How to Create a Craft Room in Any Space

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Create the craft room of your dreams, even if you don’t have a lot of room. You’ll find great space saving ideas for any size crafting space. Plus take a tour of my dingy basement laundry room turned into the cutest little craft room.

Creating a space of my own wasn’t as hard as I originally thought, but it did take some thinking outside of the box. If you’ve been longing for a craft room (or maybe even just a craft closet or corner) I’ve got some ideas to get you started.


There are definitely seasons of life that make creating your own crafting space more difficult. When I was raising my own four children, I didn’t have the time, or the mental energy to even think about having a crafting space all to myself. But even if I had, it would have been a challenge to find a place for my crafting supplies. Looking back now it would have been hard…but not impossible.

Maybe you’re a teenager and you only have your own tiny room. Or maybe you’re a busy mom of small children and toys occupy every nook and cranny of your home. You could even be like me and have kids in college who come and go and you still don’t feel like there’s room for your crafting.

Start looking at your space with new eyes. Can you carve out a little corner of your bedroom for a desk and open shelves? Do you have a closet that really isn’t being used? Or is there an underutilized room in your house that you’re overlooking that could be the perfect crafting space?

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How I Created the Craft Room of My Dreams

When I first began crocheting and knitting in earnest, I didn’t have a dedicated craft room. But as I began to collect a small hoard of yarn and crochet hooks, I knew I needed a place to store them.

I spied a small bookcase in our living room that I knew could be cleaned out and used for my own purpose. When I finished moving all those books and added my yarn and notions, it looked adorable. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

But as my love for crocheting and knitting grew, so did my stash. I needed more space.

That’s when I took part of a small guest bedroom and used it for my crafting supplies.

It was small. And it was mostly a bedroom, but it was perfect for what I needed.

When my crafting took a more serious turn, I knew I needed more room to store supplies. But I also needed a dedicated studio to film YouTube videos about crocheting and knitting.

As I looked around my house, the only room that wasn’t needed for something else was in my basement. My dark, dingy basement.

I had a decent sized laundry room down in the “dungeon”, as my children called it. The walls were mostly concrete block, the floors were cement with peeling paint, and we had water issues. Not the ideal space for a craft room.

But I knew that with a little planning and a lot of imagination it could become the craft room of my dreams. And thankfully my husband agreed to help me achieve my goal.

You can read more about my Craft Room Makeover: Before and After here

Building Blocks for the Perfect Craft Room

“”For me, there are two main elements to keep in mind when designing a craft room—organization and inspiration,”

— Darcy Miller, editor-at-large of Martha Stewart Weddings


For most of us crocheters and knitters, our biggest need is for storage. But unless we are careful, our “storage” can end up being a big ole jumbled mess.

In my own craft room, I have one large IKEA Kallax shelf unit and one smaller one. It has an incredible amount of storage. I have a mixture of storage boxes and open shelves to be able for displaying and hiding.

On the other side of my craft room, I have two Ikea Billy bookcases for more storage. I like being able to store books, baskets and more yarn, all while keeping everything neat and organized.

The focal point of the room is my bright white work desk, which is also from IKEA. It was inexpensive, but more importantly it fits the space.

Keeping your supplies organized is the most important element of any crafting space. It not only keeps everything neat and tidy, but it also sparks creativity.


For my craft room space, I knew I wanted to keep it light and bright. Because it’s in a basement laundry room, I wanted all of the furniture to be bright white. There is no natural light in the room and I wanted to add as much brightness as I could.

I even have a mostly white carpet on the floor. I typically wouldn’t have a white rug anywhere in my home, but because the floor is dingy and dark, it needed something to brighten up the space.

The accent colors for my room are red, turquoise and pops of pink. The inspiration for the color choices came from a Scandinavian print that I fell in love with. I loved the stark contrast of the red animals on the white background.

Eventually I added a vintage hutch to the top of my low IKEA shelving unit to add a bit of personality. It is where I display my most prized crafting possessions. I have several amigurumi toys that I have made, some of my favorite crafting books, granny square blankets and of course yarn.

Creating a Craft Room of Your Dreams

I hope you’re now feeling inspired to create your own craft space. You may have a cabinet, a closet or maybe you’ve got a room that you can make your own.

Craft Corner

If you only have a small corner in your home to create a space for your crafting supplies, there are so many great ways to make this area functional and inspirational.

First, do you need some type of shelving unit or desk? If you already have something you can use, that’s perfect.

IKEA is a great place to find storage solutions at an affordable price, but I’ve also found great things at thrift shops like Salvation Army. Big box stores like Walmart and Target also have great options for a craft space corner.

Craft Closet

If you have plentiful closet space and can spare one for yarn and notions, consider yourself lucky. Many storage systems for clothing closets work great for crafting supplies too.

Make sure to add some type of lighting if you don’t already have it in your closet. They can be dark spaces that make it difficult to find anything.

The key to a craft closet is making sure that everything is well organized, well lit and accessible.

Craft Room

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I had an underutilized room in my home. Although a basement laundry room wasn’t my first choice, it has been the best place for my craft room.

Having a dual purpose room can be a great way to create a craft room space. Do you have a guest bedroom that rarely gets used? Do you have a dingy basement that could be converted into a creative space?

Think outside of the box and use a room that you never thought could be a craft room.

Get Vertical

Using your vertical space is one of the best ways to create room for craft storage.

Open shelving and hangable cabinets are a perfect way to smartly use your space.

Use baskets and boxes to store notions, yarn and patterns. Mix and match closed storage with exposed items to make your vertical spaces beautiful as well as practical.

Use Storage Items Meant for Other Uses

Once I started using storage items meant for other uses, the whole world opened up for my craft room organizing.


Kitchen organization is a great place to start when looking for storage items for your craft room.

From wooden crates to food storage, the kitchen section of your local shop is a great place to start.


Office supply sections have plentiful solutions for craft room design. Most office spaces are meant for maximum use of work spaces and storage, perfect for us crafters.

Children’s Rooms

Until recently I had not thought to look at children’s room furniture. Kids usually have a lot of toys and clothing stored in their rooms.

Our local IKEA had a lot of great storage solutions in the children’s section. The pieces were also smaller than standard size, which can be perfect for small craft spaces.

Create the Craft Room of Your Dreams

I hope this post has given you some ideas for how to create the craft room/corner/closet of your dreams.

Tell me your best craft room tips!

Happy Stitching!

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