Super Simple Crochet Mask Lanyard {Video Tutorial}

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After this ridiculously straightforward tutorial you will easily be able to make a simple crochet mask lanyard. With this adaptable pattern you can whip up mask straps for every member of your family, quickly and simply.

I lose stuff.

All kinds of stuff.

And during the pandemic of 2020 that wonderfully helpful trait of mine spilled over to face masks.

I spent loads of time on Etsy looking for super cute masks….because if we have to wear them I want them to at least look adorable.

Within a few weeks, that mask would go missing. It would simply walk out of my house never to be seen again. They are probably hiding out with the missing single socks.

After losing one of my favorite masks, (it was orange and had the literal cutest cat faces on it) I decided I was never going to let those suckers get away again.

I crocheted a super simple crochet mask lanyard and I knew I had to share it with you as well.

Crocheted Face Mask Lanyard pattern.

Crochet Mask Lanyard Materials

First of all, the great news is that this little project uses very few materials and many, if not all of them, are already stuffed somewhere in your craft closet.

Crocheted mask strap pattern

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Crocheted Face mask holder

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Supplies Needed

Crochet face mask chain

All of the materials listed below are completely customizable. Use what you have on hand and adjust the pattern for your needs. You will find more details for how you can make different sizes below.

Crochet face mask necklace


Crochet blocking mat

Full Video Tutorial

You can get the entire pattern sent straight to your inbox and you can find the full video tutorial here.

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Super Simple Crochet Mask Lanyard Pattern

Mask Lanyard Printable & Coupon Code from The Knotty Boss

The über talented, Anna, from. The Knotty Boss, sent me her new printable and it just happens to be for face mask lanyards. How convenient is that?

Anna has a wide variety of printables in her Etsy shop. She’s got a printable for everything… like seriously, everything.

And what’s even more amazing is that she’s giving you all a 25% off coupon for this printable in her Etsy shop. Use the code SAINT25 to grab your mask printable on the cheap.

Find out more about the Face-Mask Lanyard Printable here.

These are so much fun to add to your projects if you plan on selling face mask lanyards at local craft fairs or on Etsy. But they also make your projects look more professional even if you are just giving them as handmade gifts to family and friends.

Simple Crochet face mask lanyard

Customize the Size of Your Mask Strap

If you would like to make your super simple crochet mask lanyard shorter or longer, the process is super duper simple.

Simply adjust how many chains you begin with. Add more or less to get the length you need.

Easy crochet mask necklace

Then for Row 2, adjust the number of single crochets you make between the buttonholes.

For example if you were making a smaller mask lanyard, you could begin with 100 chains. For Row 2 you could: sc 10, ch 2, skip 2 st, sc 74, ch 2, skip 2 st, sc 10, ch1, turn.

Simple crochet face mask holder

Get Your Free Face Mask Lanyard Pattern Sent Right to Your Inbox!


Finally, make sure to experiment a bit with the buttonholes on Row 2 for your own buttons and personal tension.

I used 1.5 cm buttons and I have a pretty tight tension so I only needed to ch 2 to be able to fit the button snuggly.

Crochet button jar cover

You want the buttons to have a nice tight fit, because over time the buttonholes will likely stretch.

An alternative would be to sew the ends closed so that the buttons were purely decorative. But that would mean that the lanyard would be permanently attached to the face mask.

Cute Crochet Mask Lanyard Cute

Even though wearing a mask isn’t always fun, we can at least look cute while we are wearing them.

Crochet face mask lanyard pattern

I found both of these masks on Etsy and I have found that they color coordinate with many of my outfits, not that I’m going anywhere these days.

You can find the Olive and Fox Etsy shop here

Free crochet face mask lanyard pattern

That may seem like a silly thing to worry about, but during times like these, the little things make life a bit more fun. And we could all use a bit more fun right now.

You can find the Everyday Headband shop here

Crochet face mask holder pattern

Happy Stitching!

I hope you enjoyed this little pattern and tutorial for the Super Simple Crochet Mask Lanyard.

All you need to do is first gather your materials, crochet your Super Simple Crochet Mask Lanyard, block your project, attach your buttons, and finally wear your adorable mask and matching strap.

And don’t forget to grab your 25% off coupon from The Knotty Boss for her new printable, The Face-Mask Lanyard tags.

Stay safe and Happy Stitching!

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