12 Ridiculously SIMPLE Ways to USE UP YARN SCRAPS

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Don’t throw out your yarn scraps! Here you’ll find 12 ridiculously simple ways to use them up and make some adorable projects!

As a crocheter and knitter we all end up with a ton of yarn scraps.

But the good news is that there are so many fun and simple ways to use them up and make some really cute projects in the process.

Yarn Scraps

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Wind Yarn Pegs

Winding yarn pegs is a fantastic way to use up those yarn scraps, make something useful plus I think they are so pretty!

The reason you might want to make yarn pegs is when you are tying to figure out color combinations for a blanket, an amigurumi project or any other crocheted or knitted project. It easily allows you to lay colors side by side to see how they look together.

yarn pegs from yarn scraps

You can easily move them around to create the perfect color combination for your next project.

Here are the supplies I’m using to create my yarn pegs:

Doing this will require some forethought. You’ll need to separate yarn scraps by weight.

You will also need more than just a tiny scrap of yarn for this project.

This is perfect for when you have yarn scraps that are too small for a whole project, but long enough that you can wrap around a clothespin.

Then take your marker and write down the color, weight and brand of the yarn peg. They actually look so pretty that you could attach them to twine or ribbon to display in your craft space for inspiration!

You’ll find lots beautiful images of yarn pegs on Google Images. Now I want to make yarn pegs for all my yarn!

Offer Yarn Scraps to Wild Birds – WARNING

I’ve heard conflicting messages about offering yarn scraps to wild birds, so I decided to do a little investigating for myself.

You can offer fabric, yarn, twine or string made of natural fibers such as raw cotton, hemp, sisal or wool. These natural fibers won’t retain water in the nest, will eventually deteriorate naturally over time, and are similar to the fibers birds would find in the landscape. Cut them into one-inch-wide strips and in lengths under 6 inches long, and put them where birds will find them, such as on tree and shrub branches. Don’t use synthetic fibers or long lengths, which, like hair, can tangle and injure birds.

National Wildlife Federation
yarn scraps

I am a big fan of wild birds and anything I can do to help these beautiful creatures makes me happy.

The most important tips regarding yarn scraps for birds is:

  • Natural fibers – the yarn needs to me 100% natural fibers. I also read that if you’re going to offer cotton that it should be non-mercerized cotton.

Non-natural fibers can absorb water that can lead to damage to the nests.

Because of these concerns, I’ve chosen not to offer my scraps to my local wild bird population.

Use for Stuffing Amigurumi Toys

Yarn scraps make great stuffing material if you’re an amigurumi maker like me.

I use it along with traditional Polyfil stuffing to fill up those little bodies, arms, legs and heads.

The benefits of using yarns scraps for stuffing are:

  • It’s not an additional cost
  • You can use scraps of any length, color or fiber
  • It’s soft and mimics the feel of fiber fill

This is my go-to way to use yarn scraps. I keep a little jar in my crafting cabinet in my living room. I just add my scraps every day once I’m finished crocheting and knitting.

It’s also so pretty and reminds me of the different projects I’ve made.

Make a Giant Magic Yarn Ball

Photo Credit: My Poppet Makes

Making a giant Magic Yarn Ball is a fantastic way to use up those yarns scraps. This is the project that I am most excited about!

I found this idea on MyPoppet.com and I am thrilled with the concept of making a blanket from a big ball of scrap yarn!

f you are drowning in yarn scraps leftover from various knitting and crochet projects, I’ve got a fun and resourceful way to use them. Make a Magic Yarn Ball!

Photo Credit: My Poppet Makes

To make a Magic Yarn Ball you will want to separate your yarn scraps into similar yarn weights.

For example, keep the worsted weight yarn scraps together and the DK weight yarn scraps together. This will ensure that whatever project you decide to make with your Magic Yarn Ball will turn out nicely.

To find the weight of your yarn check the yarn label. You’ll find the the yarn weight listed in words like:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Bulky

But you also might just see a number like:

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

And you may even see words like:

  • DK
  • Worsted
  • Aran

Yarn Weights Table

Photo Credit: The Spruce

If you don’t have the label for your yarn you can also do a little test by finding the WPI. I detailed how to do this test in my video and post:


Here you will get a ruler and wrap the yarn around the ruler for one inch. Count how many wraps is in that inch.

Don’t wrap it too tight or too loose. You want the yarn to sit snuggly against the ruler with no slack.

WPI Table

Photo Credit: Craft Yarn Council

Once you know the weights of your yarn scraps you will need to join those scraps and the best way I’ve found is with a Russian join.

When joining yarns together with a Russian join, you will need the yarns to be plied. That just means that the yarn was created by twisting together several individual strands of yarn.

You won’t be able to do a Russian join with certain yarns like:

  • Chenille
  • Faux Fur
  • Roving Yarns

Russian Join Tutorial

Once your yarns are joined you can wind it into a ball and continue to add to it as you have more yarn scraps!

Make Tassels

Making tassels is a great way to use up yarn scraps. Tassels are super simple to make and you only need:

There are soooo many things that you can make with tassels like:

  • decorations for blankets
  • key chains
  • pillow decorations
  • jewelry
Clover Tassel Maker

But there are lots of other things things you can make with tassels.

Check out Pinterest where you will get loads of ideas for what you can do with those cute little yarn scrap tassels.

What To Make With Tassels on Pinterest

Photo Credit: Clover

Make Pom Poms

In addition to tassels you can also make pom poms!!!

These are so much fun to make and they are so darn cute.

You can make loads of different DIY crafts with pom poms like:

  • garlands
  • bookmarks
  • wreaths
  • home decor accessories like curtain tie backs
  • toppers for crocheted and knit hats

But one of my favorites is making little owl Christmas ornaments. I made these pom pom owls a couple of years ago and they are fun and easy to make!

Find the Easy Pom Pom Owl Tutorial Here

These are my favorite Pom Pom makers:

It comes with four different sized pom pom makers so that you can make big ones, little ones and two different sizes in between.

Gift Wrapping with Yarn Scraps

I absolutely love this idea that I found on Martha Stewart’s website.

You can make gift wrap with yarn scraps! These look so easy, but so cute all at the same time.

They chose to use plain wrapping paper and used the yarn in place of the ribbon. I love that they wrapped the gift multiple times with yarn to give it a striped look.

You could use:

I love this Solid Color Gift Wrap set because it comes in 6 different colors which would be perfect for all occasions.

Adding a yarn ribbon would give it that extra special touch.

Decorate Greeting Cards

Decorating greeting cards is another ridiculously simple way to use up those yarn scraps.

I made adorable Christmas cards one year with yarn scraps. I used a simple magic ring to make little red reindeer noses for handmade cards.

I used:

Find the Last Minute Crochet Christmas Cards Here

But you’ll find lots of adorable ideas by searching on Pinterest for DIY Greeting Cards with Yarn

String Art

When searching for ideas for what to make with yarn scraps I came across string art.

This is one of those projects that looks like so much fun and so pretty!

First you will need a few supplies:

  • Yarn Scraps
  • String Art Wooden Canvas Boards (I like these because you can hang them when you’re finished)
  • Nails (these are small enough to work well for string art projects)
  • String Art Design Pattern

You’ll find so many different FREE string art patterns on Pinterest.

Find String Art Patterns Here

Scrap Yarn Crochet Basket

The Scrap Yarn Crochet Basket is one of my favorite yarn scrap projects. It’s another fabulous idea from My Poppet.

For this project you can use any weight yarn scraps because you’re going to hold the yarns together. You can combine acrylics and cottons and wools all together.

Using a large crochet hook, you’ll make single crochets to keep the fabric nice and tight.

This basket can be made as large or as small as you want. You can also make it as you collect more yarn scraps.

But the best part of this project is that you will join the scraps together simply by knotting them. And you’ll never be able to see the knots because you’ll keep them tucked inside the basket.

Find the Scrap Yarn Crochet Basket Details Here

Felted Dryer Balls

Next are the felted dryer balls! I found this simple project on the Gabrielle Knits website.

Felted dryer balls require that you use only 100% wool yarns.


This is a fantastic way to use up those wool yarn scraps.

These are so simple to make:

  • Join the yarn together by knotting the scraps
  • Wind the yarn scraps into a ball the size of a tennis ball
  • Put the yarn ball in the leg of pantyhose and tie it tightly
  • In the washing machine, wash it in hot water
  • Then place it in the dryer – make sure it’s completely dry
  • If it’s not felted, repeat washing in hot water and drying

Friendship Bracelets

As a Gen X’er I had a collection of friendship bracelets in the 80s. My friends and I had so much fun making these with embroidery floss, but I love that you can make them with yarn!

These are so simple to make that they would make a fun project for kids as well! You’ll find the entire tutorial on the Red Ted Art website.

What’s even better is that you’ll only need a handful of supplies that you likely already have on hand:

  • Scrap yarns
  • cardboard
  • scissors

Find the Easy Friendship Bracelets With Cardboard Loom Tutorial Here

Sewing Cards for Kids

When my children were little I had a box full of little foam figures that had little holes around the edges so that they could weave shoelaces around.

My children really enjoyed playing with those and for that reason I’m including the Sewing Cards project from Aunt Annie’s Crafts.

This is such a fantastic way to help children learn how to use a blunt sewing needle and scrap yarn.

The only supplies you will need are:

You’ll find all the different printable patterns on the Aunt Annie’s Crafts website! She has simple shapes, animals, hearts and even fish.

Find the Sewing Cards Details Here

Yarn Scraps

If you would like more ideas for what to do with your leftover yarn check out these ideas:

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