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How many times have you had one lonely skein of yarn left over and you had no idea what to do with it? Should you donate it or try to find a way to use it? Today we are going to discover the wonderful world of one-skein crochet projects for spring & summer.

The winter chill has faded away here in North Carolina and nature is coming alive with vibrant colors, and I naturally want to put away cozy blankets and embrace lighter and more cheerful projects. Spring and summer are perfect seasons to explore new crochet patterns!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, one-skein projects are an excellent way to dive into new patterns, experiment with different stitches, and create something delightful without breaking the bank.

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The Best ONE-SKEIN Crochet Projects for Spring & Summer

One of the most important things that you need to consider when you decide to make a one-skein crochet project, is to make sure you have the appropriate amount of yarn.

Look carefully at the pattern to see how many yards the pattern calls for. This is especially true when you’re substituting yarns. Double check that you will have enough, not all skeins have the same number of yards and you definitely don’t want to find that out halfway through your project.

Classic Crochet Bunny

This is one of my favorite amigurumi toys of all time and it was designed by the very talented One Dog Woof.

This particular toy was made with Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick, which can be a little tricky to work with if you’re a beginner.

Find the Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick Yarn – Coral Stripes

She’s provided lots of tips for working with this yarn or for substituting with a more traditional yarn.

How adorable is this floppy bunny?

Find the Classic Crochet Bunny Pattern Here

Lace Blankey


How adorable is this little lovey blanket from A La Sascha?

This cute little lovey has a beautiful lace body. The different parts and textures make it a wonderful toy to discover for little baby hands.

A La Sascha

I am in love his his sweet sleepy eyes and floppy little arms. The blanket portion is also beautiful with the lacy texture.

Although this pattern isn’t free, I wanted to include it because I thought it was beautiful.

Find the Lace Blankey Pattern Here

It’s amazing to me that this is a one skein crochet project!

The pattern calls for 120 – 210 yards of Catania Solid, which is a 100% cotton, sport weight yarn.

Check out the Catania Solids Here

Baby Lovey Blanket

I had to look multiple times to make sure that this is a one skein crochet pattern and it is!

This is a beautiful textured baby blanket from Simple Sweet Shop on Etsy. This isn’t a free pattern, but it’s so beautiful that I had to share.

The pattern calls for one skein of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. There are so many different solid colors to choose from, but there are also variegated color options.

Check Out the Bernat Baby Blanket Sparkle – Sunshine

Find the Baby Lovey Blanket Pattern Here

Crochet Glass Jar Covers

I designed these little glass jar covers a couple of years ago and they are still one of my favorite projects of all time.

First of all they are so simple to make and are totally customizable. You can make them any size you need for the jar opening you want to cover.

I’ve been collecting Oui Yogurt jars because they are so cute and are perfect for holding little notions like buttons. I have separated mine out by color so that when I need a button I can easily find what I’m looking for.

For this project I used Paintbox Wool Mix Aran, but any worsted weight yarn will do.

Check Out Worsted Weight Yarns Here

These also make beautiful gifts as well. One year we went to the beach and I collected seashells for a friend of mine who was very sick and she wasn’t able to travel. I searched for the perfect shells with gorgeous white and brown shades. I cleaned them and put them in the jar with the crocheted cover and I added a little neutral polka dot ribbon. It was such a simple way to show my friend that I was thinking of her.

Find the FREE Crochet Jar Cover Pattern Here


Scrunchies are a great project to make when you don’t have a lot of yarn!

They are colorful, simple to make and perfect for spring and summer.

I’ve been a big fan of scrunchies since the 80s when they were the new fangled trend.

Now you can wear them in hair, but they are also great as bracelets.

Check Out Caron Simply Soft Yarn – Royal Blue

This free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me are made from Caron Simply Soft, which is a #4 Medium weight yarn. But you could substitute this with a lot of different worsted weight yarns you have in your stash.

Find the FREE Crochet Scrunchies Pattern Here

Button Up Basket

The Button Up Basket by Moogly is one of my favorite home projects. This beautiful little project would be perfect for a grouping of succulents, but you could also use it for craft supplies, in the bathroom or for a safe place to put your keys when you walk in the door.

The basket was crocheted with Bernat Blanket yarn and I just want to reach into the the screen and give it a squish!

Check Out Bernat Blanket Big Ball Yarn – Deep Sea

Find the FREE Button Up Basket Pattern Here

Plant Hanger

These gorgeous plant hangers are perfect for the green thumbed crocheters out there. But would be a wonderful gift to all your plant loving friends and family.

My sister in law gave me a money plant back at Christmas and I haven’t managed to kill it yet, so I call that a success!

These plant hangers are made with a 100% cotton worsted weight yarn.

Premier Home Cotton would work great for this project and it also comes in 60 gorgeous colors.

Check out the Premier Home Cotton Here

The pattern comes in two different sizes and uses basic stitches like single and double crochet, which creates the Woven Lattice Stitch.

You could also create a plant cozy rather than a hanger by just eliminating the chains.

Find the Free Plant Hanger Pattern Here

Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder

I cannot think of a better one skein project for spring & summer than the Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder from Sarah Maker.

One of the recommended yarns for this pattern is:

This yarn comes in so many different gorgeous colors and 100% cotton is perfect for this type of project because cotton has little stretch and will hold the weight of the water bottle on a hot summer day.

I especially love this beautiful Lemon color.

Check Out the Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn – Jade

This is a worsted weight yarn and she says in the pattern that it calls for a little more than half a skein. What’s great is that the pattern is adjustable for different sized water bottles.

Check out the FREE Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern Here

Garnet Bead Keychain Crochet Pattern

I don’t know about you, but I have a habit of losing my keys. They seem to go missing and I eventually find them in the strangest places.

You know what I never misplace? My yarn. I could tell you where a skein of yarn is that I haven’t seen in four years. It could be tucked into a dark corner, hidden under three layers of random balls of yarn. But I could find it in 30 seconds flat.

But something I use everyday like my keys???? Nope. My family and I regularly spend time every single week searching for my keys.

Find the Garnet Bead Keychain Crochet Pattern Here

So when I saw this adorable crocheted keychain from Violet Loops I knew this was something I would like to make. Maybe if my keychain was made out of yarn, I would be able to keep track of them better, lol.

The pattern calls for 20 yards of light weight worsted weight cotton yarn.

I currently have leftover Cotton Sprout yarn in several different colors that I think would work perfectly for this project.

Check Out the Cotton Sprout Yarns Here

Carry All Bag

This is the perfect project if you have Caron Big Cakes lying around and you have no idea what to make with it!

This is a large bag and the construction is based on a Japanese folding method called Azuma Bukuro which means that the length is three times longer than the width.

The Caron Big Cakes which contains 603 yards and comes in so many gorgeous colors. I love the Rainbow Jellys for spring and summer projects.

Find the Caron Big Cakes Yarn Here

This would make such a nice bag for carrying your latest craft project or to take to the beach to hold your sunglasses, sunscreen and a good book.

Find the Carry All Bag Pattern Here

One Skein Simple Summertime Shawl

Spring evenings can be a little cool here in North Carolina and a light crocheted shawl is the perfect way to keep the chill off.

The One Skein Simple Summertime Shawl uses Lionbrand Shawl in a Ball yarn in the color Lotus Flower, which is gorgeous. I love the color gradient from lilac to a deep teal color.

Unfortunately the yarn is discontinued, but I did find it on Amazon and one color that I love is Soothing Blue. This would be a perfect shawl to wear at the beach on a breezy evening stroll.

Find the Shawl in a Ball Yarn Here

Find the One Skein Simple Summertime Shawl Pattern Here

Lacy Scarf Crochet Pattern

This beautiful lacy crochet scarf was designed by the talented Nana’s Crafty Home.

Oftentimes I don’t think of scarves as spring or summertime projects, but where I live many public areas have the air conditioning cranked so low that I wish I could wear a snowsuit!

The Lacy Scarf Crochet Pattern is a corner to corner project, with an open, mesh like stitch.

The c2c crochet stitch pattern creates a border around the outside edges as you are working on the diagonal so there is no need to work any border at the end.

Nana’s Crafty Home

For this pattern she used the Lion Brand Mandala Ombre yarn in the color Felicity. It’s absolute perfection.

Find the Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Yarn Here

Find the Lacy Scarf Crochet Pattern Here

Bean Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

I know that calling a dishcloth gorgeous is a bit of stretch, but this one really is.

The Bean Stitch Crochet Dishcloth by A More Crafty Life is a way to use up your 100% cotton worsted weight yarn and make something useful.

It’s a combination of a single crochet and the bean stitch which creates a unique reversible texture. One thing to note is that the bean stitch does use up more yarn than most stitches.

The pattern calls for 1 -3 oz of Lily Sugar and Cream or any other worsted weight cotton yarn.

Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton Yarn – Painted Desert

Find the Bean Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Here

One Skein Crochet Projects for Spring & Summer

Spring and summer provide the perfect opportunity for crocheters to explore a world of colorful and breezy patterns. From delicate floral mandalas to practical beach bags and stylish tank tops, there’s a crochet project for every season and occasion. Embrace the joy of the warmer months and let your creativity flourish as you embark on these delightful spring and summer crochet patterns. So grab your hooks, choose your yarn, and get ready to infuse your days with the beauty of handmade creations. Happy crocheting!

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