Vintage Style Crochet Projects

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Vintage Style Crochet Projects is a must-have book containing thirty-two beautiful patterns. Each project is vintage inspired and pays homage to a simpler time.

I grew up in a family that appreciated vintage things, from beautiful antiques to rusted old farm tools.

While I inherited many of these beautiful treasures, I also grew to love the ways in which people made these items many years ago.

Care was given to each and every detail. No corner was cut. It’s the reason why we still have these lovely pieces, they were made to last.

Vintage Style Crochet Projects

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Not only do I appreciate that mentality from days of old, but I aspire to practice those skills myself. Attending to every detail, making things slowly, doing it right.

Vintage Style Crochet Projects

When I initially discovered this book, I was drawn to the title as well as the beautiful cover.

The colorful projects beckoned me, like a whisper from the past.

Vintage Style Crochet Projects is a resource that you can turn to again and again for inspiration.

There are quick and simple patterns as well as bigger projects that will take more time to complete. I’ve completed three of the vintage style crochet projects and I hope to make many more.

Check out my tutorial: How to Crochet Granny Squares for Beginners

Violet, Green & Turquoise Dish Cloths

My first project from this book was a set of simple dish cloths.

What could be more vintage than making something so practical for the home?

I love these dish cloths, but what’s funny, is that I have never used them for their intended purpose. They are so beautiful to me and the thought of ruining them with such a mundane task stops me in my tracks.

My grandmother would have thought that was such a silly excuse. I can still hear her voice in my head. Things are made to be used, not just looked at.

Crochet Skills

I remember feeling very intimidated by this project, it was early in my crochet journey.

But looking back, the patterns were wonderful teachers. I learned the shell stitch, how to add a border to a project and the importance of counting your stitches.

I still haven’t used these dish cloths and maybe I never will. But they are proudly displayed in my home.

My plan is to make a few for family and friends for Christmas. Maybe they will love them and think of me when they use them.


DMC Natura Just Cotton

Although I typically do not use cotton, due to the natural stiffness of the fiber, I have found this particular yarn to be more forgiving on my joints. It is a combed cotton which creates a seriously soft finish.

DMC Natura Just Cotton comes in fifty-four delicious colors. Each shade is modern and beautiful.

It has a wonderful drape and isn’t rigid or rough like other cottons I’ve used before. The matte finish creates beautiful crochet and knitted projects.

One warning before you purchase this yarn, it is very splitty. It took a little getting used to, but I have fallen in love with this gorgeous yarn.

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket

One of my all time favorite projects is the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket I made two years ago.

Its vintage simplicity is what initially drew me to this pattern. I love the contrasting colors on the bright white background.

The pattern is quite simple, but the combination of squares and borders is stunning.

This is the perfect blanket for a newborn baby or as a colorful adornment on the back of a couch.

It would be easy enough to adjust the pattern to make it bigger or smaller for whatever the need or want.

Crocheted from the Natura Just Cotton, this blanket drapes over ones shoulder like the arms of a loving grandmother, soft and warm.

How wonderful to think of the day when my own grandchildren will wrap themselves up in afghans made from my own two hands, knowing that all the love in the world was poured out just to bring them comfort and warmth.

Crochet Trim Pillows

The most recent project I’ve made from Vintage Style Crochet Projects is the crochet trim pillows.

Lately I’ve been going through my entire house, room by room, and tackling the clutter and trust me, there’s a lot of clutter.

I stumbled upon these pillows that my daughter had in her dorm room. They were cheap but cheerful, which was perfect for her when she lived at college.

The moment I pulled them out of the linen closet, I knew I wanted to add a vintage style crocheted trim.

Thankfully, I already had the perfect DMC Natura Just Cotton yarn colors in my stash.

I used the color Ibiza for the blanket stitch and first row. It’s the perfect bright white for this project. I then added Coral for the final row. The two colors matched the pillowcase perfectly and I liked having the contrast for the trim.

Vintage Style Crochet

Right now, in the middle of a very difficult time for our world, I am clinging to simpler things.

I find myself baking and reading. Enjoying easy tasks that take little brain power or physical effort.

Although I know I am romanticizing the past, they went through plenty of difficult times. Somehow that’s a great comfort to me.

My own grandparents faced the Great Depression and World War II. They stayed strong through it all and their strength now runs in me.

I wish they were around to ask how they coped with those tough times. How did they manage to stay positive? Did they feel discouraged or afraid?

Although I will never know the answers to those questions, I find comfort in the simple things like crocheting simple borders on pillow cases.

I hope this finds you and your family happy and healthy. I hope that you will find a little comfort and joy in these vintage crochet projects.

May we always look for the good around us and cling to the strength of generations past who faced far worse.

Happy Stitching, friends.

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