoption kit for your handmade toy.

Introduction Letter

The Introduction Letter will help you to use your Amigurumi Adoption Kit.

You will find information and links about your adoption kit and tips for writing your Keepsake Letter (which I’ll tell you more about down below).

Happy Unicorn Amigurumi Adoption Kit


A checklist is also included which details the steps for creating a gift-giving experience.

You’ll find my best tips for packaging your handmade toy as well!

Amigurumi Adoption Certificate

Next is the Amigurumi Adoption Certificate.

Each kit comes with one adoption certificate, but you will receive all five designs in the Amigurumi Adoption Kit Bundle.

Sleepy Sloth Amigurumi Adoption Kit

Each certificate was carefully designed to be adorable and when printed on 65 lb cardstock, it will be a treasure for years to come.

And don’t worry, I have a list of all the materials and where to find them right there in the Adoption Kit.

You will be able to write the recipient’s name, the toy’s name, the date of adoption as well as your name.

It’s so important to include those little details so that it creates a special keepsake, not just of the toy, but of the person who made it.

Gift Tags

Bright Rainbow Amigurumi Adoption Kit

The gift tags were designed to compliment the adoption certificate so that you will be able to create a cohesive gifting experience.

There are three different gift tags for each of the kits. And if you purchase the bundle you will get all fifteen gift tag designs to mix and match as you please.

I like printing these on 65 lb cardstock as well so that they are strong and sturdy. I printed each gift tag out at home and the designs showed up clearly and beautifully.

Keepsake Letter

Finally, you will find the Keepsake Letter Template.

Little Ladybug Amigurumi Adoption Kit

Writing to your recipient, whether adult or child, creates a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

Let them know why you made this toy and whether you knit or crocheted it.

Don’t be shy about sharing how long it took you to make your amigurumi toy. Sometimes those non-crafty folks don’t realize the time it takes to make something by hand.

By including these details you are demonstrating how much you truly care.

I would love to have a written record of some of the beautiful things my own grandmother used to crochet. It would be so nice to look back and know what her inspiration was, how long it took her to crochet them and who she made them for.

Bear & Balloon Amigurumi Adoption Kit

Get Your Amigurumi Adoption Kit

I hope you will check out the Amigurumi Adoption Kits and that you find one that works perfectly.

Each kit was designed with attention to detail specifically for amigurumi lovers, like you!

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  1. Hi Elise,
    I bought the bear kit yesterday and I am not getting the right format as some pages are blank, some have only computer coding and a few pages are visible; however, the formatting is gone. I have a new MAC so do you think that might be the issue?