10 Boredom Busting Crochet BLANKET Projects 

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These 10 Boredom Busting Crochet Blanket projects will get you excited to grab some colorful yarn and your favorite hooks! You will feel inspired and excited to crochet these beautiful projects!

I have been in desperate need of a boredom busting crochet project. I’ve been working on a secret amigurumi design for the past couple of months and I’m sooooo ready for something new to focus on. Making one thing over and over again is the surest way to make myself bored with crochet. 

I went on the hunt and found 10 magnificent projects and surprisingly they all turned out to be crochet blanket projects. I think the reason why I gravitated towards afghans, blankets and throws is because they are completely the opposite of amigurumi. 

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Boredom Busting Crochet BLANKET Projects Requirements

To be included on this list, these boredom busting crochet blanket projects must be:

  1. Colorful – I want all the colors, the more colorful the better
  2. Somewhat challenging – I want these projects to stretch my brain just a little bit (but not too much)
  3. Variety of stitches – each of these projects needed to have some variety in the stitches (no single crochets over and over again)
  4. Breathtaking – I want these projects to take my breath away, no plain Janes here. 

These ten crochet blanket projects that I’m going to be sharing all fit the criteria perfectly. 

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Boredom Busting Crochet Blanket Projects Video

Six Day Star Crochet Blanket

And while I would love to make them all I had to choose one and that is the Six Day Star Blanket by Beth from Betty McKnit. 

There are a couple of reasons why I decided to make the Six Day Star Blanket. 

First it is all over social media. Every one that I see is so gorgeous and I’ve been having a little FOMO over it. 

Second is that this is a great stash buster. In the pattern it states that you can make it in practically any yarn and I am bound and determined to use up a lot of my stash this year. 

And third, I am a big fan of Beth from Betty McKnit. We actually know each other in real life and she is such a cool, fun person. So I’m having so much fun making her viral pattern. 

One thing I really like about this blanket is that there is a ton of variety in each round. 

It’s the PERFECT boredom buster crochet project. 

Check out The Best Crochet-A-Long Blankets Blog Post Here

Also she has a video tutorial for the blanket on YouTube so I’m just enjoying following along. Beth is a fantastic teacher and explains all the techniques so well. 

The blanket is the shape of a seven pointed star. I’ve never made a blanket this shape and I am enjoying it so much. 

Six Day Star Crochet Blanket Yarn

I’m using Paintbox Simply DK which is a yarn that I have in my stash. I originally purchased it to make amigurumi, but I really didn’t like using it to crochet toys. But I was pretty sure it would work well for crocheting blankets. And I was right. This is a great yarn for the Six Day Star Blanket. 

Check out Paintbox Simply DK Here

It’s 100% acrylic and comes in sixty three colors and I’m using pink, white and two different blue colors. I really wish I had a lot of other colors in my stash, but I still think these are pretty together.  

I will say that this is a very addictive project to make because once you know the repeat for each round you can work on it without having to follow a written pattern. But it’s so much fun learning each new round and seeing how the blanket grows! 

Find the Six Day Star Blanket Here

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Sunny Blooms Crochet Blanket

This next boredom buster crochet blanket project is the Sunny Blooms Blanket by Mama in a Stitch. 

Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love this project and all these vibrant colors. These squares feature zinnias, daisies, and purple dahlias. Each square is made with the same pattern just using different colored yarns!

Jessica used Wool Ease Thick and Quick to make this project which is a #6 Super Bulky yarn. The blanket is only four squares wide and 5 squares long and whips up super quick. 

Find the Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Yarn Here

It’s also a free pattern with a full photo tutorial. 

Find the Sunny Blooms Blanket Here

Painted Anemones Crochet Blanket

The Painted Anemones Blanket by Sandra Paul is one of the most stunning crochet blanket patterns I have ever seen. 

Sandra is the creator behind Cherry Heart and her designs are so incredibly beautiful. She has such a talent for creating delicate and colorful crochet patterns. 

The Painted Anemones Blanket is created with hexagon flowers and are framed with a pretty floral border. The hexagon motifs are worked together using the join as you go method and then the border is added by working in the round. 

Crochet blanket painted anemones

Sandra is using Scheepjes Stone Washed which is a sport/light DK weight yarn. This yarn is 78% cotton and 22% acrylic and comes in 36 different colors. The colors have a stone washed look that gives this project even more personality. 

Find the Scheepjes Stone Washed Yarns Here

I love how Sandra made the blanket with the hexagon flowers in a rainbow stripe, but you could mix them up in any combination you could think of. 

This is a paid pattern and you’ll find it on Ravelry, LoveCrafts or Etsy. 

Find the Painted Anemones Blanket Here

Geometric Mosaic Crochet Blanket

The Geometric Mosaic Blanket by Juniper & Oakes is the next boredom buster crochet blanket project. 

I have recently gotten interested in mosaic crochet. It looks so much more difficult that it actually is. 

This design from Erin from Juniper & Oakes hits all of my boredom busting criteria perfectly. 

It’s colorful. It’s somewhat challenging since I’m a beginner with mosaic crochet. There are a variety of stitches because each row is a new pattern. And finally it is totally breathtaking. 

I also know the designer Erin and she showed me how to do mosaic crochet. I seriously thought it was much harder than it actually is. 

I love all the different geometric shapes and she’s using one of my most favorite yarns for crochet blankets, Stylecraft Special DK. This is such a fantastic yarn for blankets and comes in ninety-one different colors and is 100% acrylic. It’s a total workhorse of a yarn, but it’s light, airy and so soft. 

Find Stylecraft Special DK Here

What’s really fun about this blanket is that it’s a free Crochet A Long and each section was designed by a different crochet designer. 

I’ll leave a link for where you can find all of the information! 

Find the Geometric Mosaic Blanket by Juniper & Oakes Here

Mountain Trail Crochet Blanket

Another one of my favorite boredom buster crochet blanket projects is the Mountain Trail Crochet Blanket which is a simple crochet blanket with a woven look by Nana’s Crafty Home. 

This blanket uses “the Interlocking Arches Columns crochet stitch which looks woven! This stitch may look complicated but it really isn’t. This stitch uses a combination of double crochet, single crochet and chain stitches with unique placement of the dc stitches.”

Tonya is the creator behind Nana’s Crafty Home and is one of my favorite crochet designers. She uses color perfectly and this blanket is no exception. 

Tonya originally made the blanket in Lion Brand Mandala Tweed Stripes, but since that yarn is now discontinued she now recommends Lion Brand Ferris Wheel. 

Find Lion Brand Ferris Wheel Here

Her recommendation is “to find a short ombre self-striping yarn in two different complementary color ways – one light and one dark. The bursts of color are fantastic!”

This is a free pattern and you can make it in seven different sizes. 

Find the Mountain Trail Crochet Blanket Here

Macaroon Blossom Crochet Afghan

The next pattern is absolutely stunning and it’s the Macaroon Blossom Afghan by Apple Blossom Dreams. 

Just wow. 

This is an incredible boredom buster crochet blanket project. Look at all of the colors and textures. I cannot get over how beautiful this blanket is. 

The designer used Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn but it can also be made with other yarns. 

Find Scheepjes Stone Washed Yarns Here

This is a paid pattern and includes 29 pages and over 100 step-by-step photos and charts. 

The Apple Blossom Etsy shop has fantastic reviews and you have to see all of her other crochet patterns. They are all stunning! 

She has blanket, pillow, hat, scarf and flower patterns. They are all so colorful and whimsical! 

Find the Macaroon Blossom Afghan Pattern Here

Mixtape Medley Crochet Blanket

We are taking a little detour with this crochet blanket. It’s a little different than the other ones, but once you see it you’ll understand why I had to include it. 

This is the Mixtape Medley Crochet Blanket by Zeens and Roger. 

I mean how fun is this project? 

How many of you remember sitting by the radio with your hand on the record button of your boom box waiting for the next song to make your perfect mixtape?

Mine had to include a little Bon Jovi and some New Kids on the Block. I’m not ashamed to admit that, lol. 

I love the name of this blanket, but I also really love how fun it is. 

The colors are fantastic and it looks like something from the 80s in a good way!

Find the Mixtape Medley Crochet Blanket Pattern Here

Good Vibes Crochet Throw

You didn’t think I would share a list of boredom buster crochet blanket projects and not include something from Toni from TL YarnCrafts did you?

The Good Vibes Throw fits all of my criteria for a boredom buster. It’s colorful, uses a stitch I’ve never done before, and it’s a showstopper. 

Toni really is a master at combining color combinations in a new and fresh way. 

I don’t think I would have ever thought to pair a hot pink with those other colors, but it totally works. 

Toni used a combination of Caron Simply Soft Speckles and Solids to create the Good Vibes Throw. 

Find Caron Simply Soft Here

Find Caron Simply Soft Speckle Here

It’s a free pattern and you’ll also find a video tutorial for how to crochet the block stitch. 

Find the Good Vibes Throw Pattern Here

The Penny Crochet Blanket

The gorgeous Penny blanket was designed by the talented mother/daughter duo of I Can Crochet That.

This sophisticated boredom busting crochet blanket is a striped, corner to corner moss stitch project that can be made in so many different colors.

The Penny Blanket is the perfect way to use up all those bits of leftover Mandala yarn. It’s made with a corner-to-corner moss stitch that starts small and gets bigger as you go. The mix of different yarn colors makes each blanket totally unique and full of personality.

I Can Crochet That

Julie and Hannah designed the blanket using Lion Brand Mandala and Lion Brand Pound of Love.

Find Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Here

Find the Penny Crochet Blanket Here

Fruit Garden Crochet Blanket

The final the boredom busting crochet blanket project is the most challenging of them all. It was created by one of my favorite crochet blanket designers of all time, Janie Crow. 

I started her Frida’s Flower blanket several years ago and I ordered one of the yarn packs from Stylecraft. What I didn’t know at the time was that 100% cotton really bothers my hands and I could no longer work on it. 

I’m hoping that someday my hands will limber up and I can go back to using 100% cotton, but I always wish that I had chosen the acrylic yarn pack. 

The Fruit Garden blanket is one of the most stunning crochet projects I have ever seen. It is a completely free pattern and is available to download in parts on the Stylecraft website. 

There are also helpful video tutorials to guide you along the way. 

I am incredibly tempted to start this project, but then I think about the realities of the time commitment I would need to complete this project. One of these days I will complete a blanket by Janie Crow. 

The Fruit Garden Blanket uses different types of Stylecraft yarns.

Find Stylecraft Life DK Here

Find Stylecraft Batik Here

Find Stylecraft Naturals Here

Boredom Busting Crochet BLANKET Projects 

These 10 boredom busting crochet blanket projects offer a fantastic way to channel creativity, unwind, and produce something beautiful and functional. Each project caters to different skill levels and styles, ensuring that every crochet enthusiast can find a blanket that excites and challenges them.

Whether you’re looking to use up scrap yarn, explore new patterns, or create a cherished gift, these projects will keep your hands busy and your mind engaged. Happy crocheting, and may your new blankets bring warmth and joy to your home!

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