25 Done In ONE DAY CROCHET Projects

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Don’t have much time, but you want to crochet beautiful patterns that look like you spent days making? These are the 25 very BEST Done In One Day Crochet Projects!

These 25 projects call all be done in one day, but they look like you spent weeks crocheting them, sweat pouring down your forehead. Only you will know the secret that it only it only took one day!

Whether you’re looking to crochet a last minute gift or just make something fun for yourself, these 25 done in one day crochet projects will get you excited to grab your crochet hook and get stitching!

Most of the “Done In One Day Crochet Projects” I’m sharing are free and several have video tutorials as well. But I did find a few that were paid options that I had to share because they are that amazing!

This post contains affiliates links and at no cost to you I may earn a teeny tiny commission if you choose to purchase them. Please know that I only recommend products I use and love! Thank you for supporting Elise Rose Crochet! You can read my full (and slightly boring) full disclosure here.

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25 Done In ONE DAY Crochet Projects


There are six different categories of done in one day crochet projects.

  • Loveys
  • Blankets
  • For the Home
  • Accessories
  • Garments
  • Amigurumi (of course)

I scoured through so many quick crochet projects to find only the best. I really this you are going to love these. The only problem is going to be choosing which one you’re going to start with first.


Until just a couple of days ago I had never crocheted a lovey. They are small crochet projects that are made to comfort a small child. They can include a blanket portion or they can be an animal with minimal stuffing to mimic the feeling of a blanket.

Mama Made Minis Knotted Loveys

The minute I saw Dash Dino from the brand new book Mama Made Minis Knotted Loveys I knew he was going to be the first lovey I ever made. There is something so sweet about him and I wanted another excuse to work with chunky chenille yarn.

The book 16 contains patterns in four different categories:

  • Fantastic Knotted Loveys: Dino Dragon Unicorn and Yeti
  • Farm: Chick, Cow, Goose and Lamb
  • Wild: Elephant, Hippo, Monkey and Bear
  • Woodland: Fawn, Fox, Rabbit & Toad

I timed how long it took me to crochet Dash Dino and it came out to approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes.

But what I love most is that Dash doesn’t look like he took less than four hours to make!

Find the Mama Made Minis Knotted Loveys Book Here


For this project I used Premier Basix Chenille Brights. This is a fantastic chenille yarn that had little to no shedding at all. He was crocheted in the color Sage and I used a different chenille yarn brand for his spikes.

Premier Basix Chenille Brights

Prism Baby Lovey

This free lovey pattern is from Haak Maar Raak and instead of having an amigurumi head, it has a little wooden teething ring.

This pattern uses bright colored cotton yarns and is the perfect size for babies who are ready to hold little rings and want to sink their emerging tiny chompers onto.

Find the Prism Baby Lovey Pattern Here

Baby Lovey Lamb

The little Baby Lovey Lamb from SweCraft Corner is a free and simple lovey pattern. It uses a combination of chenille and cotton yarns.

You can make the lamb with the bow for a little girl or you could leave it off if you’re making it for a little boy or want a gender neutral toy for a baby shower.

Find the Baby Lovey Lamb Pattern Here

Done In ONE Day Crochet Blankets

The next section is done in one day crochet blankets. The key to getting a crocheted blanket in one day is to use chunky, bulky or super bulky yarn and a big ole crochet hook!

Chunky Blanket in One Day

The Chunky Blanket in One Day was designed by one of my favorite crochet YouTubers, Roz of Play Hooky With Me.

This gorgeous chunky blanket is perfect for beginners and Roz uses Bernat Blanket Yarn for this project.

What’s even better is that this project is a free video tutorial on YouTube!

Find the Chunky Blanket in One Day Tutorial Here

Done In a Day Quick Crochet Blanket

This next blanket pattern was desinged by Jessica from Mama in a Stitch. The Done In A Day Quick Crochet Blanket is modern, textured and oh so cozy.

It’s a free pattern and uses one of my favorite chunky yarns:

Find Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Here

This yarn comes in so many gorgeous colors and works up thick and quick.

Find the Done in a Day Quick Crochet Blanket Pattern Here

Sunday Snuggles Throw

The Sunday Snuggles Throw uses a #6 Super Bulky yarn and a 10 mm hook. I love the texture and simplicity of this free pattern.

The next time you have a day to yourself cozy up with your favorite movie and start stitching!

Find the Sunday Snuggles Throw Here

One Day Crochet Baby Blanket

The One Day Crochet Baby Blanket is one of those patterns that will make people think you’ve spent quite a bit of time on.

No one will believe this only took one day (and don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret).

This free pattern from Make & Do Crew is gorgeous with those color blocks and pretty border.

It was crocheted with a #5 Bulky yarn and a 7 mm crochet hook.

Find the One Day Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Here

CJ Design Blanket

If you’re looking for a warm and cozy blanket pattern that you can crochet in a day, look no further.

This gorgeous blanket by CJ Design is not only free but also has a video tutorial titled, “Crochet This Blanket in 4.5 hours”.

Find the Bernat Blanket Yarn Here

Daniela used Bernant Blanket Yarn, which is a wonderful choice because it’s a #6 Super Bulky yarn and it’s sooooo soft!

Check Out the CJ Design Video Here

For the Home

If you’re looking for done in one day crochet projects for the home these are the patterns for you!

Chunky Bobble Draft Blocker

If you have drafty old doors and windows like I do this is the perfect project.

I love when function meets form and this project is the perfect combination of the two. Who says practical can’t look pretty at the same time?

This pattern from Blackstone Designs is free and is a great stash buster.

You can make this pattern in a solid color, stripes or even make the bobbles pop by using a contrasting color.

Find the Chunky Bobble Draft Blocker Pattern Here

Crochet Napkin Ring

When I think napkin ring, I typically think of something boring and utilitarian.

But this free crochet napkin ring pattern by Han Jan Crochet is anything but.

I love how this simple project elevates a place setting and would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves to host.

Find the Crochet Napkin Ring Pattern Here

World Turtle Succulent Holder

Succulents have become so popular and this pot holder is perfect for cactus lovers.

The World Turtle Succulent Holder is a free pattern from Vincent from Knot Bad. I love all of his quirky designs and this one for the home is full of personality.

For this pattern he used Wool Ease Thick and Quick so this pattern will take no time to whip up!

Find the World Turtle Succulent Holder Here

Dotty Dishcloth

Can you make a list of the best crochet projects for the home without including Ali from the Turtle Trunk?

This woman has magic hands and I love every single thing she designs.

One of my favorites for the home is her Dotty Dishcloth pattern. Not only is the pattern free but she also has a video tutorial! I had no idea that dishcloths could be beautiful, but these definitely are!

Check Out the Dotty Dishcloth Pattern Here

Crochet Accessories

Crochet Accessories are some of my favorite projects to make because they work up so quick, but can make a bold statement!

Crochet Star Stitch Fingerless Gloves

I love the texture of these fingerless mittens and because the designer is using chunky yarn, they will work up quickly. Plus, they are a free pattern! Woohoo!

Last year I knit a pair of fingerless mittens and found that they are my favorite handmade accessory to wear throughout the fall and winter here in North Carolina. Being able to keep my hands warm while still being able to use my fingertips is a win-win for me.

Find the Start Stitch Fingerless Gloves Here

Modern Twist Bulky Crochet Headband

Tonya from Nana’s Crafty Home is one of my favorite crochet designers. She is a warm, kind and talented woman.

This crocheted headband is perfect when the weather is chilly enough to need to keep your ears warm, but you don’t need your whole head covered.

Find the Modern Twist Chunky Crocheted Headband Here

The Classic Cowl

The Classic Cowl by Hannah from HanJan Crochet is one of those projects that takes my breath away. This one is the kind of project that your friends and family won’t believe was one of your done in one day crochet projects.

It can be hard to get that beautiful drape with crochet, but the Classic Cowl is full of it. Just beautiful. And, it’s a free pattern!

Find the Classic Cowl Pattern Here

Tunisian Honeycomb Cowl

This is one of my favorite Done in One Day crochet projects. Although I’m don’t do Tunisian crochet, the Honeycomb Cowl makes me want to learn.

I love that you can see the honeycomb pattern so distinctly. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Find the Tunisian Honeycomb Cowl Here

Crochet Costa Beanie

Daniela from CJ Design is one of my favorite crochet designers. Her work is impeccable.

This Crochet Costa Beanie is made with Super Bulky weight yarn and works up lickity split. But this is another one of those done in one day crochet projects that your friends and family will think you spent hours and hours making.

Find the Crochet Costa Beanie Here


The next category is crochet garments. And yes, these are projects that are done in one day crochet projects.

Done in a Day Quick Shrug Crochet Pattern

The Done in a Day Quick Shrug crochet pattern blows my mind. To think that this beautiful shrug can be crocheted in one day is amazing.

This project uses three skeins of Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn and it comes in many different beautiful colors. My favorite is this black and hot pink combination.

Find the Lion Brand Scrafie Yarn Here

This is another free pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

Find the Done in a Day Quick Shrug Crochet Pattern Here

Crochet Blanket Shrug

Anytime I can wear clothes that make me feel like I’m snuggled up in a blanket I’m a happy gal.

This gorgeous crocheted shrug design is a free pattern from Jewels and Jones. This is a sophisticated looking shrug and the stitch definition is beautiful.

Find the Crochet Blanket Shrug Pattern Here

Granny Square Shrug

This is a crochet project that I am definitely going to make.

I love granny squares and imagining myself wrapped in one as a shrug thrills me.

What I love about granny squares is that they are simple and oh so versatile. You could make this pattern in any color combination you choose.

Plus it would make a fantastic stash buster!

Find the Granny Square Shrug Pattern Here


Amigurumi is my favorite thing to crochet and many times the projects that days or even weeks to complete. Even though they are small, all those little details can be difficult to make quickly.

Thankfully these are four of the cutest done in one day crochet projects, amigurumi style.

Pocket Otter

This little Pocket Otter by Sweet Softies is one of the cutest projects ever.

I am so in love with this 5″ little cutie. Jade also has an entire collection of pocket sized amigurumi to make.

Find the Pocket Otter Pattern Here

No Sew Cat Pattern

It’s no secret that I have a little gray rescue kitty and this crocheted version is just too sweet.

One of the reasons that this pattern can be made so quickly is the fact that there is no sewing involved. That can be a time consuming part of crocheting toys.

Find the No Sew Cat Pattern Here

Leggy Frog and Baby Frog

This is one of the only paid patterns that I have included in the Day in One Day Projects post.

I think it’s pretty obvious why I wanted to include them.

I mean come on, how cute are these little guys. These frogs kept hopping onto my TikTok page (see what I did there?). They seem to be especially popular at handmade markets. They are selling like hot cakes! I can see why!

Find the Leggy Frog and Baby Frog Pattern Bundle Here

Fred the Sea Turtle

Eeeeek! I love Fred the Sea Turtle! Look at his sweet little face!

There is something so special about turtles and this one is perfect.

I love the colors she chose to use and that chunky chenille yarn means any Fred you make will be so soft and squishy.

Find Fred the Sea Turtle Pattern Here

Done in ONE DAY Crochet Projects

I hope you’ve enjoyed some or all of these done in one day crochet projects and that it has inspired you to grab your crochet hook and make something magical.

Happy Stitching!

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