10 Things to Do When You’ve Lost Your Crojo

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Have you lost your crojo? Were you once a passionate crocheter and now you feel ambivalent about the entire craft? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this post you’ll find ten things to do when you don’t want to pick up your crochet hook.

It happens to the best of us.

One minute you’re happily hooking away on your favorite crochet project, and then, BAM… you have zero interest.

Happily Hooked Magazine defined the term “crojo” this way:

Crojo â€“ Slang for Crochet mojo. It means your zest for crochet. Your passion or yearning for the craft. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like it. You’ve lost your crojo and even squishy yarn has no appeal.”

— Happily Hooked Magazine

When you lose your crojo, you may feel worried. You may even feel lost. And notice that I used the word “when” not “if”.

If you crochet long enough, you will lose your crojo. The good news is that’s it’s always temporary and there are several things you can do about it!

I've lost my crojo!

Don’t Panic When You’ve Lost Your Crojo

The first and most important thing is to not panic.

That may seem like an insensitive piece of advice. You may be really scared that you’ve lost your love for something that once brought you so much joy.

Crochet may be something that you found happiness in, but it was likely a stress reliever as well.

I promise, with a little time and a lot of patience with yourself, you will get your crojo back.

I’ve lost my crojo several times, and thankfully it always comes back (and usually with a renewed sense of creativity and excitement).

Watch the Help! I’ve Lost My Crojo! Video

Take a Break from Crochet

Next, give yourself permission to take a break.

Do not force yourself to crochet. I’ve done that before and it never, and I mean never works.

Take the time off and don’t think about it.

Don’t feel guilt about all the yarn you purchased. When others comment about how you’ve quit yet another hobby, don’t listen. Trust that your crojo will be back in no time.

We all need breaks.

Studies have proven that crafting can help with depression, stress and even aging.

So while you need probably need a break from crochet there are other things that can help you get those same benefits. (CNN)

Learn a New Skill

Just because you’ve lost your interest in crocheting doesn’t mean that you aren’t craving something creative to do.

This may be the perfect time to learn a new skill like knitting.

One of the reasons knitting is a great craft to learn is that it is different enough from crochet to feel totally new. But at the same time, you have a lot of the supplies already on hand like yarn and stitch markers.

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The 30 Day Growth Course is so comprehensive that you will be a proficient knitter when you complete the course.

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Organize Your Yarn

One thing that always gets my creative juices flowing again is organizing. There is nothing more inspiring to me than turning a messy crafting situation into blissful, colorful order.

Check out my Super Simple Yarn Organization post and get your FREE printable workbook and yarn labels.

Switch Up Your Projects

If you’re someone that enjoys tedious, detail laden projects like amigurumi (like yours truly), you might try switching things up.

When you’ve lost your crojo, your brain may be actually be craving something uncomplicated. One of my favorite projects I’ve ever made was the Granny Goes Large pattern by Sandra Paul from Sandra Cherry Heart.

I worked furiously on this crocheted blanket when my son was in the hospital in January and I needed a project that combined simplicity and beauty.

Read more about Crochet & Knitting Therapy: Crafting in the Hospital

Switching up the type of crochet projects you regularly do may be something that helps you out of your crochet slump.

So if you normally like simple projects, maybe it’s time to challenge yourself. But if you almost always make complicated, detailed patterns, try something simple and mindless.

Find a Crochet-a-Long

Joining a crochet-a-long can help when you’ve lost your crojo as well.

Feeling a sense of community with other crafters may be just what you need to help you out of your slump.

Ravely, Instagram and Facebook are all great places to find crochet-a-longs. Working on a collective project with fellow crafting addicts can be inspiring and motivating.

Simplify Your WIP list

Sometimes you’ve lost your crojo because your WIP list has become a bit of a mess. It happens innocently enough and suddenly you find yourself buried under half finished projects and no desire to finish them.

It’s time to take a good hard look at your WIPs. Be honest with yourself about what you will actually finish. Don’t be afraid to frog those project that you know are doomed for WIP-land forever.

Check out my Honey, Get Control of Your WIPs workbook.

If you are really struggling in this area check out my printable workbook, Honey, Get Control of Your WIPs helpful. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about it from some of my favorite crafters.

In the workbook you will find an organized system for evaluating your current WIPs and a formula for how to deal with them.

Go Yarn Shopping

This is probably my favorite remedy for “Lost Crojo”.

I recently took a “Yarncation” up to Black Mountain, NC with a group of crafty friends. We attended an event at the most amazing local yarn shop, Black Mountain Yarn Shop.

That little shopping trip left me feeling incredibly inspired to crochet. I could hardly wait to whip out my hook and get to work.

Sometimes a little shopping spree, whether online or in person, is a great remedy to lost crojo.

Make Something for Someone Special

Nothing motivates me more than crocheting something for someone special.

Maybe you have a new grandbaby, a friend going through a difficult time or maybe that special someone is you.

Crocheting something for a beloved family member, friend or charity can bring back that crojo in unexpected ways.

Search for Inspiration

One thing that motivates me to start hooking, is discovering new projects.

In this day and age, crochet designers are popping out of the woodwork all over the world. New and exciting patterns are coming out all the time. It’s a great time to be a crocheter.

I regularly search Pinterest for gorgeous and unique amigurumi projects. Check out my Crochet Toys/Amigurumi board for all the things that are inspiring me at the moment.

Pinterest is a great place to find new crochet designers and patterns. Sometimes you just need to find something totally new to get your crojo back.

Check out my Pinterest boards for Amigurumi inspiration!

10 Things to Do When You’ve Lost Your Crojo

I hope that you’ve found this list helpful and that you’ll be ready to pick up your hook in no time.

Happy Stitching, Friends!

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