How to Knit a Fuzzy Bunny

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This week I will show you how to make a fuzzy bunny of your very own!

Have you ever experienced what you thought was a total disaster but it turned out to be an opportunity in disguise? Didn’t Bob Ross call those “happy little accidents”? It happened to me over the weekend and what a delight it has been!! But let’s start back at the very beginning of this delightful tale.

Hobbii Yarn

Once upon a time a yarn company from the enchanted land of Denmark reached out to a little toymaker all the way in North Carolina. Hobbii Yarn wanted to send the toymaker yarn for her next project. Naturally the toymaker was ecstatic and immediately replied yes! (Who doesn’t like free yarn?) The toymaker looked and looked all through the Hobbii website, there were so many yarns. How would she ever choose? But alas she did. The toymaker decided to make a new bunny with the gifted yarn. She chose an off white and tan for the head and body and forest green and white for the Nordic sweater. She selected a heather grey for the little short pants. And so the toymaker eagerly awaited the package to arrive.

Happy Mail

Every day the toymaker checked her tracking number (not very fairytale like is it? But the story must be told). The date finally arrived when all the squishy goodness was set to arrive. As the mail truck pulled away, the toymaker rushed to the mailbox, opened the tiny black door and squealed with delight.


The toymaker ripped open the package and was struck speechless with the beautiful colors of the yarn. Tucked into the package were two little surprises, a pair of matte black stork scissors and a little grey notions pouch. How sweet!

Hobbii Yarn - Wool Power and Baby Wool

Immediately the toymaker began knitting. She could not wait even one hour to begin working with the gorgeous wool. As she began knitting the bunny head a doubt began to form in her mind. Do these two colors work together? She reassured herself that of course they did. But as the stitches continued to fly across her needles the doubt grew and grew.


The toymaker finally came to the realization that her doubt was in fact a truth. The two colors she had chosen for the bunny head were indeed not working like she thought they would. Dejected and frustrated the toymaker laid the bunny head on the table. At that moment a tiny little memory danced across her mind. She saw a beautiful fuzzy crocheted dog. She remembered the Chinese New Year Dog from All About Ami. The toymaker wondered if her little bunny head could be brushed out to have a fuzzy appearance just like the Chinese New Year Dog.

Fuzzy bunny head and Nordic sweater in forest green and white.

Fuzzy Bunny Head

The toymaker didn’t have a dog slicker brush like Stephanie used for her crocheted dog but she did have a Furminator. Oh so carefully the toymaker began to brush the bunny’s face. Immediately the wool began to puff and frizz. The toymaker kept brushing and brushing. The bunny became fuzzier and fuzzier. The toymaker was so pleased and realized that what she thought had been a terrible mistake was actually a blessing in disguise.

The toymaker began a new bunny head all in the Off White color and was so pleased. She then knitted the beautiful Nordic sweater in Wintergreen Melange and White. Finally she brushed and brushed the bunny until he was perfectly fuzzy.

In the Youtube video I share exactly how I brushed the bunny to make him perfectly and wonderfully fuzzy.

Fuzzy Bunny in a Nordic sweater.

Pros and Cons

I hope you enjoyed that little fairy tale but lets get down to the nitty gritty. Maybe you would like to know what yarn I used and what my opinions are about it. Here you go!


The Hobbii Woolpower yarn is the perfect fiber for creating a fuzzy bunny. Because of the nature of this 100% merino wool, it fluffs and felts easily.

Presenting a lush thick wool with a slightly rustic look, in big glorious 100 gram skeins. For this worsted / aran weight we recommend a needle size 5½ – 6 mm, which makes for a quick knit. Woolpower is easy to work with and is loosely spun, which gives a dazzling look to your finished projects. This yarn is also great for toasty afghans,  jumpers and cardigans. 

View Woolpower and its amazing color changing variations here. The colors transition from one color to the next and thus create beautiful, surprising hues. You can e.g. knit patterns with a color changing variation on a one-colored background to create an interesting and different result. 

Woolpower can also be felted and is very apt for felted slippers , mittens and loads of luscious home decor.


The one and only downside to this yarn is that it isn’t as strong as a traditional worsted wool. It only happened occasionally during the seaming sections. But don’t let that deter you. When I reached a section that needed a very strong seaming yarn I substituted the white Baby Wool and it was perfectly strong.

Baby Wool

The Little Cotton Rabbits patterns call for a 4 ply yarn for the clothing for all the animals. In the US we typically call that a Sport weight. I liked the look of the Baby Wool and loved all the beautiful colors. When I received the yarn I realized that it was quite a bit thinner than the 4 ply I typically use. To remedy that I just doubled up the yarn and knitted with two strands instead of one. It created a gorgeous thick Nordic sweater and short pants for my fuzzy bunny.

I really really like how crisp the Wintergreen Melange and White look next to one another. The definition between the two is simply gorgeous. Occasionally a yarn can look fuzzy or the colors can bleed a bit when blocked. That didn’t happen at all with the Baby Wool and I am happy to report the Nordic sweater turned out magnificent, if I do say so myself.

If you would like to read more about how to choose colors for knitting colorwork check out my blog post: Best Tip for Choosing Colors for Stranded Knitting.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and tale. If you make your own fuzzy bunny, or bear, or fox, or anything, please share it with me! I would love to know how it works for you!

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In full disclosure this was a sponsored post. Hobbii Yarn was kind enough to send me the yarn for this project as a gift. I gave my honest opinion of the products I used and will not receive any compensation if you choose to buy it.

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