The Essential Amigurumi Toolkit

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Never in my life did I think tools would be important to me. The very word “tools” conjures up the image of a dirty garage with hammers, screwdrivers, and those doohickies that clamp around things and turn them. But like any good craftsman we need good tools. They are a vital part of our craft and therefore their quality matters. A properly stocked amigurumi toolkit will not only make your life easier, I believe it will also improve the quality of the pieces you are crocheting!

The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.

Benjamin Franklin

Crochet Hooks

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I have tried many brands of crochet hooks: wood, metal, cheap, and expensive. I have used different sizes and even different shapes. But I have settled on one that not only feels good in my hands, but does the job I need it to do. My hands down, absolute favorite crochet hook is the Furl’s Odyssey 3.5mm/size E hook. First of all metal is the only way to go in my humble opinion for amigurumi. I have tried wood but have found it to be “sticky”. It doesn’t slip through those tiny little single crochets the way only a metal hook can. I also like the shape of the Furl’s Odyssey hook. The tip of the hook is actually wider than the base of its neck which helps me to create the neat small stitches I love for my ami.

Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook – 3.5mm

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Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are another must have in your amigurumi toolkit. These are quite inexpensive but make the job so much easier. They slip easily into your stitches and keep the beginning of rounds clear and easy to see. I personally like the ones that resemble a safety pin and lock closed. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a marker and trying to figure out which stitch is the beginning of the round!

Stitch markers 100PC Mix Color Knitting Stitch Counter Crochet Locking Stitch Markers Stitch Needle Clip Knitting Crochet Markers(Color Ship Randomly)

Yarn Needles

Yarn needles are an inexpensive but necessary tool. They are blunt tipped at the end so that they will not easily split the yarn like a sharp needle would. They also have a very large eye designed specifically for yarn, not thread. I personally prefer the stainless steel type, not plastic. I tend to crochet quite tightly and need a nice sturdy needle for sewing pieces on.

Yarn needles BetyBedy Large-Eye Blunt Needles, Stainless Steel Yarn Knitting Needles, 9 Pieces Sewing Needles, Perfect for Finishing Off Crochet Projects (Silver)

Magnetic Needle Case

I didn’t always use a magnetic needle case but after dropping my regular one on the ground one too many times, I decided it was a necessity! As a child I stepped on a needle once and it imbedded into the heel of my foot. I probably don’t even need to tell you this but that HURT!!! I never want to repeat that mistake again, so magnetic needle cases for the win!

Magnetic yarn needle case Magnetic Needle Box

Embroidery Scissors

You don’t have to have a small pair of embroidery scissors, but I do find it more convenient. Large scissors are cumbersome for the job of amigurumi making. I also like the small sharp points of embroidery scissors to be able to closely clip yarn ends that have been woven in.

Scissors Embroidery Scissors – 4.53 inch, Stork Scissors Stainless Steel Gold Sewing Scissors Small Sharp for Crafting, Art Work, Threading, Needlework& BROSHAN (Gold)


This may seem like a super weird thing for an amigurumi maker to have but trust me, you will love this! It is definitely not a cute look, but oh so helpful! One summer night we lost power and I was in the middle of crocheting. I got out the headlamps that we keep around the house from my boys’ camping days. I strapped it on my head and continued crocheting. I quickly found that the LED light make seeing those teeny tiny stitches so much easier, even if the power isn’t out! I especially use the headlamp if I am crocheting with a super dark yarn or it’s late at night and my eyes are getting tired!

Headlamp Energize LED AAA Headlamp with HD+ Vision Optics, 4 Modes Flashlight 50 Hour Run Time, 250 Lumens (Batteries Included)


Pins are an absolute necessity for making amigurumi. They hold snouts, arms, and ears in place for sewing onto the body. I’ve tried not using pins and its just easier to use them. They are relatively inexpensive and mine have pretty glass heads!

Pins Outus 250 Pieces Glass Head Pins Boxed for Dressmaker (Multicolor)

Embroidery Floss

Black embroidery floss is something I use for almost each and every one of my toys. Noses, mouths, and eyelashes are typically stitched onto the toy and I usually like them to be black. I prefer embroidery floss over using yarn, which I think can look messy and bulky at times. Thankfully embroidery floss is quite inexpensive and a little goes a long way!

Embroidery floss DMC 117-310 Mouline Stranded Cotton Six Strand Embroidery Floss Thread, Black, 8.7-Yard

Amigurumi Safety Eyes

I am NOT a fan of stitching eyes onto amigurumi so I almost exclusively use safety eyes. So far my favorite eyes are in the link below. The reason they are my favorite is that the backs are easy to put on but don’t come off! If you have ever wrestled with the back of a safety eye, you know exactly what I’m talking about! This pack also comes with a wide variety of sizes and even little plastic noses! The only drawback to this particular pack is that it doesn’t specify what size each eye is. If that’s a concern for you look for safety eyes that specify that detail.

Safety eyes Hamineler 267Pcs Plastic Safety Eyes Nose Set, Plastic Safety Eyes (6-12 mm), Plastic Safety Triangle Nose (6-13mm) for Doll, Puppet, Plush Animal Making (5 Sizes Black)

Notions Pouch

Having a cute little pouch to keep all your notions all in one place is a wonderful thing to have! I like that a pouch keeps everything in one place, but it’s also convenient if you take your crocheting on the go!

Notions Pouch Cat Pencil Case Cats and Yarn Knitting Notion Pouch Kitten Makeup Bag Gift for Cat Lovers Pencil Pouch Small Cosmetics Bag

I hope this little list is a valuable tool for you as well! See what I did there?! Hehe! A properly stocked amigurumi toolkit is a wonderful sight to behold and will be in use for many years to come!

Full Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links and at no cost to you, I will earn a teeny tiny commission if you choose to purchase any of these supplies. Please know that I only recommend products that I believe are beneficial, not because of a small commission I might make. Thank you for supporting Le Petit Saint Crochet!

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  2. Oh, I would love to be so organized!! That needle case is the absolute cutest! Your posts are always inspiring!