Knitting on Edisto Island

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As I write this I am overlooking the pristine Big Bay Creek on Edisto Island, South Carolina. I watched the sunrise this morning all while the seagulls and island birds squawked and chatted to one another. The natural beauty and abundant wildlife of the island gave me a sense of peace and recharged my batteries. I definitely was in need of some “Vitamin Sea”!

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Hand knit teddy bear with fair isle sweater. Made on Edisto Island.

Edisto Island, South Carolina

We have been coming to Edisto Island, South Carolina for over sixteen years with my mother and father-in-law. My kids have grown up on these beaches and now that they are older it feels like a second home to us all. There really isn’t much to do here. There is one grocery store, one stoplight, and one gas station. There are a handful of restaurants and a few shops, but little else.

Danger sign. Do not feed the alligators.

But there is an abundance of wildlife, dolphins, birds of all kinds, crabs, turtles, fish, sharks and even a few lazy alligators. I took my camera out this morning to snap a few photos while most of the beach lovers were still eating their breakfast. I came across a most distressing sight. A beached horseshoe crab was stranded and stuck in the wet sand.

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Horseshoe Crab

Although these creatures look a bit scary with their large prehistoric looking shells, they are quite harmless. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing or not but I enlisted my son to help me return him to the water. We first had to gently excavate him out as he had dug his way deeper into the sand in an attempt to return to his aquatic home. Unfortunately he had only managed to create the perfect trap for himself.

Beached Horseshoe Crab on Edisto Island.

To the Rescue

After we successfully had him unstuck we lifted him up by his sides and gently returned him to the water. He stayed there for a few seconds and gradually began to gain enough energy to be able to swim back out to deep water. I then began my mission as the only official member of the Horseshoe Rescue Squad Organization of Edisto Island, South Carolina, or as I like to call it HRSOEISC, to rescue as many horseshoe crabs as possible.

I found three more just this morning and have since done a bit of research. Apparently they are all feeling quite amorous this time of year and their nocturnal liaisons have left them high and dry on the beach. Because of the tremendous weight of their shells they are unable to return home and become stuck. Being out of the water under the hot sun for an extended period of time will eventually lead to their death, hence the need for the HRSOEISC! I created the official logo so now all I need is a superhero cape!

Knitting Time on Edisto Island

Sunrise on Edisto Island

In the evenings and during the daily rainstorms I have found the time to attend to my new teddy bear. I am very much in a knitting phase right now and it is all I want to do. The pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits is so well written and I will share all the Youtube tutorials I have used to help me with the three animals I have made so far, the girl bunny, the girl fox, and a boy teddy bear.

Each of these tutorials is very clear and helped me immensely as an inexperienced knitter. None of them teach one how to knit but they explain with great clarity the techniques I was unfamiliar with. I hope that you will find them helpful too!

YouTube Tutorial Helps for Little Cotton Rabbits

Beachwear Attire

Little Iggy (as I’ve named him) has mostly been knit on Edisto Island so of course his clothing needed to reflect his environment. Although it is highly unusual to dress a bear in a fair isle sweater and shorts during the summer months he doesn’t seem to mind one little bit.

Shells on Edisto Island.

His body has been knit in the beautiful Oats color from Berroco Vintage Yarn. This color is reflected in the wet sand and wild sea oats scattered all around. His shorts are Mallard blue from the Baby Cashmerino yarn from Debbie Bliss. His sweater is a combination of white, Mallard blue, Flame (coral color) and Acid Yellow all from the Baby Cashmerino yarn. The ocean, sky, crabs and sea grasses were all inspiration for Iggy’s clothing colors.


Berroco Vintage Worsted

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino


Addi Knitting Needle Circular Turbo Rocket 3.0mm

Addi Skacel Turbo Sock Rockets 2.75 mm

Beach grass on Edisto Island.
Beach grass on Edisto Island.

More Island Rescues

It didn’t take long before a rebranding was needed for the HRSOEISC. As my husband and I were driving to the grocery store to pick up a few provisions we spotted something teeny tiny and brownish-green. It had the tell-tale look of a turtle, but we weren’t certain. The situation required a thorough investigation. It was indeed a little baby turtle and I had such a lovely encounter with him.

He was in need of a slight scolding to stay out of the road. He seemed to understand and took direction quite well. I was unable to snap a photo of our chance meeting, but I did capture a delightful video! He even posed and stuck his little head out just so we could admire him! You can view the cutest little turtle in South Carolina in the YouTube video. You may even hear me threatening to spank him if I ever found him in the road again!

Bay side on Edisto Island.

From this day forth my solo organization shall be called the All Animal Rescue Organization of Edisto Island South Carolina, or AAROEISC for short. I felt the need to include the word “All” so that it encompassed any and every possible situation I may encounter here in the low country.

Flooding and Family Game Nights

Fortunately for me it rained quite a bit while we were here so that I had plenty of time to work on little Iggy! The raining was unlike anything we’ve seen in sixteen years. Many of the roads were completely underwater. Driving around was mostly safe, but one moment had me holding my breath for a few tense moments!

The wet evenings allowed us time for family game nights! My kids, husband, and in-laws all enjoy playing poker with a set we found at a local antique mall. I don’t get the appeal and I happily knit and crochet while they laugh, yell, and play the nights away!

Conch shell on Edisto Island.
Beach plants on Edisto Island.

I am so very happy with my little Iggy Bear as he will be a special birthday present for someone very close to me. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my Lowcountry knitting adventures! Please come back next week!

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  1. How I love Edisto! Many wonderful memories. Once my buddies and I took a ride on a John boat to an uninhabited island. The beach was really wide and scattered around were many pairs of horseshoe crab, one on top of the other. Us post middle aged ladies kept commenting to each other , wondering what they were doing….. When the realization hit us that it was a beach love in, we laughed and laughed!

    Have a great time. Love your new creations.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra!! That is exactly what was going on here!!!! My mother-in-law couldn’t believe that’s what they were doing but it almost certainly was!! My son, Ben, loves an uninhabited island called Otter Island. It’s just across the bay and he takes a kayak out there!

  2. What a fun and enjoyable post! Great read! I look forward to seeing you on IG wearing a cape…and a logoed t-shirt!

  3. You have the most charming way of telling stories. I love the comparisons you made from the colors you chose to knit with and the adventures you experienced. Beautiful.

  4. I ha ent been to Edisto Island in years but I absolutely loved it. So glad to hear it remains uncommercialized. Ah the fresh shrimp from the boats!!!