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There are so many new crochet books on the market and it can be hard to know which ones are worthy of your time and attention. Check out my full review of these eight new crochet books.

We live in a wonderful crochet renaissance. And one of the perks of this revival is that new crochet books are popping up all over the place.

I found eight new (to me) books that I have added to my collection. I’ll be reviewing each one of them to help you decide if any are worthy of space on your shelf.

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New Crochet Books

There is something special about new crochet books.

They are filled with creative potential and promise happy hours crocheting the time away.

But unfortunately not all crochet books are worth the cost… or your time. That’s why I’ve done it for you!

Review of New Crochet Books

You Can Crochet with Bella Coco

Crochet books

You Can Crochet with Bella Coco: A Clear & Simple Course for the Beginner is by Sarah-Jayne Fragola, better known as Bella Coco Crochet on YouTube.

This is a more of a course than just a pattern book. It’s made with the beginner in mind.

The projects are in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the more complex, so you can choose which projects you start with and take in the information as quickly or slowly as you need.

Sarah-Jayne Fragola

Each project builds on the previous one to learn, and then practice your new skills.

What I love about this book is that there are large, clear photos for each new technique.

Every aspect of beginner crochet is covered in this book. One of my favorite sections is “Anatomy of a Stitch”. Sarah-Jayne explains every aspect of a stitch, which helps the crocheter identify each part and know what it’s called.

There is also a section about how to read a crochet pattern. I’ve actually never seen this taught in a book and I think it’s genius.

This is such a great resource for not just beginners, but seasoned crocheters as well.

The first project is a set of simple coasters, perfect for a beginner and the last pattern is the Showstopper Blanket where crocheters can show off their newly learned skills.

I give the You Can Crochet with Bella Coco five stars.

Find the You Can Crochet with Bella Coco Book Here

Crochet Collage Garden

Crochet Collage Garden: 100 Patterns for Crochet Flowers, Plants and Petals was just released and was written by Chris Norrington. She is the amazing maker and designer behind all thing Chris.Made.This on Instagram and Facebook.

This is a delightful book full of beautiful crocheted garden motifs. Chris was inspired by her childhood love of gardening, flowers and the changing of the seasons.

This book contains 10 crocheted collages, each providing 10 different motifs, all inspired in some way by my garden. They roughly follow the pattern of the seasons in my part of the world., and so also represent a year in my Yorkshire garden, from the first flowers in spring, through the frosty leaves of winter. You may recognise some of the flowers and leaves as actual, real-life plant species, but many are imaginary, loosely based on shapes or colours found in my garden, but are not intentded to be botanically accurate representations of particular plants.

Crochet Collage Garden

There is something magical about this book and fills me with inspiration and makes me want to grab my crochet hook and do nothing but make sweet little flowers.

If you can’t already guess, I’m giving the Crochet Collage Garden 5 stars!

Find the Crochet Collage Garden Here

Handmade Hugs

Handmade Hugs: 55 Giftable Crochet Patterns is by the dynamic mother daughter duo of Daisy Farm Crafts.

Daisy Farm Crafts is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Everything they make is beautiful and accessible to crocheters of all levels.

This crochet book is broken up into four separate crochet pattern segments:

  • Baby Blankets
  • Throws
  • Winter Wear
  • Hot Pads

One of my favorite projects from the book is the Velvet Windowpane Throw. It is made with the gorgeous Bernat Velvet yarn in a beautiful plum color.

I also adore the Velvet Flower Rows Blanket in the colors Misty Gray and Snowy White. This Bernat Baby Velvet looks so soft. What a sweet gift for any baby.

I’m giving Handmade Hugs five stars.

Find the Handmade Hugs Book Here

The Tunisian Crochet Handbook

The Tunisian Crochet Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide is written by one of my all time favorite crochet designers, Toni Lipsey of TL YarnCrafts.

Toni is one of those designers that has such a unique and distinctive style.

She is also the main reason that Tunisian crochet is making such a big splash in the crochet scene. Before Toni I had never heard of it before.

I’ve since learned that Tunisian crochet is like a cross between traditional crochet and knitting, because stitches are held on the hook like in knitting.

The first half of the book is all about learning the unique techniques of Tunisian crochet. It’s broken into three sections:

  • Essentials
  • Stitches
  • Skills

In the Essentials section you will find the fundamentals like tools, stitches and reading a pattern.

In the Stitches section you will learn different Tunisian crochet stitches as well as a recap of traditional crochet stitches as well.

The Skills section includes information about changing colors, stranded colorwork, and intarsia. It also goes over shaping, finishing and seaming just to name a few.

The pattern section includes gorgeous new designs like the Juvie Chevron Cowl and the Sulta Triangle Wrap. But the book also includes home decor projects like the Alpha Wall Hanging (which I adore) and the Motley Blanket.

One of my favorite things about Toni as a designer is her ability to play with color combinations that are sophisticated, on trend and timeless all at the same time.

I give The Tunisian Crochet Handbook five stars.

Find The Tunisian Crochet Handbook Here

How to Crochet by Mollie Makes

crochet books

I’m a huge fan of anything that Mollie Makes publishes so when I discovered that they had a whole book of crochet patterns, I had to pick it up.

How to Crochet With 100 Techniques and 15 Easy Projects is perfect for those who are new to crochet (or for those of us who just want all those pretty patterns).

Mollie Makes is a UK based magazine that features crafts of all types. They also showcase designers and makers across the globe.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a teeny tiny feature in the magazine before.

There are two sections of this book:

  • Patterns
  • Techniques

The patterns are actually at the front of this book. And there are so many cute ones to choose from!

Two of my favorites are the Three Russian Dolls and the Monster Gadget Covers. But you’ll also find more traditional projects like granny square blankets and a Chevron Throw.

While this is a “how-to” manual for beginners to learn how to crochet, I don’t think it’s quite as beginner friendly as the Bella Coco book.

The patterns, while beautiful, could be frustrating for a true beginner to master.

If I was rating the book just based on the patterns, I would give it five stars. But because it is advertising itself as a course for beginners, I will have to give the book three and a half stars.

Find the How to Crochet Book Here

3D Granny Squares

The 3D Granny Squares: 100 Crochet Patterns for Pop-Up Granny Squares is a colorful collection sure to bring a smile to any granny lovers face.

The patterns are organized into eleven different sections:

  • Food & Drink
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Animal Magic
  • Wild Beasts
  • Under the sea
  • Holidays
  • Flowers
  • Motifs
  • Abstact
  • Celebrations

Each pattern includes a granny square and some of them are turned into a sweet little project to make like a pouch, pot holder, pillow and even a pair of wrist warmers.

Some of my favorite projects are the Teapot (and Teapot pincushion) as well as the Strawberry and Strawberry towel topper.

There are so many cheerful and happy granny square patterns to choose from.

I give the 3d Granny Squares book 5 stars.

Find the 3D Granny Squares Book Here

Modern Crochet

Modern Crochet: Patterns & Designs for the Minimalist Maker is perfect for those who love clean, simple styles.

Modern Crochet was written by Teresa Carter, founder of DeBrosse NYC on Instagram.

Teresa has such a sophisticated, minimalist style which she perfectly captures in the book.

If you love neutral colors and love that minimalist aesthetic, this is the book for you.

One of my favorite patterns from the book is the Limbe Linen Scarf. This oversized scarf is crocheted with the linen stitch, also known as the moss or granite stitch.

The only negative I can say about this book is that some of the photos of the projects that were made with dark yarn are very hard to see.

For example, with the Vache Bolster Pillow the photograph of the bolster made with black yarn is difficult to see any definition. But thankfully the progress photos are made with an ivory colored yarn which you can see without any problems.

I also love the Jacmel Blanket Scarf which is made with a gorgeous herringbone texture.

There are many simple garment patterns like a headband, cowl, beanie and scarves. You’ll also find home decor projects like throws, a wall hanging and a pillow to name a few.

I’m giving the Modern Crochet Book 4 stars (would have given it five if the photos had been a little more clear).

Find the Modern Crochet Book Here

Crochet Home

crochet books

The Crochet Home: 20 Vintage Modern Crochet Projects for the Home was written and designed by Emma Lamb.

This book is full of vintage inspired, colorful crochet projects.

The book is broken up into four different sections:

  • Garlands & Decorations
  • Potholders
  • Cushions
  • Blankets & Throws

One thing to note is that the book is written in UK crochet terms.

Finally, one of my favorite projects from the book is the Granny Chic Pinwheel Blanket. It’s a unique design and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before. I love the combination of the bright, colorful granny stripes and the white on the opposite side.

Another one of my favorites is the Fabulous Rose Cushion. It’s full of texture and cheerful colors!

I give the Crochet Home book four stars.

Find the Crochet Home Book Here

I hope you enjoyed the reviews of all eight of the new crochet books. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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