A Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern

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These little kittens will not be losing their mittens! You can find the pattern for the Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern here.

If you’re looking for an adorable cat pattern to crochet with little knitted clothing, A Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern is for you!

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A Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern

The pattern comes with step-by-step written instructions with links to helpful video tutorials.

You can purchase the pattern in the Le Petit Saint Crochet Shop, Etsy or Ravelry:

A Kitten & Her Mittens Materials

To crochet and knit A Kitten & Her Mittens you will need a few materials.


For the body of the kitten I used a worsted weight yarn in four different colors:

  • small amount for shoes
  • small amount for socks
  • color for body
  • color for muzzle and ears
A Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern - crochet & knit

For the clothing I used a sport weight yarn in three different colors:

  • two colors for the sweater
  • one color for the skirt

All the detailed information is in the pattern with links to my favorite yarns as well.

A Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern for Crocheters and Knitters

Crochet Hook/Knitting Needles

Because this is a crocheted cat with knitted clothing you will need both a crochet hook and knitting needles.

Crochet Hook

I used a 3.5 mm crochet hook for A Kitten & Her Mittens

Knitting Needles

A Kitten & Her Mittens wears knitted clothing so you will need knitting needles. The pattern explains in detail how to discover the correct knitting needle size.

I created a video for my Three Little Pigs pattern explaining the information for those who would rather watch than read the instructions. All of the same information applies to A Kitten & Her Mittens.

The clothing is knit in the round and you can use double pointed needles or use the Magic Loop method.

A Kitten & Her Mittens Tutorials

A Kitten & Her Mittens is perfect for intermediate crocheters and knitters. I have helpful tutorials to help with sections that may seem a little tricky or troublesome.

In most of the videos I’m demonstrating on the Three Little Pigs and the Not So Big Bad Wolf patterns but they are the same techniques in A Kitten & Her Mittens pattern.

You can check out the full playlist here:

Amigurumi Cat Pattern

I hope you enjoy crocheting and knitting A Kitten & Her Mittens! If you’re looking to make more of her adorable friends check out my Etsy shop here:

A Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern Crochet & Knit

There you will find:

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A Kitten & Her Mittens Amigurumi Pattern

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