Last Minute Crochet Christmas Cards

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Looking for last minute Christmas crochet projects? Crochet Christmas cards are totally cute, and oh so quick.

Sometimes you just need a super quick crochet project.

This is especially true during the holidays. And because of my own desperation (and procrastination) I’m currently making these adorable (and last minute) crochet Christmas cards.

Procrastination actually causes me a lot of stress. Yet here I am, less than two weeks until Christmas and I have nothing made for my family and friends.

This year, has been anything but normal, so I’m giving myself a whole lot of grace, but thankfully I found some really cute projects that I’m happily stitching up.

crochet Christmas cards

Last Minute Crochet Christmas Cards

Procrastination does have its perks.

If I had all the time in the world, I would probably choose projects that were more time intensive. But when I realized it was already mid-December, I started looking for something I could whip up super quick.

Crochet Reindeer Christmas Cards

As I was frantically scouring the internet looking for something quick and simple, I stumbled upon an adorable little reindeer card and knew it would be perfect as a crochet project.

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  • make 5 single crochet in a magic ring
  • close the ring and slip stitch to the first single crochet
  • fasten off and weave in your ends
  • with your marker draw two eyes on your blank card
  • then draw two long diagonal lines going out from the eyes
  • add three small lines on each side of the diagonal lines for a total of six on each to make the antlers
  • hot glue the red yarn circles as the nose, directly below the eyes and centered
  • write Merry Christmas on your card

I love that these cards are super simple, but totally cute. And although they whip up quickly, it lets those who receive it know that you went to extra effort for them.

Make It Snow Crochet Snowflake

I wanted to make more than just one card, so my search continued.

When I saw these beautiful crocheted snowflakes on Skillshare, I knew these needed to be my next crochet Christmas card.

I started with a worsted weight, wool mix yarn and found that it just didn’t give the snowflakes any kind of definition. I then dug out my Natura Just Cotton yarn, which is my favorite cotton yarn. It can be a little splitty, but I love how soft it is and it comes in sooooooo many gorgeous colors.

Since I was using plain white cardstock, I knew that I needed to choose a different color for the snowflakes. As I was looking at the colors I already had on hand, I found this gorgeous grayish blue and knew it would be perfect.

The Skillshare class has a full video tutorial plus the full pattern and diagram.

Once I made the first snowflake I no longer needed to look at the pattern and was able to start crocheting away. It has been rather enjoyable.

If you would like to get a one month FREE trial of Skillshare, click on the YouTube video above. You’ll find the link to the free trial in the description box!

12 Small and Cute Christmas Appliques

As my search continued, I stumbled upon the wonderful website, Raffamusa Designs.

When I found these twelve small and cute Christmas appliques I practically jumped for joy! I mean, how adorable are these designs?

Not only would these be so much fun to crochet, they will whip up super quick.

I also think it’s amazing that Raffaella (the designer behind Raffamusa Designs) has given us so many different ways to create crochet Christmas cards.

But don’t stop there. You will find so many wonderful projects on the Raffamusa website. And all of her patterns are FREE!

Here are some of my favorites:

Crochet Christmas Cards

I hope you enjoyed these simple crochet Christmas cards ideas.

I love crafting for the holidays, but sometimes momma needs something quick and doable.

My hope is that you have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by what truly matters.

Happy Stitching!

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