Most UNDERRATED Amigurumi Tools: Small Gadgets That Make a Big Difference

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Today we are talking about the most UNDERRATED Amigurumi Tools: Small Gadgets That Make a Big Difference. These are not your ordinary amigurumi tools!

We all need tools to make our lives simpler and easier. For the past few years I’ve been testing and tweaking the tools I use for crocheting and knitting amigurumi.

And these are some of my favorites.

Don’t expect your standard amigurumi tools in this post. I’m sharing some that I’ve never shared before and the last one is a GAME CHANGER, not even exaggerating a tiny little bit.

You will want this tool in you life.

The Most UNDERRATED Amigurumi Tools

Doll Stands

This is a very new gadget in my amigurumi toolkit and I am obsessed.

I found these doll stands on Etsy and I loved how they looked. I knew they would be perfect for my style and looked like they would work perfectly for my amigurumi toys.

amigurumi tools

They come in three different sizes and I purchased all three so I could see which ones would work best for my toys.

I was delighted to find that they are made very well. The shop is Rudazzling Creations in Glendale, Arizona.

You can choose three different sizes:

  • Small $13.99
  • Medium $15.99
  • Large $17.99
amigurumi tools

Each one of the dowels is the same size so you can keep it long or cut them down to suit your amigurumi projects.

Find the Wooden Doll Stands Here

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Crochet Hook Set

I have one crochet hook that I use for pretty much every single amigurumi project. It is my 3.5 mm Navy Blue Furls Odyssey. It’s my favorite crochet hook, but to be honest, it’s kind of expensive.

I don’t have a full set of Furls Odyssey hooks and I won’t be buying one in each size because I don’t use other sized hooks very often.

But there are times when I do need a variety of sizes. For example, some patterns require multiple crochet hook sizes.

I also use a small crochet hook when I’m knitting and accidentally drop a stitch. A small crochet hook works perfectly to pick up that stitch and put it right back where it belongs.

Having a set of various crochet hooks in multiple sizes is a great thing to have in your amigurumi toolkit.

There are lots out there and I have the one from Hobby Lobby. But if didn’t already have one, my personal preference would be the Clover Amour set.

It comes with 10 different hooks in the sizes 2.25 all the way up to 6 mm.

There are other sets that you can find on Amazon and this one has good reviews and comes with a ton of different tools besides the crochet hooks:

This one comes with 86 pieces and includes two different styles of crochet hooks, which is the only set I’ve ever seen with both.

It would be a perfect set for a beginner and at $24.99 it won’t break the bank.

Broken Dowel for Stuffing Amigurumi

I’ve tried a variety of different tools for stuffing amigurumi, but I discovered my favorite through an accident.

I’ve been using the wooden dowels that come in packs of Polyfil stuffing for quite some time. I found them ok to use, but felt like that sometimes it was easier to just use my hands to stuff my crocheted and knitted toys.

Then one day I went to sit down in my favorite spot to crochet and sat right on my brand new wooden dowel. I was so upset and almost threw it away.

But since I didn’t have another one nearby I just decided to use it for that crochet session and then toss it after. I reminded myself to only use the rounded edge, not the jagged end that was broken.

You can already probably guess what happened. I used the jagged edge and I was amazed at how well it worked.

Because of it’s jagged edge it is easily able to grab small pieces of stuffing and I can push them down into any little spot easily.

Now as soon as I find a new dowel in a bag of stuffing I immediately break it in two. If there are any large pieces of wood, I break those off, you don’t want to hurt yourself or grab your amigurumi project.

Small Notions Pouches & Project Bags

I’ve amassed a small collection of project bags and small notions pouches over the past few years. It’s fun to have cute ones, but any bag will work.

In the past I’ve used bags from the grocery store to keep my projects in. Lately I’ve been buying inexpensive baskets at thrift shops to keep project supplies together.

But having notions pouches has been a time saver for me.

I spend a lot of hunting hunting around for things that I have lost… just ask my family.

But recently I’ve started using smaller notions pouches for things like stitch markers and scissors. Before I kept everything in one big pouch and I was always hunting around for items that always seemed to go missing.

Eventually I would have to dump everything out on a table to find things, especially small notions.

When Jeanette from Crafty Cleggs Creations sent me the most adorable notions pouches all the way from England I was so touched.

What made them even more special was that the pattern is of a woman walking her dog in the rain and they have matching raincoats on.

My dog Jersey and I used to do that together. She made these pouches in memory of him. It touched my heart so much.

Read More About Jersey and See All the Adorable Crochet Projects for Pets Here

The small pouch is now where I house small notions that seem to get lost at the bottom of the bigger pouch and it has made a world of difference for me.

Check Out Jeanette’s Etsy Shop to See All Her Gorgeous Project Bags and Pouches

Scissor Fob

I’ve talked about this scissor fob before, but I feel the need to share it again.

You need a scissor fob in your life.

I got this one from my good friend, Julie from the Buttonjar Studio. It’s absolutely adorable and I love everything that Julie makes.

Check Out the Button Jar Studio Shop Here

Here’s why you need a scissor fob, they keep your scissors from getting lost. Before I had my scissor fob I was constantly looking for my small embroidery scissors.

I’m sure there are 412 pairs of pretty little scissors in the crevices of my couch.

Now, I never lose them and I can find them lickity split.

You can also easily make your own with some ribbon and a pretty bobble on the end.

Neck Light

This is another one of my favorite amigurumi tools that I have shared before.

Get yourself a good light. You deserve it.

Making amigurumi is hard on the eyes and if you have ever use darker yarn, you already know how hard that can be.

The reason I love this neck light is that you can adjust the brightness as well as the color of the light. It makes crocheting and knitting at night so much more enjoyable.

Check Out the Neck Light I Have Here

Ball Winder & Swift

Having a ball winder and swift at home has been a wonderful time saver for me. It has enabled me to wind my own yarn at home.

If you typically buy skeins or donuts of yarn then you don’t need a ball winder or a swift.

Amigurumi tools

But if a lot of your yarn comes in hanks then they are handy tools to have at home.

Check Out the Ball Winder Here

Local yarn shops will usually wind your hanks for you, but that can take time.

I use my ball winder and swift to also cake up skeins so that they sit upright easier and store nicely.

The other thing I like about caking up yarn is that you can place the yarn label right inside so that you never forget what brand of yarn you have.

I’ve done that so many time so now all I need to do is pull out that little folded yarn label and I’m good to go.

Check Out the Yarn Swift Here

Fabric Marker

I originally bought a water erasable marking pen when I was doing some embroidery.

The pens are made for embroiderers to trace their design on fabric. But what’s brilliant about it is that when the fabric gets wet the pen markings disappear.

You’re probably wondering why this would be good for making amigurumi.

Well….it’s a great way to mark where you’re going to place the eyes and do any embroidery.

Want to make sure you’re placing the safety eyes in the correct spot? Mark your fabric with a little dot to be able to see them before placing the eyes.

It’s also great to know where to embroider those noses and mouths as well.

Make sure if you’re going to use this pen to test a piece of the fabric before marking the face. I’ve never had a problem with it but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The one I have is blue, but if you need one for darker toys they have these markers in white as well.

Check Out the Water Erasable Marking Pen Here

Safety Eyes Tool

This safety eye tool is going to be your new best friend.

I’m not even joking.

When my friend, Katie from Kdcrochet4 shared this weird little tool on her Instagram I was intrigued.

She was kind enough to send me the link for it and based on her glowing review, I bought one for myself.

If you’ve ever placed a safety eye on an amigurumi toy, you know what a pain in the rear end it is. Those fiddly small back pieces don’t want to go into place.

We struggle and fight with them. They usually hurt our fingers and there are typically some grumbling and complaining under the breath.

But this new tool makes putting on the safety eye backs so much easier.

To use the tool place the safety eye front in the spot you’ve chosen. Place the back of the safety eye over the stalk as you normally would.

But instead of pushing the back on with your hand, place the metal shaft over the back and push. It’s amazing how well this tool pushes the backs onto the safety eyes. No more sore fingers!


The safety eye is on and no one got hurt.

You’re welcome.

Check Out the Tool for Attaching Safety Eyes Here

The Most UNDERRATED Amigurumi Tools

I hope you enjoyed my collection of most underrated amigurumi tools. Let me know if you have any of them or if you have another underrated tool for your amigurumi making.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Loved the video. I want a Furl 3.25 mm hook (Odyssey) but they are completely sold out of that size in every color. I keep waiting. I have purchased the Clover hooks in smaller sizes for my amigurumi work and love them. I really like the stands for the dolls and decided that I could make them myself in my wood shop in the “shed of hoard” as my kids call it. LOL! Keep on posting, Elise. You make my days so much brighter!!

    1. Yes, that’s also the big problem with the Furls Odyssey hooks, they are always out of stock! That’s my justification for keeping everything, you never know when you’ll need all that stuff!! :0)

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I used to work for a small construction company. Our electrician used pieces of PVC pipe in his work and I found that a small diameter piece of pipe(about a 1/4”) makes an excellent stuffing tool. It is sturdy and fits perfectly into the little amigurumi pieces.