Little Cotton Rabbits Textured Dresses Review

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In this review of the Little Cotton Rabbits Textured Dresses pattern, I’m sharing everything I love about it. Spoiler alert… there’s a lot of gushing. You will also get to see my newest fox, Fern, and the inspiration behind her.

Is it possible to love the Little Cotton Rabbits any more? I didn’t think so until I purchased the Textured Dresses pattern and fell hard. The simplicity and beauty of these patterns has captured my imagination as well as my heart.

Knitted toy fox with rose colored textured dress

Textured Dresses Pattern

I have written, ad nauseam, about my love for the Little Cotton Rabbits patterns, so I will try not to repeat myself. But I had never tried this particular pattern before. In the recent past I had been drawn to colorowork and fair isle designs. But these Textured Dress patterns are speaking to me in a special way.

Maybe it’s the global crisis we are currently in or maybe it’s just a new phase, but I’m craving something a little less complicated. These patterns fit my mood perfectly. Their beauty and simplicity are a joy to work on at the moment.

There are nineteen different dress designs within this one pattern. It includes Knit & Purl Stitch designs, Cabling/Crossed Stitch designs, Lace/Eyelet designs and Slipped Stitch design. It’s an incredible resource and I know I will use it again and again.


Check out my Knitting Toys 101 series for information about how to knit toys.

If you’re interested in watching me ramble on an on about knitting toys and Fern the Fox, tune in to my latest video on Youtube.

Fern the Fox

Meet Fern the Fox. Isn’t she darling? I know it’s not polite to gush about one’s own work, but I simply cannot help myself. She is my favorite handmade toy to date, knitted or crocheted.

Fern is from the Girl Fox pattern, which I have made several times before. The one thing I changed was using a sport weight yarn to embroider the nose. I still used embroidery floss for the mouth. In previous projects I was finding that filling in the nose with such fine thread like embroidery floss was creating a messy look. Using the yarn created a neat and tidy nose, while using the floss made the mouth look clean and crisp.

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I have had a fascination with the Great Depression for quite some time. It most likely began when I read the The Grapes of Wrath several years ago. My grandparents both endured that time and I believe it shaped the way they lived. They were savers in every sense of the word. They didn’t buy things they didn’t need. I remember my grandfather had shoes that were over forty years old and he would have them resoled from time to time.

Many years ago, my girls were in an American Girl phase, my younger daughter got the Kit Kittredge doll for Christmas. I immediately gravitated to the stories about her life during the Great Depression, her adorable outfits and her natural resilience.


While we are facing our own struggles I find stories of perseverance and strength inspiring. And it doesn’t hurt that the architecture and fashion of the era was just so darn adorable.

Knit & Purl Stitch Designs

I made the Little Dots dress from the Knit & Purl Stitch Designs. There are six different designs in this section of the pattern. It is a simple repeat of knit and purls but the texture is out of this world. Each of the other patterns are just as lovely and I cannot wait to try them all.

Cabling/Crossed Stitch Designs

These cabled dress designs are absolutely gorgeous. You will find five distinct dresses in this section. It’s a good thing Julie Williams (the creator of Little Cotton Rabbits) doesn’t write these patterns for adults. I think I would look pretty silly wearing one of these dresses, but there’s no doubt I would.

Lace/Eyelet Designs

Is there anything more beautiful than knit lace and eyelet? I think not. One of these will be in my near future. There are seven different patterns included in this section. They evoke such an old fashioned feel and I cannot think of a better compliment.

Slipped Stitch Design

There is only one pattern in this section and I’m really looking forward to knitting it. This is one of the reasons I love knitting so much. There is no limit of beautiful things you can create with simple stitches.

Happy Stitching!

I appreciate you stopping by my little blog and sharing my love for knitted toys. Check out the resources above and let me know which is your favorite Little Cotton Rabbits pattern! Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thanks Elise. I am inspired by your blog on the little cotton rabbits, as you know I’m just beginning my journey with them. I admire your work, and hope to learn from you on this journey!!

  2. Loved your “visit and chat” this morning . Your a breath of fresh air in these times of quarantine. Have a Blessed day. Give Jersey Boy and Olive a pat from me.

  3. I always enjoy your videos. I love Little Cotton Rabbits patterns but haven’t been brave enough to try them yet. I am a knitter from Sacramento CA who would like to learn to crochet all the adorable amugurumi patterns. I knit a lot of mochmochiland patterns which are easy and fun.

    1. Oh my goodness, I bet if you can knit the mochiland toys you could do the Little Cotton Rabbits. I’ve always been afraid to knit those teeny tiny toys because they are soooo small, but soooo cute!

  4. This is so precious!! I really need to make time to try some of your projects with my daughter, she’d love this!

  5. OMG! I just wanted to give you a big hug after watching your video! You are a women after my own heart! What you said about the safety eyes really spoke to me as I always worry about the safety issue with my Etsy shop. I have a big caution notice on every listing about the choking risk and I pray customers take it to heart. Thank you! You are an inspiration for me and a little ray of sunshine in this trying time! (Sorry, if I’m too gushy with this post, but I think we all crave a little interaction now). Have a wonderful day!

  6. Oh dear, I am afraid I misunderstood. I thought you were selling these darling little knitted animals. If you ever decide to sell. or know someone who does sell these, please let me know, they are so adorable and I have lots of granddaughters to buy them for!!

    1. I will make an announcement on my Instagram page when I do, but to be honest, I don’t sell a lot. But check out @suzymarieknits on IG. She sells the most adorable bunnies!! You will love them! 🐰🐰🐰