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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Crochet Quiz where we will test our knowledge of a range of crochet related topics

Ladies and gentlemen, crafters of all skill levels, and fellow enthusiasts of the fiber arts, welcome to the ultimate challenge of creativity, skill, and knowledge— “Crochet Mastermind: The Great Yarn Quiz”! I’m your host, Elise and today, we’re diving deep into the colorful world of crochet in this thrilling quiz game show.

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter with a hook always within reach or someone who’s just starting to explore the wonders of yarn and stitches, this game is for you. We will unravel the threads of crochet history, techniques, patterns, and peculiarities as you compete for the coveted title of “Crochet Mastermind.”


Throughout this quiz, you will be faced with an array of yarn-tastic challenges—answering questions about stitches, unraveling mysteries about famous crocheters, and even trying to identify yarn weights and abbreviations . With each challenge, we will knit together our knowledge and expertise to create an intricate tapestry of facts and fun.

So, sit back, grab your hooks and yarn, and prepare to be dazzled by the stitches and stories that have shaped the world of crochet. Who will emerge as the ultimate Crochet Mastermind, with a skill set as finely woven as the most intricate afghan blanket? The journey is about to begin, and we invite you to join us on this fabulous yarn adventure right here on “Crochet Mastermind: The Great Yarn Quest”!

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper. As we go through each question write down your choice and when I give the correct answer mark yours either correct or incorrect. At the end of the quiz tally up your total. 

I found so many fun questions online but some of them were found on the website Cilla Crochets. Make sure to check out all of her fun crochet quizzes!

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Crochet Quiz Questions

Let’s jump in with the first question:

  1. What part of the crochet hook is the basis of the crochet hook size?
  • the head
  • The throat
  • The shaft
  • The handle

2. Which of these is NOT the name of a way to hold a crochet hook

•knife hold

•the butterfly hold

•pencil hold

3. Which stitch is often used to create a tight, dense fabric in crochet?

   a) Single crochet

   b) Double crochet

   c) Half-double crochet

   d) Treble crochet

4. How many different kinds of crochet hooks are there (in line, tapered and Tunisian)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

5. What is the most common crochet hook size?

  • 4 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 5.5 mm

6. What is a US single crochet called in UK terms?

•double crochet

•small stitch

•half double crochet

•half stitch

7. What does the abbreviation “YO” stand for in crochet patterns?

   a) Yarn Over

   b) Your Option

   c) Yarn Out

   d) Yarn Onward

8. What is the purpose of a crochet gauge swatch?

   a) To test the quality of yarn

   b) To practice different stitches

   c) To measure the size of a finished project

   d) To test tension and ensure the correct size of the project

9. How many turning chains are there for half double crochet (US term) (half treble in UK terms)





10.  DK weight yarn is also known as which weight yarn





11. What does the Japanese word ‘amigurumi” mean in English

•small animal

•crochet or knitted stuffed toy



12. Which type of crochet creates a fabric that is similar to knitting?

   a) Tunisian crochet

   b) Irish crochet

   c) Filet crochet

   d) Broomstick lace crochet

13. What word best describes this yarn?





14. In crochet, what does the term “frogging” mean?

   a) Creating lacy patterns

   b) Working on a project quickly

   c) Ripping out stitches to fix an error

   d) Crocheting underwater designs

  15. What type of yarn is known for its softness and warmth, often used in crocheted garments?

    a) Acrylic

    b) Cotton

    c) Wool

    d) Nylon

16. What does “WIP” stand for in the context of crochet?

    a) Work In Perpetuity 

    b) Work in Progress

    c) Woven In Purpose

    d) Work in Progression

17. What does the term “blocking” refer to in crochet?

    a) Creating color blocks in a pattern

    b) Adding decorative borders to a project

    c) Adjusting the tension of the stitches

    d) Shaping and setting the finished project

18. What famous celebrity was a gameshow host and now has her own line of yarn?

•Vanna White

•Betty White

•Meredity Viera

•Jenny McCarthy

19. What amigurumi book was published in November of 2017 and sparked an entire new generation of crocheted toy makers?

•Lula and Her Amigurumi Friends

•My Pretty Brown Doll

•Crochet Iconic Women

•Animal Friends of Pica Pau

20. Gauge is often also called:




•hook size

21. What popular crochet item made it’s publication debut in 1897 in Weldon’s Practical Needlework?

•crochet mittens

•granny squares

•crochet toys

•crochet doilies

22. What yarn weight is also called worsted weight?





23. Name the popular crochet website featuring patterns, designers, groups and more?



•Frog It

•Crochet Now

24. What do many crochet projects begin with?

•Fisher knot

•Slip ring

•Magic Ring

•Slip knot

25. What are the two different ways to make a single crochet?

•yarn over and yarn plus

•over under and under over

•yarn over and yarn under

•under the know and over the knot

26. What does the abbreviation inv dec stand for?

•invisible decrease

•inverse decrease

•invisible double crochet

•inverse double crochet

27. What popular yarn brand started selling in 1936 in the US?

•Lion Brand

•Red Heart

•Coats and Clark

•Cascade Yarns

28. Which type of yarn is acrylic?

•animal fiber

•plant fiber

•synthetic fiber


29. According to the Craft Yarn Council what is the lightest weight yarn

•Super fine




30. What is the best hobby in the world





Answers to Crochet Quiz

  • 1. shaft
  • 2. the butterfly hold
  • 3. single crochet
  • 4. 3
  • 5. 5 mm
  • 6. double crochet
  • 7. yarn over
  • 8. to test tension and ensure the correct size of the project
  • 9. 2
  • 10. #3
  • 11. crochet or knitted stuffed toy
  • 12. Tunisian crochet
  • 13. hank
  • 14. Ripping out stitches to fix an error
  • 15. wool
  • 16. work in progress
  • 17. shaping and setting the finished project
  • 18. Vanna White
  • 19. Animal Friends of Pica Pau
  • 20. tension
  • 21. granny squares
  • 22. aran
  • 23. Ravelry
  • 24. slip knot
  • 25. yarn over and yarn under
  • 26. invisible decrease
  • 27. Red Heart
  • 28. synthetic fiber
  • 29. lace
  • 30. crocheting

Results of Crochet Quiz

How’d you do? Tally up your correct answers. 

If you got 0-9 questions right – you are a novice and that’s great! That just means that you have so many new and exciting things to learn

If you got 10-19 questions right you are intermediate, you’ve got a good basic understanding of crochet knowledge and you’re on the road to becoming an expert in no time

If you got 20-29 questions correct you are advanced, You know your crochet and you’re not afraid to share your knowledge with others. 

If you got all 30 questions right you can now call yourself a Crochet Mastermind! You know your stuff and can teach us a thing or two! 

Let me know in the comment section what your score was and let me know if you would ever want to do another crochet quiz in the future! I love doing things like this but I just don’t know if I’m just a weirdo or if there are other weirdos like me that want to do things like crochet quizzes! 

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